Which kitchen hood is better

You look at the old ventilation passages of houses, it turns in the language of the answer - recirculation. The best hoods for the kitchen of a high-rise building, deprived of backward firing. Let us tell you how to discover why a phenomenon occurs( in the areas of apartments).Mention the consequences of non-compliance with typical fire handling requirements. Which kitchen hood is better. We believe that each case is characterized by a unique specificity. The choice is not formed by the brand, the functionality of the device. The big name guarantees reliability.

Kitchen Hoods Appearance

Today a large number of kitchen hoods designs. Flat umbrellas, pyramidal, telescopic cabinets, recirculation flat models. There are sliding. They are called telescopic. Today we will try to consider the models that saw the light, the reader will decide which one to choose for the kitchen among the named hoods.

Recirculation HoodsMore often you will see models called combined. Work on the release, recycling. It is important to understand: a motor with a blade occupy space, unable to fit in a small flat body. Counters crammed with quite curious options.

Take a look at AKPO 3060. Flat extractor is 15 cm high. There is a backlight lamp in the back. The device works for exhaust, recycling. According to some reports, two types of filters:

  1. Grease catcher( aluminum alloy grille).
  2. Coal( adsorbent).

First stop fats, second - smells. Pay attention: in the complete set go the first, recirculation models are equipped with both types. Zhiroulavlivayuschie filters often metal, wash by hand, kitchen equipment. Reusable.

Read more instructions for use. In contrast to fatty carbon filters are based on the action of activated carbon and absorb odors. Consumables need to be changed periodically. A typical period is six months.

With a power of 160 W, the AKPO 3060 kitchen hood has a capacity of 380 cubic meters per hour. Enough typical kitchen( area of ​​12-15 square meters) in the recirculation mode, for ventilation of the apartment will be not enough. Unsuccessfully put it, another word does not come. Exhaust, ventilation systems are not equivalent. When air is thrown out into the street, a vacuum is created, fresh air comes in through the windows. Recalls the work of ventilation with compulsory prompting. Systems are powerless to replace one another:

  • Purpose of the hood in the fight for clean kitchen air against odors, fats, and burning. In addition to the physiological needs of the person, the interior contributes a role. The unit is working to keep the ceiling clean, eliminate odor.
  • Ventilation updates the air to increase the oxygen content, reduce the percentage of humidity.

When a hood breaks, nothing serious happens, ventilation will not function, a number of unpleasant consequences ensue:

  • The growth of a fungus on the walls.
  • Deviation of temperature, humidity from optimal, increases the incidence, creates conditions for the growth of mold, the growth of bacteria.
  • Carbon monoxide formation when burning arbitrary substances.

It is unpleasant, do not forget, when placing a hood in the kitchen's ventilation hole, to buy a special grill with a non-return valve, where there are a number of holes to provide free air flow. When the fan is working, small holes overlap, excluding reverse traction. Hood finishes work - the vents are plowed open again. The joint operation of both systems is ensured.

It is worth mentioning the presence in nature of telescopic hoods. Differ in that they are laid out. The outer panel leaves the inner for a full working area. More often models work for recycling. Take a closer look, thinking which hood should be chosen.

Kitchen hoods without recirculation mode

Kitchen hoods that lack recirculation mode are less intricate. There may be no filters. Umbrella of thin steel, a fan is mounted in the top. Simple designs come with a set of air ducts, grille on the ventilation hole of the kitchen. There is no non-return valve inside; when the hood is operating, it is possible to draw back through small air vents.

Have a sophisticated appearance, the outlines of expensive models will please the eye.

Hoods Cooker Hoods

Look at the form! The ARPO hood, painted above, cost 3,000 rubles, KUPPERSBERG DRS 600 asks 10,000. An incredible performance in neutral scales, styled as a convection fireplace casing, brings associations with the medieval castle. A lot of time designers devoted design decoration. Having bought a good hood in the kitchen - decorate the house.

The bandage of unpainted wood matches the type of product with an arbitrary interior. A 190 watt fan is hidden inside the enclosure. The width of the portal is focused on the standard hob. Please note, if the kitchen has a wide model, for example, 80 cm. The exhaust portal is powerless to cover the surface of the stove.

