Extraction device

Extraction deviceHoods

In principle, each hood like a vacuum cleaner (the principle of action), but performs other tasks. Power vacuum continuously adjustable, allowing you to select the desired mode. In the kitchen hood...

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Selection of kitchen hood noise level

Selection of kitchen hood noise levelHoods

We set out to decide which to buy a filter for exhaust. Read! Recently Ufa was closed for two months, the restaurant... the smells, smoke kitchen hood prevented residents around the location of the...

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Review of the Italian extracts

Review of the Italian extractsHoods

Talk about a manufacturer of kitchen range hoods.Manufacturers of kitchen hoodsItalian quality kitchen hoods FaberThere is a perception that foreign cars better. Subject controversial. The market o...

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Repair hoods for the kitchen with his hands

Repair hoods for the kitchen with his handsHoods

Extractor hood is a fan, centrifugal more than axial. Some models are a significant amount of money, in practice fee goes to the external design, noise reduction and other delights. The functional ...

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Repair hood with his hands

Repair hood with his handsHoods

Dear hoods are built on a centrifugal fan, and cheap - in the axial. Maybe dissimilar models. However, the repair of the hood with his hands more related to the field of electrical engineering. Bre...

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How to make the hood in the cellar

How to make the hood in the cellarHoods

It is difficult to find a sensible video using professional equipment of exhaust systems for basements and cellars. Let's try to see what can be useful for the organization of the hood in the cella...

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Ducts for kitchen hood

Ducts for kitchen hoodHoods

Today we will discuss why the plastic windows and doors lead to a breach of ventilation apartments, why on flat two extracts output ports for which the check valve is needed, as it turns out, that ...

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Exhaust fan for the bathroom

Exhaust fan for the bathroomHoods

Today discuss which exhaust fans for bathrooms is commercially available as a built ventilation system. If the residents of apartment buildings topic is not important, the owners of private houses ...

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Installation duct for kitchen hood

Installation duct for kitchen hoodHoods

Today we will explore the experience of the fraternal countries for installation duct for kitchen hood, discuss burning ventilation problems caused by the improper actions of the builders, will out...

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Selection and installation of dome hood

Selection and installation of dome hoodHoods

High-quality dome hood at the "Elikor".Nice to know that the manufacturer emphasizes the Russian origin. We have released several model series, the characteristics are indicated, instructions are...

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