Cost of stretch ceilings: 12 main factors


  1. The main factors that determine the price of stretch ceiling
  2. №1. Fabric material
  3. №2. Width of fabric
  4. No. 3. Total area of ​​the ceiling
  5. №4. Room configuration
  6. №5. The texture of the canvas
  7. №6. Photo printing and additional decor
  8. №7. Canvas Manufacturer
  9. №8. Illumination Complexity
  10. №9. Availability of utilities
  11. №10. Number of levels
  12. №11. Name of the company
  13. №12. What else affects the cost of the stretch ceiling?

Stretch ceilings for a year now hold the leading position in the field of ceiling finishing materials. They look chic, differ in durability, fast and clean installation. With their help, you can hide the not quite perfect ceiling, disguise the engineering communications and organize a complex lighting system. The main disadvantage is considered to be a relatively high cost, but here you can argue. The price per square meter of stretch ceiling can differ at times - it all depends on the type of fabric, the size of the room, the manufacturer, the texture and the weight of other parameters. Let's figure out what factors affect the cost of stretch ceilings, and what can be saved.

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The main factors that determine the price of stretch ceiling

Each company engaged in the installation of stretch ceilings, taking an order or providing advice to the client, conducts a preliminary calculation of the cost of the structure. The price is formed on the basis of such basic data:

  • fabrication material;
  • width of the fabric;
  • total area of ​​the ceiling;
  • the configuration of the room and the number of corners;
  • texture, color of the canvas and additional decor;
  • the manufacturer of a cloth;
  • features of the lighting scheme;
  • the presence of utilities between the main ceiling and tension;
  • the state of the main ceiling;
  • volume and complexity of the forthcoming installation works.

More detailed information on the formation of prices can be found on the website

№1. Fabric material

Stretch ceilings can be of two types:

  • film (made of PVC);
  • fabric.

Looking ahead, we note thatfilm ceilings will be cheaper. They can be matte, glossy or satin, they look remarkably externally, amaze with a rich variety of colors and patterns. PVC ceiling is not afraid of moisture, so it can be used in bathrooms and swimming pools. Moreover, the material will save you from the consequences of flooding neighbors - the film will hold all the water, and the specialist will then gently merge it.

At the same time, it is not recommended to use this type of ceiling in country houses of non-permanent residence - the material is afraid of negative temperatures. On the strength of the film inferior to tissue, it is easy to damage with a sharp object, but 9% of people do not play knives in close proximity to the ceiling. The main disadvantage of film ceilings is the inevitability of seams, if the design will have a large area. Typically, the width of the film is -3 m. Some European manufacturers offer an exclusive, film width of up to 5 m, but it also costs more.

Fabric Ceilingis not afraid of low temperatures, lets in air and does not make you nervous, looking at the seams, because the width of the fabric is 5 m or more. Durable textile canvas is treated with special substances, which improve the resistance to dust and dirt, increase strength. The fabric looks expensive and chic, but such a variety of colors and patterns, like a film, can not boast. For wet rooms, such a finish is not suitable, and in the care of a little more difficult than the film ceiling.

Again, the fabric ceiling is more expensive than the film ceiling, but it also looks more luxurious.

№2. Width of fabric


Wider films of film and fabric are more expensive, and the most extensive are produced only by the read manufacturers. Of course, it is better to overpay and take the canvas wider to avoid joints. The seam will not rush to the eye, but if more or less closely examined it will be clearly visible.If you can not do without a seam, it's better to take a matte or satin cloth.On such a surface, the joint will be minimally visible. By the way, in order to obtain a large one-piece film cloth, individual pieces are welded using special machines, this occurs in the production environment, and not at the installation site.

If the seams exactly will irritate you, then you can combine the tensioning structure with the suspended gypsum plasterboard, selecting only part of the ceiling for the canvas. Such zones, allocated for the stretch ceiling, can be several. If responsibly approach this issue, you can kill two birds with one stone: both save money and create an exclusive interior.

No. 3. Total area of ​​the ceiling

The larger the area of ​​the tension structure, the higher its price.Everything is logical and understandable here. That's why some people prefer to arrange with a stretch ceiling only part of the room. On the other hand, some companies that specialize in the installation of such structures are ready to make discounts if you need to cover a large area. There is no dirty trick or secret conspiracy - it's simply cheaper for bulk purchases. Moreover, the masters know that the labor costs for arranging a small and large stretch ceiling are approximately the same, so you can definitely ask for a discount.

№4. Room configuration

The cheapest thing to do is to install tension ceilings in a standard room with four corners and the right geometry. If the room has a non-standard layout, there are many corners in it, there is a bay window or beveled ceiling, then the complexity of the work increases, increasing the cost of the stretch ceiling. Even the very production of non-standard cloths is more expensive.

The installation process can be divided into two main stages. This is the installation of the fastening system and the attachment of the blade. The more corners in the room, the more time it will take. Another difficulty is the curved sections, which increase the laboriousness and cost of the canvas itself.

№5. The texture of the canvas

On the texture of suspended ceilings are:

  • glossy, or lacquered. They have a virtually mirror-like surface, well reflect light sources and objects in the room, so visually increase the room. Glossy can only be film ceilings;
  • matte ceilingsdo not reflect light at all. This is a calm classic finish. Externally, such a ceiling is easily confused with an ideally painted or plastered;
  • satin ceilings- a transition between a glossy and matte surface. Such a ceiling will reflect light, but not as intensively as gloss. All the reflections on it will be soft.