The maximum noise level leaves much to be desired.58 dB too much, if you do not sit in the kitchen all the time, you can protect your ears from constant pressure on the psyche. A pair of halogen lamps will allow cooking in the dark. Filter one - fat. Wash periodically to avoid trouble. The performance of the device is 750 cubic meters. For orientation, please note: the hood must update the kitchen air three times per hour. Every turn of the duct power drops by 10%.Based on these considerations, each will calculate the necessary cravings. Three power settings are available.

The mode of operation for recycling is possible, offhand, let's say, rather there is a chance to supplement the composition of the filters with carbon. Surely there is a slot under it. Otherwise, a smart device will look unexpectedly poor.

It is difficult to understand which one to buy the air duct for the DRS 600 kitchen hood. A disadvantage of dealers is the minimum of information provided. Very rarely find sites on which human language explains how to install a product. Praise Bosch and Siemens who, despite scant information, apply a pile of Russian-language instructions to each product. It becomes clear options of devices, methods of installation, it is important. There are exotic models that will be problematic to install.

From the information of the official website, it becomes clear that round ducts will be needed. With a diameter of 120-150 mm. How to relate to the standard values ​​of air ducts for 125 or 160 mm, explain the installation instructions. To buy pipes for the kitchen hood DRS 600 will be problematic. It may be worth applying a corrugation of 125 or 150 mm. Hole for mounting clamp hidden in a closet. If the photo site is made with the original hood( sometimes dealers shove the left), like a telescopic design.

Recommendations for purchase:

  • capacity of 750 cubic meters per hour is enough for sure;

  • pay attention to the width of the hob before buying and depth, make sure: the portal covers the entire surface;
  • identify mounting options;
  • find out the possibilities of inserting a carbon filter, if it is supposed to work on recycling.

Ventilation is not working

In apartment buildings there is no choice. Exhaust tract is connected to the ventilation hole of the kitchen, located under the ceiling. It happens, the construction refuses to work. Reverse thrust! You can check by enlisting a sheet of paper. Lean up: hanging without using a hand, thrust is normal, the hood can be hung. On the lower floors often observed. Otherwise, stop wondering which hood to choose. The answer is obvious - recycling.

The unit will take the air of the kitchen, here throws the cleaned. Listed above are two examples of opposite price categories, both devices are able to work for recycling. Today it is much easier to find a hybrid model than a thoroughbred hood. Today, the question of which kitchen hood to choose, rests on five indicators:

  • power;
  • performance;
  • noise level;
  • design;
  • ergonomic.

Of course, telescopic hoods have a specific design, the other twin brothers, not counting the external design. Get a model with two motors if desired, adhere to the opinion, it is necessary for very heavy use. Otherwise, it is better to increase the power not by the number of engines, the correct selection of air ducts, the shape of the path, ventilation parameters.

A curious corner hood for the kitchen, with a sloping portal. Exotic costs a lot, most of the umbrellas are rectangular in shape. Nothing to put the unit in the corner. Not one person can pay 45,000 rubles for one beauty( TEKA DQ90).A rare chef needs unprecedented performance. The functionality will not please( dealers are lazy to paint the advantages), the carbon filter for recycling will have to buy.

The question of how to choose the built-in hood, looks quite strange. Any model can be hidden in the closet. However, the built-in perimeter is equipped with half a dozen special fasteners that do not allow equipment to fall onto the hob. A skilled owner can build in an ordinary hood.

Ventilation and exhaust, this is not the same

Individual owners of hoods consider: replace ventilation. Wrong! You can not completely occupy the hole in the kitchen ceiling duct. Requires a special grille with a flange for the exhaust path, a number of holes for ventilation. Designs countless, not to be confused, obmusolim typical hackneyed. The hood is designed to eliminate fats, odors, soot from the kitchen. Ventilation works on the full area of ​​the apartment, removes carbon monoxide.

