Tips for using humidifiers

Tips for using humidifiers


The premises in which we live are closed spaces with an inanimate, over-dried atmosphere, especially during the heating season. It is to solve this problem invented devices that improve the home microclimate. We will tell you how to properly use an air humidifier.


  • 1What is an air humidifier for?
  • 2Principle of operation
  • 3Rules of operation
  • 4Troubleshoot problems

What is an air humidifier for?

"Drought" inside the house can provoke various inconveniences and various health problems. Dryness of the room is the best friend of asthma, bronchitis, premature aging of the skin and other diseases arising from lack of moisture. In an environment saturated with moisture, she breathes in full breast. For example, after the rain, the atmosphere is permeated with freshness and oxygen.

With the availability of air, all the functions of the body improve, the dry atmosphere of the room leads to the fact that the person suffocates, loses the working tone and appetite. Without moisture, plants wither in the house, deteriorate and accumulate static electricity of things, etc.

The humidifier, especially the ionizing room, helps to solve all the problems associated with lack of moisture.

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Principle of operation

Modern instruments are "washing" room, steam, ultrasonic. The most popular devices with air-washing, they clean and moisten the atmosphere of the room, working at several speeds. Many models qualitatively clean the interior space, thanks to the preliminary ionization of air. During the ionization process, individual dust particles are charged, maximally retaining on the moisturizing discs.


The air that enters the device is passed through a set of disks partially submerged in water. Particles of dust are held by discs and settle in the pan, and the air particles come out clean, moistened, like after a rain.


The principle of cold evaporation creates automatically the optimum humidity. Some models are equipped with ionizing silver rods that prevent the reproduction of microorganisms and maintain water in fresh condition without additional additives.

Rules of operation

If you understand the necessity of having this household appliance in your home and have already purchased it, you must carefully follow certain recommendations to properly use the air humidifier.

  • Before commissioning, read the enclosed instructions.
  • Use the humidifier only in dry residential premises, subject to the technical conditions. Do not use it where there are flammable gaseous substances;
  • Do not block the air intake hole.
  • Do not leave children near the appliance without proper supervision.
  • Switch on the device only working and fully assembled.
  • The humidifier must only be repaired by qualified personnel.
  • Unplug the power cord before disassembling and reassembling, filling and draining the water, or by relocating it to another location.
  • Do not touch electrical parts with wet hands, install the humidifier only on a flat surface.

When the safety rules are observed, the air humidifier can be prepared for further operation.

  • Before running the device, allow it to stand for about an hour at room temperature.
  • Use the device at a room temperature of 5 to 30 degrees and a relative humidity of not more than 80% RH.
  • Place the unit on a dry, horizontal surface in such a way that it is easily accessible.
  • To increase the efficiency of evaporation, it is recommended to install the device near heat sources.
  • If the tap water is stiff or contains a large amount of mineral salts, fill the water tank with fresh filtered, or distilled water to avoid the appearance of calcareous deposits inside the device and on nearby his subjects. Set the unit on a special tray, the water temperature should not be more than 40 degrees (almost every modern humidifier is equipped with an auto-shutdown device with a low water level).
  • Before using the appliance, make sure that the mains voltage is the same as indicated in When the device is turned on, the device will reach its maximum efficiency after approx. 10-15 minutes.
  • In some models there is a special niche for the flavor. Do not add essential oils and other additives directly to the tank or the capacity of the pallet, this may damage the machine. Infuse the fragrance with a cotton swab, inserting it into the pallet.
  • Every 2 weeks, clean the water tank, every month - humidifying disks.
  • If the machine is not used for a long time, do not forget to completely empty the water tank and carefully dry the device. Keep it in its original packaging in a dry and cool place. The plug from the water tank should be removed to keep the seal tight.

Troubleshoot problems

Malfunction Suggested causes Method of elimination
The power indicator does not light, the fan does not work, no humidification occurs - Power off
- Rotary knob in the OFF position.
- Turn on the unit
- Set the switch to the desired position
The power indicator is on, the fan is running, but there is no moisture outlet - The water is not filled
- The cover of the water height switch is not closed tightly
- Fill the water
- Close the cover firmly
Feels the smell of water spray - Feature of the new device
- Impure or stale water
- Open the lid of the water tank, put the unit in a cool place for the whole day
- Clean the water tank and replace the water
The power indicator lights, but the fan does not work and moisture does not come out The water level in the tank is higher than the Drain the excess liquid from the tank
Low productivity - Lime growths inside the apparatus
- Impure or stale water
- Clean the transformer
- Clean the water tank and replace the water
Uncommon noise - Resonance due to the small amount of liquid in the water tank
- Resonance with the base on which the apparatus is located
- Top up with fluid
- Place the unit on a level surface
Nozzle is shrouded in fog There is a gap between the nozzle and the water tank Wet the nozzle before use.
Do not drain water from the tank The soundproof cover is clogged Clean the lid outlet
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