What to buy an electric grinder

Housewives important to build quality, noise characteristics grinder. In addition to external data and internal organs are prone to overheating, stepping down. The main characteristic of the functioning of the product is considered an operational cycle periods of work, rest of our device. Let's talk, what to buy an electric grinder.

The mechanical part of the mincer

The reviews are often noticed: the mechanical part of the grinder is made of steel or aluminum. The first is stronger, easier to second. Screw, steel legs always. Traditionally, food is considered the metal iron - easy to clean off carbon deposits cooking. The alloy contains iron, harmful to health. Aluminum is also used in the manufacture, does not shine in use. No wonder food dishes coated with a layer of tin. Layer dries out - you will receive regular dose of toxic metal.

Interesting! Mincer lightweight aluminum alloy have greater elasticity. In the event of extreme loads do not break as iron.

Options grinder

Options grinder

We recommend to take steel. Aluminum is a relatively soft, it will deteriorate over time. Old Soviet grinder made of iron - is different from the percentage of carbon steel, alloy additions are present. Inquire before buying the meat grinder "Moulinex" patience will be rewarded. To find out the details is not easy, because of the subtleties of the issue develops security appliances.

Interesting! In the west, a high percentage of cases of allergy, the genesis is not installed. The authors believe that this is a consequence of trying to save money on materials. "Teflon" is made, in spite of the harm of the technological cycle for the surrounding settlements. Owners of the company to pay compensation to the victims.

Not all food alloys. In GOST 27002 prescribed grade of steel used for manufacturing kitchenware. Indicate: tolerate / do not tolerate heat. It is easy to find foreign equivalents: the manual type of steel available in AISI format. Rate percentage composition. Do not trust the site: to food steel substitutes are chosen often incorrectly, without full consideration of the factors. Obtained from the knowledge of the standard grinder will pick up material. If there is no need to grind hot (for liver pâté), the requirements are simplified.

mechanical chopper

mechanical chopper

The standard listed corrosion-resistant steels. For meat grinder requirements will certainly be below the ingredients pass through the mechanical part, can not be called aggressive. With the attachment issue has been resolved.

It is important - it's about your health! If the grade of steel grinder (attachment to combine or separate) the instructions are not registered, call the company's customer support.

Quality grinder assembly

Rate appearance: the quality of welds, precision fitting of parts not loose anything, no glue drips. The main thing - the sound during operation. Inside the grinder should brush commutator motor. Sound during operation, like power tools.

It is interesting! When working with a drill tangibly feel the breath. This is a result of the cooling system. The dust gets in your eyes, but the motor will withstand and an eight-hour shift.

The cost of a simple grinder electric drill will handicap. Household appliance more expensive instrument. Listen to the sound: smooth heavy buzzing. The difference with the drill bit, but lower speed (even with gear transmission). It would be interesting to observe the use of power of the motor through a reduction gear. would have increased torque knives, cooling will prolong the period of activity. Remember - the drill is easily jammed. Mincer operates stably, continuously.

Kitchen chopper

Kitchen chopper

Modern manufacturers have hit in plastic - rotating machinery often begin to sway. Axial force keeps the engine at the expense of the bearings. Across often going on something unimaginable. Nozzle grinder swings - take another model. Will wear out faster due to incorrect assembly.

opportunities grinder

Rarely meet grinder, able only to turn the meat. Modern instruments are able to:

  • shred;
  • cut fries;
  • squeeze the juice;
  • making sausage.
Nozzle for sausages

Nozzle for sausages

It is not a complete list - most of the other features are rarely used by Russian housewives. If a man checks the mechanical part, appreciate modes, power, the responsibility of women include the selection functionality.

Cool to have on hand nozzle of stainless steel, glass blender - glass (polymers during heating emit harmful substances). In a glass grind soups, make hot sauce - more convenient than crush the mortar by hand.

Power and performance grinder

Productivity - the knife speed. Power - the ability to maintain engine speed. The performance depends on the speed of grinding. Power ensures even grinding old hard sheep.

excess capacity - is not always good. The ability of the motor to dissipate heat is limited. Power determines the rate of heat release. The small-sized motor can burn out when consumed too much. Hard to understand the internal structure of: more powerful chopper in size should exceed the weak. Otherwise deteriorating cycle characteristics (long breaks between short periods of activity).

Each appliance for cooking needs a rest. In devices for cleaning the engine is not powerful - more volume. Can dissipate heat efficiently - a weak spot of kitchen equipment. Each device operates on a cycle, consisting of two parts:

  1. Active time: 1-5 minutes.
  2. rest period: 5-15 minutes.

Take note of the time indicators in addition to the power performance, performance. One manufacturer in the lines of the figures vary. Models with a favorable cycle are more expensive. Fees are charged for the protection stage. Manufacturer dearly appreciates protective relays, fuses. Buy a meat grinder «Zelmer» does not mean winning in comparison to other brands. Take the model according to their needs. There is no need to turn a lot of meat - suitable cheap device for a minimum price.