The most expensive, as a rule, bypass matte and satin film ceilings- glossy analog is more expensive, but the difference in price is small, and some companies often do not. Fabric canvases, recall, will cost more.

№6. Photo printing and additional decor

The cheapest option is just a white canvas.Such a solution fits perfectly into any type of room, it will be appropriate in any interior. If you want to create a unique design, you have to fork out for a larger amount.Color canvas is slightly more expensive than white,and herecanvas with photo printing or a relief pattern will cost twice as much as white.If the existing drawings of the company do not suit you and you want to order a unique design of the canvas using the chosen image, the price will increase even more.

If in the dream of creating an exclusive interior you are ready for any financial sacrifice, then you can order a stretch ceiling«Starry sky».At night in the room there will be a whole universe with a myriad of stars that will, like real ones, twinkle and literally bewitch with their light. This technology is based on fiber-optic strands-LEDs connected to a light generator. The latter hides behind the canvas of the ceiling. It turns out that in the daytime you will have quite ordinary ceiling, and in the evening its main secret will be revealed. For a unique lighting solution will have to pay a tidy sum.

By the same technology (using LEDs), you can create a lot of other effects. Threads can be pulled out through the fabric. It turns out very effectively. Thanks to various nozzles, you can simulate flames or flicker. Effectively look diodes with embedded stones Swarovski - to look away from such a backlight will not work. The ceiling with such an exclusive design will be expensive.

Slightly cheaper will cost the canvasbuilt-in illumination, which allows you to simulate the lightning or rays of the sun, falling on the ceiling from above, but you can not call such a design accessible anyway.

№7. Canvas Manufacturer

Cloth for stretch ceilings are made in many countries.Top quality - it's French and German ceilings.They stand pAza in 3 more expensive canvases of Chinese production, but they will definitely be quality, safe, durable and odorless. The Chinese canvas is always a lottery, and it is difficult to win in it. In China, produce a lot of unnamed PVC film, which is cheap, but its quality is doubtful. However, exceptions do happen. The products of the Chinese company MSD are inexpensive, but it has a good quality.

Some compromise can be considered a canvas, which is produced onpost-Soviet space.It is cheaper than the European one and only slightly inferior to it in quality.

№8. Illumination Complexity

Here, too, everything is quite logical.The more complex lighting system you have conceived, and the more lighting devices there are, the more expensive the stretch ceiling will cost.Under each lighting point, it is necessary to make a suitable hole in the canvas, for each special fastening and a thermo ring is required. All this makes the installation more durable and expensive.

The ceiling installation costs the least, if only the chandelier is installed on the hook, a little more expensive is the ceiling fixture of the chandelier. Each unit of built-in lamps - this is plus a few hundred rubles to the cost.

№9. Availability of utilities

Availabilitypipes and ventilation systemscomplicates installation and increases the cost of construction, but not much. In the canvas will have to make a suitable hole and use a reinforcement belt.


№10. Number of levels

The more complex the design, the more time it takes to manufacture and install it, and, as you know, time is money.A two-level and multi-level stretch ceiling will cost more than a single-level ceiling.Also in the post-Soviet space there is a fashion for tension structures with bends. Than the configuration of the canvas is more complicated, the more expensive it will be to prepare it. Beauty requires sacrifice, in this case - material.

№11. Name of the company

Companies that have been working in this field for a long time already have a positive reputation and extensive experience, can take for their work is slightly more expensive, paying attention to the high quality of the work performed and the possibility to implement the idea of ​​any difficulties. In principle, this overpayment is fully justified - the main thing is that the cost is not too high. Too low price should also confuse: most likely, the company works with poor-quality materials, and if not, then the zamerschik, who will come to your home to assess the front of the work, can already call a completely different (market) the cost. Often on sites indicate at times a lower price. This is a trick designed for people who will not be able to give up an even less than profitable proposal, if the gauger has already come and, in fact, performed part of the work.

To save on stretch ceilings, you can install them in several rooms at once, if, of course, this was part of your plans. In this case, you will most likely be given a discount, and arranging several rooms at one time will be cheaper than stretching the same work for a couple of years.

If the company cooperates directly with the manufacturer of the canvas, then it can offer customers more favorable prices. After the end of the repair season (towards the end of the autumn) many companies offer discounts. Also, a small savings can be obtained during the actions, or by joining the partnership program of the company.

№12. What else affects the cost of the stretch ceiling?

In addition to those listed, the price of a stretch ceiling can be influenced by such factors:

  • Ceiling surface quality. Stretch ceilings have fallen in love for many reasons, and the ability to hide the visible defects of the main ceiling with this design is one of the most significant advantages. It's good that the ceiling does not need to be leveled out beforehand, the cracks and pits must be closed, an ideally flat surface should be added. On the other hand, if the ceiling literally pours on your head, then you can not do without a certain set of preparatory works. This, though not much, but will affect the final cost of the canvas;
  • concealed cornice. Recently, it is fashionable to install curtain rods hidden behind the ceiling structure, so that the curtains seem to fall;
  • decorative fringingceiling increases the cost;
  • installation features. The film ceiling can be mounted with a harpoon and a gapless harpoon system. The first will be cheaper, but it is difficult to use together with curvilinear structures. The second is more aesthetic and more expensive;
  • wall and ceiling material. With concrete it is easier to work than with wood or tile.

Summing up, we can say thatthe cost of stretch ceilings is directly proportional to the complexity and scope of work. That is why, to answer the question, how much are stretch ceilings, it is difficult. A white film glossy ceiling in a room of standard geometry with one chandelier will cost several times cheaper than a fabric cloth with a pattern and a complex lighting system.

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