Why is the Beko refrigerator flowing and can it be fixed by hand

Why is the Beko refrigerator flowing and can it be fixed by hand

Beko refrigerator

Why is the Beko refrigerator flowing? Water accumulates in vegetable containers.


Specialist's answer

This fault occurs mainly only in refrigerators with a drip defrost system. In the refrigerators No Frost this is almost never the case.

The reason for the accumulation of water is clogging or freezing of the drainage hole and (or) drainage hose on the back wall of the cooling chamber. Drainage is designed to remove condensate droplets that accumulate on the cold back wall. In the drain hole can get crumbs, food residues. It is enough to clean it with soft wire to make it work as it should be. If the hole or hose is frozen, it is possible that the reason for the loose door is the refrigerator. The temperature sensor for a long time does not issue a command to turn off the compressor and the temperature of the back wall where the evaporator is located and the drainage is greatly reduced. It is necessary to check the condition of the door seal, and to eliminate the ice in the tube completely defrost the refrigerator. You can not try to crumble the frost in the drainage with hard objects, because you can damage the components of the drainage system.

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