10 best Tefal irons according to the owners

  • Tefal Ultimate Anti-calc FV9747
  • Tefal GV8962
  • Tefal FV2548
  • Tefal FV9965
  • Tefal FV 9976 Freemove
  • Tefal GV6733
  • Tefal GV9080 PRO X-pert Care
  • Tefal GV7760
  • Tefal SV6038 Fasteo
  • Tefal FV3930
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life of modernit is impossible to imagine a person without a good iron. This small device is one of the most important assistants from the very first days of life. One of the most popular manufacturers of this household equipment is the company "Tefal".The irons of this brand are distinguished by their quality, reliability and excellent functionality.

The choice of models is so great that it is not easy to buy one thing. As you know, the best is the enemy of the good. Every customer who tried to choose the best Tefal iron without any help was surely checked this rubber stamp on himself. This French company is so quickly improving their development that fit and get lost. To facilitate decision making, we have prepared for readers a small rating of the best Tefal irons. It includes models that, in the opinion of the buyers, deserve the highest marks.

Tefal Ultimate Anti-calc FV9747

Good-looking model with a slightly aggressive design opens the review. Iron weighs quite a lot, which can be counted as to the pluses and minuses of the device. On the one hand, it is a little difficult to iron them for a long time, on the other hand, the device will not have to be constantly pressed against the fabric to achieve the best result. A power of 2.8 kW makes it easy to iron out any thing.

The sole of the device is made of metal-ceramic, so it easily slides on any fabric. For especially sensitive materials, a special nozzle is provided. No trace will be left with her on silk or fine knitwear. The device has a capacious water tank for 350 ml, as well as a very long electrical cord - 2.5 m. A strong steam blow - 220 g / min, and a continuous steam supply of 55 g / min.

The difference with this device is the presence of a special container for collecting lime sludge. And there is also a scaling protection and anti-drip device. Given these moments, cleaning the iron does not take much time.


  • excellent steam;
  • power;
  • can be used for vertical steaming;
  • narrow spout;
  • self-cleaning sole;
  • nozzle for fine fabrics;
  • automatic adjustment of steam supply for the selected mode;
  • auto power off;
  • comfortable long cord;
  • stylish design.


  • expensive.

Tefal GV8962

"Tefal" is one of the brands, which is famous not only for its advanced developments, but also for its stylish design solutions. Proof of this is the following model, ranked in our rating. The stylish look of this iron will add a bit of mood to the boring ironing process.

This iron is equipped with a powerful steam generator that supplies steam under a pressure of 6.5 bar at a speed of 120 g / minute. With the use of this device, you can easily iron any things even in a vertical position. The user is offered 3 temperature conditions depending on the type of material. The iron will cope even with very dense or over-dried laundry. The power of steam blow here is as much as 430 g / minute.

Using the GV8962 is quite convenient. It fits well in the arm and has an automatically-wound cord and a self-cleaning sole. There is a special collector for dumping scale. You do not have to spend extra money on purified water. It is quite normal, from the water supply. The liquid tank is quite roomy — 1.6 liters, and in the process of ironing it is easy to refill it. It is removable, so you do not have to carry the entire device.


  • power;
  • strong steam boost;
  • capacious water tank;
  • metal-ceramic outsole;
  • auto winding cord;
  • collector for scale;
  • the ability to adjust the temperature;
  • European assembly.


  • heavy;
  • takes up a lot of space.

Tefal FV2548

Continues the TOP-best Tefal irons an excellent device for those who are looking for not only good, but not too expensive iron. There are all the important protection functions: anti-drip system, self-cleaning( simplified), anti-scale.

Of course, the characteristics here are much more modest than the previous model, and there is no steam generator either. But for an ordinary iron, everything looks quite decent: steam blow - 100 g / min, continuous feed - 35 g / min. Ceramic sole does not spoil the fabric and almost perfectly slides.


  • steam adjustment;
  • capacious water tank;
  • nasal sprinkler for additional wetting of problem areas;
  • steam throughout the sole;
  • can be steamed on weight;
  • convenient hole for pouring water;
  • very attractive price.


  • there is no automatic shutdown;
  • vertical steaming weak, only for thin fabrics.

Tefal FV9965

This small iron has an excellent power of 2.6 kW.This is quite enough for high-quality and fast ironing. A distinctive feature of this model is the absence of a cord. So, the iron has become much more mobile and it has become much easier to manage. At the same time, it charges very quickly, just a few minutes is enough.

Special attention should be paid to the sole of the iron. It is made by a special patented technology. The iron is very easy to clean, it does not scratch at all and perfectly smoothes any type of fabric. The

Tefal FV9965 has the function of a constant steam supply and a fairly spacious 250 ml water tank. The anti-drip system and the anti-scale function are provided to protect the fabric.

Main advantages:

  • powerful steam blow;
  • auto shutdown system;
  • exceptional mobility;
  • fast charge;
  • auto-adjusting steam;
  • self cleaning system;
  • vertical steaming;
  • stylish design.


  • for the first time there may be an unpleasant smell of plastic.

Tefal FV 9976 Freemove

And here is another cordless iron that is perfect for vertical steaming. It is much easier to iron him on a traditional board. The iron has a powerful steam blow - 200 g / min.