Russia adopted a design with a natural impulse. The USSR tried to build forever, equipment breaks down faster than a good house. Siphon slits of windows, doors are not a mistake of builders, conceived by designers. Construction and survey organizations are deprived of the right to measure ventilation parameters in old houses in the conditions of installed new plastic windows and hermetic doors. Measurements are supposed to be accompanied by plowing up the window by 5 - 7 cm, how to live if we cork a hole under the kitchen ceiling with a kitchen hood.

The answer suggests itself: you can not do so. The height of the vent hole is chosen for a reason, to maximize the discharge of stale air. Look: the hood was chosen below the level. A typical suspension height is 80 cm above the hob; with a typical furniture size of 85 cm, it gives a total of 165 cm. Below average height. From the floor with an outstretched hand, a rare bruiser will reach the ventilation hole of the ceiling. So, if a lone hood will work, the normal process of renovating the air in the apartment is broken.

Recirculation hoods of the

type. They discussed the type of exhaust hoods that simply throw air out into the street. Other models have been dropped onto the market, passing a stream through a cascade of filters, throwing the cleaned back into the kitchen. The advantage is obviously, there is no need to lay a modernized system of air ducts, to block the ventilation hole under the ceiling of the kitchen.

Typical composition of filters:

  • Fat.
  • Coal.

The first one fights fat, the second one smells. Catechin-based plants that have been dug up in nature, are cracking down on microbes, are more commonly found in convectors, dryers, air humidifiers, ionizers, and other similarly-sensible machines. By default, the kit contains a grease filter( aluminum grille).Reusable allows you to wash yourself dishwasher. Archdeal if home appliances are installed. Coal change, according to the instructions, waiting for six months. The kit was forgotten to be added with an accessory, after purchase it is inserted into a special slot. Place allotted.

There is no significant load on the recirculating exhaust fan, as happens with other models, the efficiency of the device is indifferent to the trajectory of the ventilation channel( none), reverse thrust, and other negative factors:

  1. Top floor.
  2. Length, structure of the ventilation duct.
  3. Duct installation quality.
  4. The number of turns at 90 degrees, each reduces performance by 10%.

Recycle hoods show fantastic performance, do not refresh the air in the room. We believe the best kitchen hoods electric cooktops. For gas models, the situation is radically different.

When burnt, blue fuel, except for burning, water, carbon dioxide, emits sulfur oxide, which is quickly becoming an acid. It is not recommended to breathe, if you cook at home for a long time, you need an extractor that throws out the products of combustion into the street.

We observe one nuance when arranging the channel. Exhaust pipes of gas boilers of heating systems, hot water are made of refractory ceramics, special acid-resistant steel. Simple bricks simply corrode over time, the construction begins to crumble. There is another nuance. Gas burns for a long time, a lot of water vapor is formed. In the exhaust path, it is customary to add a special condensate collector to combat the problem. Otherwise, in winter the water becomes ice at the exit of the chimney deflector( pipe), gradually clogs the section of the tract.

In the case of boilers provokes a lack of oxygen. Carbon monoxide rushes into the home. Killed by families with animals. Gas causes drowsiness, death comes later. Carbon is eliminated by the body up to six months. Binds hemoglobin cells, disrupting oxygen metabolism. Sign of poisoning at first is ruddy complexion. Read more in the medical edition. Treatment is blood transfusion. The bound hemoglobin by the cells of the body is produced for six months( waiting too long).

When the kitchen hood can not work

First of all, look for back thrust in the ventilation duct. Experience in the summer in calm weather, the conditions are the worst. Take a sheet of A4, double tetradny, leans against the hole. The paper should be held without the aid of a hand, blocking the flow of air. The opposite is happening - the hood should not be mounted. The air will not go through the channel, it may rush to its neighbors( Volgograd, heater connection: number of dead - 4).Avoidance of being considered a scumbag, beware of doing so. Although there are no laws on this subject.

Why does reverse thrust form in summer? The law of nature is this: warm air tends upwards. In winter, the apartment is hotter than the street. Sensing the difference, the hood works perfectly. A useless explanation can be confusing. Let's discuss the question.