Availability of service centers

Not everyone will repair electric grinder home. Sometimes the need to rewind the engine - will take time enough. Some people just prefer to buy electric meat grinder again. We recommend you to inquire about the nearest service center, not hurt to find out the prices.

The points listed in (90%) instructions before the warranty card. Decent producer duplicates information on the official website. Before purchasing an electric meat grinder "Moulinex", go to the resource - inquire about the workshop location.

Choosing a good grinder Moulinex

At the decision of buying an electric grinder, look for instructions. On the official website of the "Moulinex" is prompted to enter the name of the product. When driving HV9 ME740 (copied from the product of the last generation grinder cards) search result is zero.

"Moulinex" website highly complicated task. It offered first to purchase the product, and then see if a good product: Causes confidence European brand. Of the main advantages of the grinder can be driven by... the ability to cut vegetables into cubes. Colorful Kaleidoscope of fruit painted in commercials can be viewed on the site.

Moulinex chopper

Moulinex chopper

Of the merits of the said grinder:

  • 55 years of experience in the manufacture of household appliances (honestly, very pleased);
  • stylish design and impressive views of the screw (citation).

These qualities are looking for if you want to buy a meat grinder. "Moulinex" recognized manufacturer. It is unwise to pay 10.5 thousand. rubles, not knowing about the technical parameters of the grinder. The site featured information: one minute milled 5 kg of meat. I would like to know the duty cycle duration. Engine power grinder above 2 kW. What size should be the motor, coil blow air to spent a quarter of an hour. The heat capacity of copper conductors, the iron core is not great. Grinder motor quickly reaches temperature shutdown protection system.

The second disadvantage: when ingested solid object mechanism fails. In modern meat grinders built-in protection. Gears often make plastic for breakage at jamming the shaft. The item card a word about it. It comes with no more than two gear couplings - will soon have to buy a new one. No information provided "Moulinex" for the cost of repairs.

On the official website of the "Moulinex" text parts section refers to a pair of third-party resources owned service centers. Veda workshops is not one meat grinder "Moulinex". Giant directory to find the right is not easy. Buy auger grinder "Moulinex" would be a daunting task. Will face the problem of how to get to the service center. Wait for the item in the mail for a long time, you need to pay for the shipment. Buy attachments for meat grinder "Moulinex" is so difficult. Maybe better to look for a friendly manufacturer?

Reminder: the famous brand, quality. Reach out, to get the information you need - hard. There are producers who do not want to work with strangers. Companies focused on customer support.

Similarly, the South Korean giants are "Samsung», «LG» because of the vast number of customers only with written applications. Described suggests closeness of foreign firms, reluctance to disclose basic information.

Meat grinder from Moulinex

Mincer Moulinex

Selecting the grinder at Zelmer

like "Zelmer" From this point of view. You pull out a table with a set of functions mincer, given the possibility to upgrade (instrument designer). Options are recruited from the individual. However, the manufacturer will not be without problems. Moderators tried to choose their own device on the presented on the site.

Options grinder Zelmer

Options grinder Zelmer

Instruction is downloaded without problems. If you take a series of 987. 80, the paper consists of two parts:

  1. Appearance grinder and accessories.
  2. User's manual.

Red card in the product contains the warranty duration of 4 years. However…

  • when you try to find telephones support appears empty string;
  • specifications in the corresponding column are missing, and it is unclear how to use the option of showing comparisons;
  • the manual is missing some important features.

There is no indication of performance. A run numbers are normal font in front of the booklet. Decent performance: 15 minutes of work, rest for half an hour. Noise level 77 dB that fits into the framework of standards. But how to buy a nozzle for mincing «Zelmer», if there is no information about the properties?

Zelmer chopper

Zelmer chopper

In a set of the most expensive line of grinder mills coffee. But I would like to know the performance. Detailed text mills commissioning, listed ingredients suitable for grinding, mentioned adjustments. Unknown: In this mode, the rest is 45 minutes. cycle parameters in "Zelmer" is not the best. For comparison, read the information on the meat grinder "Axion" Izhevsk Motor. Unclear amount of grain milled for 1 cycle of 50 grams specified in the instruction.

15 minutes - very little. For comparison, the simplest scourer "Uralmash" will process a minimum of 2 buckets of grits. Minus: the degree of grinding is no. You need to manually bring up to the required level.

The absence of technical specifications such as performance, capacity, but "Zelmer" gets a higher rating than the "Moulinex". Last products are colorful, but the pages are not useful technical information.

In "Zelmer" instructions are very well laid out information. I would like to see the technical specifications to make an informed choice grinder. There's only functional description, complete set of data. It is much easier to select the device from the manufacturer, providing the buyer advance information support.

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