Dryer for vegetables do it yourself

Consider the device device. Let's fantasize how to make a dryer for vegetables on their own. Share experience. The mechanism is simple - we make a copy. The electric part is bought in the capital market, cut from other devices without compromising efficiency.

Dryer for vegetables from wood

The device of a typical dryer for vegetables

Remember the story about the steamer. The vegetable dryer is similar, but the opposite:

  1. There are several tiers of mesh boxes on top of each other.
  2. The top cover is exactly in the middle provided with a hole for the release of moist air.
  3. In the pan spiral in the center, in the channel.
  4. With the help of a simple electric motor, air is forced and enters the working chamber through a round hole in the floor.

Now let's see how to do it yourself, without buying in the store, a dryer for vegetables.

Do we need tiers for a vegetable dryer

There are not always so many fruits and vegetables that an utmost space is needed for placement. The dryer will easily replace aerogrill of any modification.

  1. You will need a baking tray from a cooker. Spread out the products: vegetables, fruits, mushrooms, berries.
  2. With aerogrill remove the cover with a lamp, a fan. We take a high grid from the kit to the baking sheet.

    Device dryers for vegetables

  3. Set the grid exactly in the middle of the pan. Must firmly rest on steel, not swing.
  4. We put the aerogrill cover on the grid, connect to the outlet. Open the handle, blocking the inclusion.
  5. We are convinced: the collection is in a carefree place, without the possibility of fire. Keep curtains, children, pets away.
  6. Baking tray with a convection oven stand firmly on the floor, stool, table.
  7. According to the instructions, start the convection oven at a low temperature. The heat will be strong - carefully.

Set the timer for an improvised vegetable dryer for an hour. At the signal you will come to mix products. After a quarter of an hour will need to be repeated. Continue to achieve complete drying. No need to do hands, extra space in the kitchen is not needed. No convection - buy a cheap sample.

How else to make a dryer for vegetables

You will not find a convection oven - try a hair dryer, a kitchen extractor engine. Put on the minimum mode to start. We do not recommend using the grill: the output of the hair dryer is narrow, melt the spout. It is easier to hang the device on a strong rope, sending it to the right place.

Dryer from the dryer

Minus: there is no timer for the dryer, the device may not withstand long work. It is good if the thermostat is based on, for example, a bimetallic plate. So get out of the oil heater, kettle, iron. On the shelves of online stores are thermostats to adjust the temperature of the heating system - the device is suitable.

Otherwise, the fuse will fail due to long operation( cause: overheating of the motor windings).A hair dryer will be less preferable. It is better to have large blanks looming on the horizon try to make a dryer for vegetables on your own, repeating, copying the details of the factory construction.

How to make a dryer for vegetables from improvised means

The difficulty in the correct selection of the power of the spiral. In the video reviews we see: the body of the dryer, the plastic mesh for vegetables. Indicates a low temperature. We recommend to study the characteristics of the purchased dryer for vegetables, then - copy the design. We suggest to go to the Yandex market to get acquainted with the range of offers. Go to the site, type in the line "electric dryer for vegetables, fruits, mushrooms."

In the fall of 2014, a dryer for vegetables with a plastic cylindrical body( Hot Dry Wind M5) cost 3,000 rubles. Let's look closer:

  • power is 600 W;
  • 5 tiers of 1 kg capacity each;
  • timer and other automation is not;
  • drying temperature up to 70 degrees.

Dryer Dry Wind M5

We offer to improve the case. For the construction will need:

  1. More powerful motor, cooler( fan) - for example, remove from the system unit.
  2. 90 Ohm Nichrome Spiral. Ask for the length of the market. If you do not know, take a tester, measure the resistance of the cut, the length of which is known. On the calculator, find the desired value. Why 90 ohms? To make the power 600 watts, more precisely: 220 x 220/90 = 537 watts. If you take a piece a little shorter - the spiral will heat better, the danger of fire simultaneously increases. As an option: take the hair dryer coil, only turn on the elements in series to get a resistance of 90 ohms. Plus: quartz plates crosses already available.
  3. Heat resistant plates, like a hair dryer. You can take instead of the above - halogen lamp of acceptable diameter.
  4. We recommend to make a body made of steel, buy a mesh for the tiers of food steel. No need to take mosquito. It is not necessary to use welded electrodes, copper wire with lacquer insulation, and other non-digestible things for racks. Only food steel, or aluminum( food).
  5. Corps take away from canned products. Previously, they sold tomato paste and olives in large tin cans. As a last resort, roll the desired size out of the sheet. Do not solder, it is permissible to rivet.

Any craftsman will be able to assemble independently. On safety precautions: in a secluded place provide a temperature control mechanism. A bimetallic plate with an oil heater will do.

Get a thermostat with a handle - great. Consider how to use.

A reflector is placed above the outlet in the bottom. The area of ​​the part overlaps the channel, guarantees: the berries will not fall on the spiral, it will not create a fire hazard situation. Sidewall protect mesh. On the reflector fix bimetallic plate with means of adjustment. Food spiral dryers for vegetables lead through an improvised relay. The hitch is inertia. The reflector is made of tin - wait for the bimetallic plate to constantly click. Make from steel on 5 - 6 mm - inertia will be provided.

Regarding the distances between tiers - make according to needs. In most cases, five centimeters is enough for a vegetable dryer. CPU cooler requires DC power. Take the charger for mobile equipment: phone, iPad, radio. Voltage less than 12 V - will cause a regular decrease in speed. Place the fan under the helix. There is no desire to communicate with direct current - find an asynchronous motor( the collector is very noisy).Quiet motors in fans, refrigerators, hoods - be guided by hearing.

A homemade vegetable dryer should be safe. Metal case ground. Moisture can get inside - knock out traffic jams.

Option for self-drying vegetables

It's easier to dry vegetables in the oven - in Russia it is accepted. Used Russian stove. The baking sheets are not placed inside - on top, on the lounger. For a long time mushrooms and berries dry up. Stove on gas - bad dryer. Minimal amounts of blue fuel contain impurities. Food should not be in too much contact with combustion products. Easier to use the battery. In Russia, it is customary to store dried fruits in the winter there against dampness.

Summer residents enjoy the sun. Seeds are dried, fried in a pan. The principle of operation of the dryer for vegetables is different. We discussed unconventional methods of using the air conditioner. The outdoor unit was a dryer for vegetables: the temperature of the condenser reaches 70 degrees Celsius. You don’t need to look for a fan - it costs; energy is not wasted( less calories are carried away by the wind).

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