Air pressure at the surface of the Earth is the highest. Above crushes the mass of the atmosphere. The specific density of air is small, the multi-kilometer layer represents a significant mass. We will build a pipe of considerable height. It is proposed to recall a fantastic film( Alien).What happens when a spacecraft is depressurized? The air rushes out. If a pipe breaks through the atmosphere, the molecules with a pressure difference do not rush out, interfere.

On Earth, the situation is different; gravity acts. Taking a tall tube, we will achieve nothing. Factory taper upwards. It turns out that throughout the district, the negative pressure difference is balanced by the mass of air, artificially creating heterogeneity. Playing the role of the law of Bernoulli. The air inside the pipe is at rest, it is always at a height. A vacuum is created at the top, the drop causes the air to rise, not even warm, to an ordinary temperature. Experienced people say: the turbines of the heat and power plant, even with summer calm, spin at a breakneck pace without heating.

Reverse traction of the upper floors is caused by a curious effect: the ventilation system “counts” them as an outlet. The channel does not matter where the air is thrown: the deflector, the kitchen grate. Contributes to the wrong design tract. If the distance of the ceiling of the last floor to the attic is less than one and a half meters, there is a bend( usually available), the air beats, creates a traffic jam.

Inertia of mass with odors rushes to the residents of the upper floors. It is highly relevant in the summer when there is no traction due to temperature differences. To summarize: there is a pull caused by two factors:

  1. The temperature difference outside the window and in the apartment.
  2. Bernoulli effect of movement of air masses at altitude.

Reverse traction is - the best hoods for the kitchen will not help. Remember what they said! Ventilation and exhaust are not equivalent. Work around the clock unable. The factor of politeness is added: install the best hoods for the kitchen, neighbors will start choking on the floor below / above. The fact of reverse thrust needs to be fixed, inform the management company. There are special methods to eliminate the effect, not the best hood for the kitchen.

What to do

Just want to bring the reader: the famous Russian question needs to be solved correctly. We'll have to retool the attic, put in the main path exhaust fan( pennies, if you throw off the floors).Workers will come, make modifications to the project. Then think about which kitchen hood is better: in a relaxed atmosphere. Will work as it should. Finally, what a kitchen hood is good if there is no traction. Recycling. Ventilate the apartment can be a fan. It will cost 1500 rubles at best if done correctly. Hole ventilating kitchen for the period of the return thrust close the lid.

Manufacturers of kitchen hoods will try to convince: the equipment always works, we advise you to approach the business correctly!

Several reasons to buy a kitchen hood

Desperate to meet an sensible explanation that helps you understand which one to buy a kitchen hood. The question is foggy, leaves a lot of space for various kinds of talk. The eye is powerless to say whether fats are drawn out, whether air is purified from odors. Manufacturers are trying to poke the product more expensive. We know that the operation of the gas stove is allowed in the basement without ventilation, if a transom is embedded in the frame. No carbon monoxide, and enough. For this buy an extract with the installation?

Why buy a Shindo hood, not another manufacturer. Let's call the prerequisites of the solution:

  1. A weighty reason today is conviction: fat will leave the kitchen. Some extracts eliminate odors. It concerns recycling mode. Assumptions are correct for this situation. Connecting the duct to the ventilation shaft will be discussed below.
  2. Hood removes cooking odors. It is possible at any time of the day or night to quickly ventilate the kitchen, apartment. If the noise level of the device does not exceed the norms established by law for night time of the day. Carbon monoxide hanging from the ceiling remains.
  3. After work, the kitchen hood connected to the ventilation duct becomes noticeably fresher.

Kitchen kitchen hood

Cons darkness. Installation of the device, pipeline, noise, waste, the need to agree on the design, loss of free space. Accustomed to the purely whitewashed ceiling, we recommend that you put an exhaust fan in the kitchen, covering the vent, do not bathe. At the same time significantly improved the supply of fresh air to the apartment. The design will remove carbon dioxide, odors, heat from the kitchen. Minus: the flow area of ​​the ventilation grille is reduced. The general-purpose system without the supplied fan works worse.

