Detailed workshop on making Christmas tree toys from light bulbs

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Asparatingjust around the corner, it's time to think about decorating the interior and forest beauty - Christmas trees. The best decoration - made with his own hands. In addition, the variations on this topic weight. We wondered what to take for the update? Why not make Christmas decorations from light bulbs? FunnyWell, why? Now we will dispel all your doubts.

Advantages of the

lamp masterpiece The merits of toys made from waste material weight:

  1. You give life to light bulb. And believe me, very bright and long lasting.
  2. The toys you created with your children will bring a lot of new emotions and impressions.
  3. If you draw well, the creation of Christmas decorations can be not only your hobby, but also a business.
  4. This will significantly save your budget. Now mostly use plastic toys. It is cheap and forever. Glass, elegant variations are very expensive. And then you kill two birds with one stone: do not throw out the glass, and create masterpieces just as well as factory ones.
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Required Materials

Making Christmas-tree toys from light bulbs is not at all difficult. And in the course will go almost any material from home. You may need:

  1. Actually, the light bulbs themselves, spent.
  2. Glue( "super", PVA, from the thermogun).
  3. Pliers, awl, drill, protective gloves, if you remove the base and the insides of the light bulb.
  4. Any shreds of fabric, lace, ribbon, braid.
  5. Acrylic paints of different colors.
  6. Scotch tape, scissors, pencil for marking and drawing.
  7. Thread, yarn.
  8. Different decor. They can make sparkles, buttons, sequins, beads, rhinestones, beads and other small things.
  9. Sensibility and fantasy.

Christmas toys from light bulbs:

master class There are a lot of options for creating masterpieces. Consider some of the most interesting.

Scattering shine

Perhaps this is the easiest and fastest way to change a light bulb and a Christmas tree decoration:

  1. Using a brush, evenly apply a layer of glue over the entire surface of the base.
  2. Glue the sequins carefully. Make sure that there are no empty islands. The best option - is to hold the light bulb above the container with sparkles with one hand, and the second just sprinkle them.
  3. A decorative loop or cord is used to make a loop, for which they will hang a toy.
  4. The unsightly base also needs to be decorated. To do this, you can glue it with colored tape, thus hiding not only the metal part, but also the ends of the tape.

Work quickly, so that the glue does not have time to dry. You can cover part of the bulb with glue, sprinkle with sparkles, and then take up another area.

By the way, if you connect several such toys together, you will get a beautiful garland for decorating a Christmas tree or a room.

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Snow ball

Remember such a funny souvenir: a sphere with a winter landscape filled with snowflakes: turned over several times, and shiny snowflakes spun in the ball. Very beautiful. And you can easily make yourself such a Christmas-tree toy from a light bulb( a detailed photo is presented).

Before starting work, remove the filament from the bulb. Below the photo presented clearly shows how to do this simple manipulation.

Next, proceed to fill the cavity.

  1. Pick up a suitable size mini herringbone and set it on the weight, for example, a piece of cork.
  2. Slip the Christmas tree into the light bulb and position it in the desired position.
  3. Fall asleep sequins.
  4. Solder a piece of wire or make two holes in the base and pass the tape into them. That's it, the ball is ready.


This option for decorating light bulbs is no different from decoupage, for example, a bottle or a jewelry box.

For convenience, the light bulb should be held on the base or installed on the cover of a suitable size( as an option - some kind of stand).

Decoration process:

  1. First, the bulb is degreased with alcohol.
  2. After priming, to continue to work comfortably. For this step, an acrylic primer is used, which is applied with foam sponge, since it does not leave stains like a brush. Leave the bulb to dry.
  3. The next step is to apply a layer of white acrylic paint and dry for half an hour.
  4. Select the pattern that will be applied to the surface. Keep in mind that there is little space for work, so you should choose small drawings or inscriptions.
  5. The selected motif is cut out of the napkin, determine the place of gluing. With a fragment, put a thin layer of glue on it from the middle to the edge and wait until everything dries well. If creases form during work, you can wipe them slightly with sandpaper.
  6. Paint on the background with paint and sponge so that it captures the edge of the fragment and brightens the transition line.
  7. Further, if desired, decorate a light bulb, for example, by applying sparkles or a pattern.
  8. A glossy acrylic lacquer is applied in several layers to prevent cracking and peeling of the painting.
  9. Fasten a loop of tape or simply wrap the base with a thread and leave a little for hanging.
  10. Decorate the base can be acrylic contour, applied in the form of icicles.
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That's all, your masterpiece is ready.

Openwork magic

From a skein of beautiful yarn or thread, you can create an elegant "clothes" for the light bulb. This version of the Christmas tree toy from a light bulb with its own hands is notable for its creativity and originality - you will have an exclusive Christmas tree toy. Use both monophonic, and multi-colored, and it is possible to weave beads or beads.

Fashionable Design

Now let's look at how to make a Christmas tree from a light bulb using sewing. Do not know how? Not a problem - you need a minimum of knowledge( know how to keep a needle - fine).Additionally, you will need a fabric to create hats, hair yarn and clay for "carrots".

Fabric can be taken in any color, preferably bright and multi-colored. If you know how to handle polymer clay, it can be replaced clay.

So let's get started:

  1. Small triangles are cut out of the fabric. At the same time cut them out so that the large side was slightly larger than the diameter of the lamp( margin for bonding or seam).
  2. From the base of the triangle pull the thread somewhere 0.5 cm, thus obtaining fringe. After the cap sewn into a cone( as an option - glued).
  3. Using a yarn, pom-poms on hats are made of them as decoration. Also braided braids, which are then glued on the sides to the inside of the cap. Additionally caps decorated with berries, twigs, braid, beads and other decor.
  4. Attach a ribbon or thread to the tip of the cone, for which it will be convenient to hang a toy. Glue the cap itself to the light bulb so that you can still draw a face.
  5. Using orange plasticine, roll up the nose-carrot and stick to the light bulb. If you use clay, do not forget to paint it.
  6. Draw funny faces or faces to snowmen. If you wish, you can add some more decor.
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The result is impressive - such a snowman is not inferior even to a factory glass toy.

Additional variations

Let us mention a few more options for creating Christmas-tree toys from light bulbs with your own hands( the photo shows the simplicity of these methods):

  1. Fast coloring. You only need to create a background and draw a beautiful face. For decoration you can wear a bow.
  2. A very light bulb wrapped in paper or cloth like a bag. It remains only to tie a beautiful ribbon and attach an elegant decor.
  3. Grease with glue and glue the braid, beads, sequins, beads. If you stick the whole surface of the bulb like that, the effect will be amazing.
  4. Open the lamp base, remove the filament and place beads, beads, glitter in the cavity, or put some figurine. Do not forget to decorate the base, attach the ribbon and decorate it with a bow.
  5. The simplest option, so to speak, “quickly and beautifully, is to paint the lamps with spray paint and glue the ribbon in the form of a bow.

As you can see, making Christmas decorations from light bulbs is not only very simple, but also interesting and exciting. This is a great option for interior or Christmas trees. It can also be a great gift option.

Give the bulbs a new, beautiful life!

Master-class on making a toy from a light bulb - video

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