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Most of the Candy washing machines( Candy) have a program in place to identify faults and errors, displaying them as codes on the display. The data error codes washing machine Candy will be deciphered in this article. This system is present only in machines with a display, becauseothers who do not have it display errors in another way.

With these encrypted codes, which contain the information you need to troubleshoot, a specialist can quickly identify the problem and begin the repair process. However, in order to understand what the error is, it is necessary to know the designation of the codes of these errors. Below are the error codes of the washing machine Candy. Since errors are displayed differently in different models, we divide them into subtypes.


E01 errors - occurs when the Kandy washing machine door locking device malfunctions. If this error occurs, a door lock malfunction may occur, and the wiring and integrity of the electronic controller may be broken.

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E02 - occurs when the problem of water recruitment, i.e.water does not enter the cavity of the household unit or vice versa exceeds its optimal amount. With this error it is possible that the filling valve is clogged or blocked, or even its failure. It is also possible malfunction of the level sensor and controller.

E 03 - issued by the unit in the case when water is being discharged slowly or not at all. This error occurs when there is a break or a break in the contacts and conductors of the drain pump. The water level sensor of the washing machine is damaged or out of order. It is also possible that the drain pipes and filters could be clogged.

E04 - consists in malfunctioning of the filling valves, overfilling above the programmed water level in the tank. The signal comes from the level control relay that the tank is full and the machine stops. This problem is explained by the failure of the water level adjustment controller, which is stuck in one position and the inlet valve lets water through.

E05 - water does not heat at all or very little. If an E05 error occurs, there may be several reasons. First, the tubular electric heater has fallen into disrepair. Secondly, the thermal sensor is faulty. Thirdly, the water level controller refuses to work.

E07 - engine operation at higher revs, exceeding those allowed by the program. This error leads to a breakdown of the tachometer and the generator. In case of this damage, in any case, you should check the motor winding and replace it if it is faulty.

E09 - the drive does not work or does not work as it should. When this error occurs, the motor power supply is replaced or the drive is rewound.

Errors of models Aquatic

These models of Candy washing machines have no display as such. All codes with errors are presented in the form of flashing indicators located on the control panels of these machines. The blink is constructed according to the type of Morse code, it is necessary to closely monitor the behavior of the indicator and read the blink. These errors are listed below:

  • The indicator is on without flashing, without stopping - a fault in the control module or its violation.
  • Blinks once - there is a fault in the lockout device of the washing machine, and the wiring and integrity of the electronic controller may be broken.
  • Flashes twice - no water arrives or arrives, but too slowly. It is necessary to check that the water supply valve is not blocked, and also to check the integrity of the water supply hose. Faulty water level sensor or its contacts.
  • Flashing three times - there is water in the car after draining. Malfunction of drain pump, filter blockage or drain hose.
  • Flashing four times - the tank is full. Occurs due to blockage of the filling valves, level sensor is faulty or contacts.
  • Flashing five times - the thermal sensor is closed or the integrity of the wiring is interrupted.
  • Flashes six times - the control module and memory are faulty.
  • Flashing seven times - stopping the drive.
  • Eight flashes - closed tachometer or generator.
  • Nine blinks - the triac of the electric drive is faulty.
  • Twelve flashes - there is no signal between the control module and the indicator module. Contact broken.
  • Fourteen flashes - malfunction of the control module, as well as contact failure.
  • Fifteen flashes - a program crash.
  • Sixteen - short circuit of the tubular electric heater.
  • Seventeen - the wrong signal from the tachometer.
  • Eighteen is a problem with the power grid.

All these error codes for the Kandy washing machine and repair instructions can also be found on the manufacturer's website and in the technical documentation supplied in the kit. If you are not confident in your abilities, we recommend turning to experts for help, they will diagnose and determine the exact cause of the failure of the Kandy washing machine.

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