Answer the question: do you need a kitchen hood or a fan on the channel grate? The kitchen hood is designed to protect the ceiling against soot. Whitewash eventually acquires yellow bloom, it is recommended to use chalk, not emulsion. The move is not applied randomly. It has long been known: whitewashed trees do not sharpen pests. Turned into a ritual, we believe there are people who think that the event pursues the goal of beauty.

A good reason to buy an exhaust hood for the kitchen is an expensive repair. The requirement is simple: choose a portal, covering a hob( table of the stove) with a stock of 10 cm. Clearly, you need to cook on the outer burner, away from the wall. The lower limit of the kitchen hood installation is limited. The figure depends on the type of cooker, for example:

  1. For a gas hob, the installation height of a cooker hood is at least 65 cm.
  2. For an electric cooktop, at least 55 cm.

Indicative figures, for details see instructions. The area of ​​wallpaper that is not covered by the plate of the cooker and lying below the portal of the kitchen hood will be dirty. Flying from the pan fat. Kitchen hood is powerless to help.

Features of installation of the kitchen hood

The following considerations are relevant to the choice of kitchen hoods:

  • Heard in advertising: the performance of the hood is selected from the conditions for updating the air in the room 3-5 times per hour. The volume of the kitchen is multiplied by the figure, it turns out performance. Then sellers start talking about the loss of 10% of power per bend at 90 degrees of the duct, trying to stick a device with a capacity of 1000 cubic meters per hour. He growls, copying the vacuum cleaner, according to the specifications. A person receives a noisy kitchen hood, the throughput is several times higher than the throughput of the ventilation duct. Where do the huge numbers come from? First, performance has nothing to do with power. Two different indicators. Imagine running two people, the same speed: performance. A more powerful person, keep the performance, running against the wind. A good hood produces cubic meters in the presence of bends. Power enough.

    Installation of an exhaust hood with a box

  • We hope that the importance of the power characteristic was shown in detail. Let's discuss performance. Where do the figures about the volume come from? We explain, parallel to the exhaust ventilation works. The task of the second branch is air renewal. The hood is designed to remove combustion products from the room. Think for yourself: burning one cubic meter of natural gas spends ten times more air. Considering the coefficient of thermal expansion, something like 15 cubes is obtained. How much is spent per month. Families put meters because it is cheaper. According to the norms, 3 cubes are laid to a person every month. The hourly productivity of a kitchen hood for 1000 cubes is enough for a crowd of people for 30 days. We ask - why. One nuance. The capacity of the ventilation duct( we are going to start the exhaust) is powerless to pull the numbers. There really must be a separate move. Under the products of combustion: plant waste boilers, other heating gas appliances. The demonstrated capacity of the powerful hood is determined by the installation site, measured by an anemometer. Power choose the maximum performance - the right one. If you multiply the figure, it is unlikely to work above 100 cubic meters per hour.

  • exhaust hood exhaust options discussed above, we need two separate channels: room air renewal( ventilation), combustion products discharge, food odor. Excluding recycling mode. The kit is often supplemented with a check valve. See the reason. Suppose the neighbor is devoid of a sense of proportion. He took an expensive kitchen hood, powerful, productive. Channel throughput is not designed for load. Air, combustion products need to go somewhere. Go to the neighbors. Everyone put a check valve. Trying to avoid the situation. Consider what is happening, regarding a typical high-rise building: people are trying to isolate the ventilation channel for the purpose of the drain! A grille is used for installation, some of the holes serve for the purpose of updating the air, the central channel is engaged in the removal of combustion products. There is a check valve - smog will go from the neighbors along the ventilation path. Exhausting a typical sample is incompatible with a typical philistine apartment containing one ventilation duct. Is there an elegant solution? Use the exhaust fan on the kitchen riser ventilation duct. The check valve blocks the path of the products of combustion, the active device will not allow neighboring waste to seize the apartment.

