On clothes there were stains after washing

We decided to wash the laundry in the washing machine, but here's the oddity - instead of clean clothes you got even dirtier. The surface of the products left stains after washing.

Why is this happening? After all, a washing machine should help get rid of pollution, and not add new ones. It is necessary to examine the stylalk completely and find the cause of the trouble.

On clothes there were stains after washing

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  • 1Why, after washing, there are stains on clothes
    • 1.1Water quality
    • 1.2Shelf-life of powder
    • 1.3Mold on the parts of the washing machine
    • 1.4Problem with bearings
  • 2How to remove stains after washing

Why, after washing, there are stains on clothes

If after washing on your things there are white, black or oil stains, the problem is a malfunction. It needs to be urgently eliminated, otherwise washing in the car loses its meaning. What should I check?

Water quality

If earlier washing was ok, and now you notice brown or red spots on things, the reason can be in tap water. During the repair or replacement of pipes by utilities, rust enters the water. Either the water composition has an elevated iron content.

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To avoid trouble, drain the water by opening the tap.

Water quality

It happens and such that immediately after washing the stains are not visible. But after hanging out things to dry, you notice orange stains. This means that the smallest elements of iron appeared in contact with air and the sun. The only way out is to install a water filter.

Shelf-life of powder

Using the same tool, you saw on clothes:

  • light or white spots, stains;
  • blue or green spots, local pollution.

Do not doubt: the reason is in a poor-quality powder or the wrong dosage. You may have purchased an expired item or a forgery. Exceeding a single dose of detergent, you can also pay stains on clothes.

Shelf-life of powder

Overloading the drum can lead to the appearance of traces of the powder. Since in the crowded space the granules dissolve poorly and remain in the folds of the laundry.

Try using liquid powder.

Mold on the parts of the washing machine

Most often, mold and fungus develop if the user does not take care of the machine at all, does not air it. Gray clothes appear on clothing.

After washing, you immediately closed all the holes and went on business? You can be sure that you will soon find a black raid in such places:

  • in the powder dispenser;

Mold on the parts of the washing machine

  • on the surface of the drum;
  • on the surface and under the hatch of the hatch;

On clothes there were stains after washing

  • in hoses that are connected to a cuvette for a powder.

To get rid of the mold in the tray, you need to get it out of the housing and clean it under running water. To remove plaque in the machine, start the cycle with an empty drum by adding soda or citric acid to the tray. Also carefully clean the cuff by bending its edges.

After washing, leave the door and tray open until completely dry.

Problem with bearings

Dark and black mazut spots on the laundry indicate problems with the stuffing box and bearings. It can be fatty, oily contaminants.

Sealing rubber (oil seal) protects the bearings of the machine from water ingress, therefore it is treated with special grease. When the parts are destroyed, the grease is washed out, getting on the clothes.

Problem with bearings

It can only be helped by replacing both bearings and the stuffing box. How to do it, we wrote in one of the articles.

How to remove stains after washing

How to remove fatty, yellow and brown spots on clothes that appear from rust, blood. From them you can get rid of such means:

  1. Use acid - lemon juice or vinegar. This approach will help to get rid of rust marks on the jacket, jeans, trousers. Just moisten the tampon in the solution and rub the dirt, then rinse with warm water.How to remove stains after washing
  2. Blood stains can also be removed. To do this, salt is well suited, which is contaminated, pre-wetted in water.

Attention! In the case of blood, only cold water is used, otherwise the stain will penetrate deeper into the tissue.

  1. Well clean the grease spots on the down jacket will help ammonia. Pollution is also eliminated locally.How to remove stains after washing
  2. Than to deduce maculae from a sweat and a deodorant on a shirt which also are shown after washing? Yellow spots from sweat have a protein origin, so do this: wet the area of ​​contamination with cold water, sprinkle with soda. After a while, add the vinegar to the soda to get a reaction that splits the dirt perfectly.
  3. Oily dirt and oil stains are eliminated with household soap and chalk. They are crushed and mixed with a little water. Apply the product locally, for one hour. Then it is washed off with water.

How to remove stains after washing

Now you know what to do if your clothes have dirt after washing.

Do not let the stains grow old and wither, they will be harder to remove later. To avoid contamination, clean the washing machine in time, let it air and dry out.

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