Charges almost instantly, so do not have to wait long. You are not "threatened" to miss the base. For this purpose, a special parking system with a door closer has been developed. Metal-ceramic sole with palladium-coated ideally slides on any material and does not collect mote.

The charge cycle of the device is very short. The hostesses claim that they do not even have time to turn the laundry over to the other side, and the iron is ready for work again. The need for recharging is signaled by a special indication. The base is securely attached to any ironing board, regardless of its thickness and shape.


  • lack of wires;
  • fast charge cycle;
  • powerful steam boost;
  • vertical steaming system;
  • long battery life;
  • reliable mount base;
  • all necessary protection systems;
  • auto power off;
  • convenient parking system with a door closer.


  • iron can not be put vertically;
  • is quite expensive.

Tefal GV6733

This model received the largest number of enthusiastic user reviews. The device in all "super" - superutiug, super disinfector and super-steamer. With it, you can easily cope even with very dry clothes. If your clothes have an unpleasant smell, GV6733 will help to cope with them effortlessly.

The iron is very compact and weighs a little. No matter how long you have to iron, you still will not get tired. For convenience, everything is provided for literally: a long hose, a convenient parking system, easy carrying and fixing with a latch, a spacious 1.5 liter water tank.

One of the most significant details is the IVF system. Regardless of the settings, the iron constantly supplies a minimum amount of steam. This functionality allows you to save about 20% of electricity, the process of ironing is faster and easier.


  • high power;
  • light weight;
  • IVF function;
  • capacious tank;
  • all necessary protection systems;
  • disinfection function;
  • steam boost;
  • vertical steaming;
  • long hose.


  • is expensive.

Tefal GV9080 PRO X-pert Care

This iron is more like a small spacecraft than a classic ironing device. The steam generator consists of a small iron and a spacious 1.6-liter boiler. Here there are all the modern features: drop-stop, fast heating, IVF mode, the possibility of topping up the water during operation, automatic shutdown.

The intensity of the steam is just crazy - 120 / minute, and the steam blow reaches an inconceivable 500 g / min. Metal-ceramic sole perfectly slides on any fabric and does not scratch at all. For ease of use, a system of automatic winding of the cord. The steam hose can also be easily hidden.


  • incredible power;
  • steam blow of tremendous force;
  • 5 temperature conditions;
  • slippery and durable outsole;
  • autolock cord and steam hose system;
  • special “heel” shape for comfortable work;
  • innovative descaling system;
  • display of filling of a collector for a scum;
  • plastic protection for easy storage;
  • convenient handle for transportation;
  • control panel;
  • "space" design;
  • every conceivable protection system.


  • worth a lot of money.

Tefal GV7760

A very worthy steam station that can even smooth out very dry things. Steam generation takes place in literally 2 minutes, so you will not have to wait long for the start of work. A huge 1.7-liter tank is enough for uninterrupted two-hour work. If necessary, add liquid without stopping the process.

The station has a well thought out monitoring and descaling system. A special container is provided for its collection, the filling of which will be reported by a special indicator. You can not worry about security. If you forget to turn off the iron from the network, after a while it will turn off on its own. And also the device is equipped with the function of economical electricity consumption.


  • good power;
  • capacious tank;
  • powerful steam boost;
  • scale control system;
  • auto power off function;
  • fairly long cord - 1.8 m;
  • vertical steaming;
  • quality assembly.


  • cools down for a long time;
  • is loud;
  • heavy.

Tefal SV6038 Fasteo

This steam iron is a cross between huge steam stations and a traditional iron. It has a fairly compact size and not very large weight - less than 4 kg.

In constant mode, the iron delivers a pair of 100 g / minute, has a super-slippery surface that simply “flies” on any fabric. Along the perimeter of the case is a small narrow compartment. It removes the power cord for more convenient storage.

Main advantages:

  • good power;
  • ceramic sole;
  • convenient cord storage system;
  • automatic temperature adjustment;
  • vertical steam system;
  • cartridge for collecting scale;
  • removable tank;
  • average cost.


  • not very strong steam blow;
  • no anti-drop protection.

Tefal FV3930

The review is completed with a fast, smart and very light iron, perfect for everyday use. The model has a very convenient regulation system. It is enough for the user to set the desired temperature and the device independently adjusts the correct steam power. With a sufficiently economical water consumption, the iron has a powerful steam blow and a constant steam supply system.

The sole of the device is ceramic, very strong and reliable. A feature of the unit is a long convenient electrical cord and a spacious water tank. The model provides all the necessary protection features: anti-drop, auto power off, anti-scale protection. In this case, the iron is not so expensive.


  • high-quality protection system;
  • ceramic sole;
  • ease and ease of use;
  • vertical steaming;
  • long cord;
  • wide neck for refilling water;
  • excellent sliding;
  • reasonable price.


  • at the initial stage of use may smell like plastic.


Domestic appliances from Tefal are becoming more and more popular every year. Therefore, it is possible that our list can be replenished with several more very successful models. The choice is so great that if you want, you can make your own TOP-best Tefal irons.

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