    Kitchen hood

  • Noise level is the main parameter. Before you buy a telescopic hood, inquire for decibels. Tomsk region has adopted strict laws on peace and quiet of citizens. We will place an extract with a noise level of 75 dB in the kitchen( they are per 1000 cubic meters), buy a chance( in the supermarket): the neighbors will simply file a lawsuit demanding the equipment to be removed. Night turning on the unit forget. Unable to pull the air out of the room in the dark. The operation of the device will interfere with households.75 dB - the volume of the automatic washing machine in the spin mode. Considering how to buy an extract for the kitchen, estimate in advance the parameter using an example. Suppose you take a passport of the refrigerator, write down the noise level. Does not interfere at night? We know the upper threshold of the kitchen hood. For example, the hood for the kitchen Kupersberg DRS 900, the noise level will be 32-58 dB( determined by the mode), suitable for the owner of the GIE21XGYFKB refrigerator, most people at small speeds will suit at night. The most powerful mode is so loud that such refrigerators are simply deprived of shops. Now readers know how to buy a hood for the kitchen, inexpensively as requested.
  • The size of the device portal should cover the burners. It is foolish to buy the Electrolux hood for a wide plate containing 4 burners. Part of the pan-frying air will go past, causing damage to the wallpaper. A narrow hood is available - it is logical to arrange, covering frequently used burners. The rest to use in case of emergency.

The number of filters is estimated by the hostess's wishes. Suppose coal seals aroma, fats are blocked by aluminum meshes. The consultants are powerless to prove the necessity of both types of typical high-rise conditions, and reduce productivity. Initially, the system is designed to push products through the ventilation duct. Another thing is respectful attitude to the residents of the house, the work of the kitchen hood for recycling. Filters are needed, blocking odors, which are under pressure from the fan to fill the neighboring apartments.

Designs of ventilation, extracts

Put the question differently - how to design the ventilation of the room! The USSR is accustomed to using systems with natural impulses. Therefore, through the window through. Made specially. By the way, by the standards of the Russian Federation, the battery is hotter than European, the difference is 10 degrees. The maximum bar( 70 degrees), the reality is different. What kind of hood to buy, if the standards differ from European ones, are maliciously violated in passing.

Dyson is believed to have developed revolutionary cyclone vacuum cleaners based on industrial ventilation systems. It was calculated: by creating a rotating vortex, power is saved, the cost of maintaining the system is reduced by simplifying the structure of the filters. The USSR went a different way than over the hill. They tried to achieve savings on reducing the cost of electricity due to the consumption of heating fuel oil.

Ventilation system

Let's describe what is happening:

  1. In an apartment without compulsory ventilation, air consumption is lower, the kitchen hood works in more severe conditions.
  2. A ventilation duct is created by heating the walls with passing air masses. In the country, at first glance, the marasmic system: the entrance to the ventilation duct has chosen a bathroom. Hot water pipes are laid. It turns out, we warm the outside air. Wrong. We heat the walls of the ventilation channel, helping the kitchen hood push the pole up. Reduces the cooling of kitchens due to the conductivity of the walls, creates cravings in the west obtained by the rough use of fans.
  3. Air flow occurs due to leaking doors, windows. When replacing plastic in our reality, you need to install an exhaust fan. Not individually - the entrance. Smart put a powerful kitchen hood, waste masses will go neighbors. There is the option of installing inlet valves. Do not hit the walls, today you can find separately air supply control devices. .. plastic windows to remove some of the load from the kitchen hood. The problem is realized by the manufacturer, measures are taken. Plastic window for the operation you need to perforate, mill. Automatic regulation!

Extract with ventilation grille

In our conditions, additional air intake devices will have to be installed. Making the right choice will be more difficult than buying an exhaust hood. Have seen the order of the working day:

  • The boss opens the window for 15 minutes.
  • We are waiting for three quarters of an hour.
  • Repeats.

In stories about the performance of kitchen hoods, it is forgotten: first, the situation is shaped by the structure of the canals, and secondly, there is a fan on the roof sucking off the waste mass. As planned, the products of combustion were supposed to heat the kitchen, not to be thrown out thoughtlessly outside. Take the hood - for induction, electric stove.

The vent rule described above stops working. Relatively low heat does not create such cravings that overlap the performance of purchased western kitchen hoods. Producers chase mindlessly Western, of course. There is no one to create a good system for working the kitchen hood, forgotten the experience of ancestors. Manufacturers of hoods talk about performance, it is assumed that there is no resistance to mass intake from the street.

Hood supplemented with ventilation holes

We discussed more than once the loss of duct paths to the ventilation duct, inside it, reducing the current due to obstacles - think about it, if you are going to buy a mesh for drawing. Negative factors. .. grow with increasing speed of air masses. The process has a resonance point, the loss is highest. How to buy a hood for a cafe, if we find it difficult to say the actual performance, depending on many factors. It is convenient to use anemometers. Devices that show the real performance of the kitchen hood, not advertising. It is anemometer above 10,000 rubles, it is better to call the masters.

Determining the required performance of a kitchen hood

The next problem in determining the need for a room in fresh air. More confusion, exhaust system, ventilation - different things. The design of the complex can be seen as follows:

  1. Determination of the need for a kitchen in oxygen.
  2. Estimated number of visitors to calculate ventilation system indicators.
  3. Adjustment of the configuration of the inlet valves and other elements in order to obtain the minimum power drop for a given performance.

Of course, you can go in a frontal attack. Buy a fan for exhaust, industrial characteristics of which obviously cover the need. Just the energy consumption will be higher, the heating charge will increase.

As a result, the entrepreneur will throw out money to the wind. We believe that a rare businessman wants to engage in the described event. Electricity tariffs of enterprises are higher than they are released to the public; the matter will take a bad turn. There are no clear recommendations. Regarding the kitchens, we hear tips on updating the air for an hour three times or more. Practically required for intensive use of burners.

Abandon the main question - why! Exhaust removes products of combustion, carbon dioxide, the content of which is regulated, the smell, fats from the room. Tetravalent carbon monoxide is dangerous to humans, not to mention carbon monoxide. Therefore, using electric cookers, we reduce the required productivity. You say: the ventilation is responsible for cleaning the air! If separate channels are designed. But show the apartment that meets the stated criteria.

As a result, it is logical to calculate the required air flow rate from the mass of combusted gas per unit of time. Each cubic meter of natural blue fuel( depending on the field) requires ten times the volume of the much needed resource on the planet. The amount of air that you want to start, preventing the formation of carbon monoxide. Now we take into account the needs of the cook for breathing.240 liters per hour, a quarter cubic meter. Suppose there is an apprentice, in total, it turns out a cube.

Hood the size of an oven

Determine the burning rate of blue fuel, add on the needs of the staff, we get the necessary performance.

The next factor will be the finish of the kitchen. In order not to spoil the decorative elements, you need to block the cooking surface with the hood portal. The calculation of the motion of the masses is too complicated to give here. We take into account the thermal expansion, we put 30%.The resulting figure is doubled, it turns out: for burning one cubic meter of gas per hour, the life of a cook, other servants in the amount of four people need a capacity of 50 cubic meters per hour. You can measure it by enlisting the help of an anemometer.

It turns out a loyal result, what to do with 1000 cubic meters, swelled by the seller. Powerless to describe foreign experience, abroad exhaust flow combined with ventilation. One device served by an entire studio apartment. And it becomes clear why we need such a huge performance. They omitted data that air is being renewed in order to block the growth of fungi and bacteria. For example, during the combustion of gas, the humidity rises, the upper bar of the parameter is 60%.

The owners are trying to buy an exhaust fan for the garage, on the contrary - to drain the cellar. Moisture is released from stored products, floors, walls, the environment is quickly saturated with vapors to the limit. While the equipment is idle, I did not want to lose heat. To shut off the path from the outlet, buy a check valve for exhaust. Eliminates the effect of reverse thrust known to fireplaces. The wind blows into the pipe, scattering ashes. You see, to buy a light bulb for the hood is not the main problem. It’s harder to figure out what performance is needed. Add for a typical apartment enough modest performance, unless, of course, the stubborn neighbor did not buy more powerful, creating a reverse traction.

Next time we will discuss how to buy a hood for hoods. We hope we made it clear - we evaluate the performance according to the needs. Otherwise, the money spent on the kitchen hood, go to the street.

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