Functions and principle of operation of the multicooker

  • Multicooker Functions
  • Multicooker Varieties
  • Multicooker Operation Principle with HeatersThis technique can greatly facilitate the life of housewives. Dishes prepared with the help of such an assistant are tasty and fragrant. There is no need to stand at the stove for a long time. It is enough to place all the necessary components in the bowl of the device and select the appropriate mode. After a certain time, the dish will be ready. However, not everyone knows the principle of operation and the basic functions of the multicooker. What is this device?

    Multicooker functions

    In order to understand the principle of multicooker operation, you need to understand what kind of device it is. Most of the multicookers come with standard equipment:

    1. Capacity in which they are prepared.
    2. Instrument case.
    3. Electrical connection cable.
    4. device cover.
    5. Water Trap is a container designed to collect condensed moisture.
    6. Glass measuring.
    7. Container designed for steaming.
    8. One or several plastic spoons.
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    This is the standard multi-cooker package. However, it is subject to change. It all depends on what functions the device performs. The kit often includes a variety of grilles designed for smoking foods, coasters, yogurt cups, additional tools, and so on. Also in the box you can find a warranty card, detailed instructions, and a small brochure with simple recipes.

    As for the multicooker lid, it is removable or non-removable. Most often, it is equipped with a valve, through which you can relieve pressure. Through it, heat is removed. Capacity intended for cooking is often covered with high-quality teflon. Because of this, there has been much controversy about the dangers of multicookers.

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    Varieties of multicookers

    To understand the principle of multicooker operation, you need to pay attention to technical details. To begin with the inclusion of multicooker in the grid. Almost all models are supplied with a standard cable that can be easily removed. This simplifies the process of transporting the device.

    First, the power cord is connected to the slow cooker and then plugged into the outlet. At the same time on the control panel should light up the corresponding indicator. Also, the multicooker may emit a beep, indicating its readiness for work. As for the process of cooking, it all depends on the type of multicooker. At the moment there are only two. They differ in the principle of work:

    1. Heating is carried out using heating elements.
    2. Induction heating.

    To understand the principle of operation of the multicooker, each type of heating should be considered in more detail.

    The principle of operation of the multicooker with the heater

    The heater is a tubular electric heater. This is the main element of the device. Due to the work of heating elements, the bowl is heated in which the products are prepared. In the device, this element is located at the bottom. It is on him and set capacity with products. There are models in which additional TEN is installed. It is located in the lid of the device. Intended additional heating elements for a more uniform distribution of heat.

    In any case, the heating elements are in contact with heat sensors. This allows you to set a specific temperature. The principle of operation of such a device is quite simple. First, a certain temperature mode and the necessary function are set. The system independently decides how much the multicooker will work and how it is necessary to heat the heating elements. All this is done on the basis of indicators of temperature sensors and specified characteristics.

    During the cooking process, the heating elements are switched on and off from time to time. This is intended to save energy and is based on the selected function and temperature indicators.

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    The principle of operation of the multicooker with 3D heating of the bowl.

    This is a more advanced technology for devices of this type. The principle of operation is completely different. In an induction heating multicooker, the heating element is the bowl itself, in which the products are prepared. Temperature increase inside the device is carried out due to electromagnetic waves. It is they who make the bowl heat up to a certain temperature. At the same time capacity is massive. The walls of induction heating multicooker cups are much thicker than with instruments with heating elements. It is necessary to maintain heat for a certain period of time.

    The process of adjusting temperatures and cooking products is exactly the same as described above. The device is equipped with temperature sensors. On their basis, the bowl is heated, and heat is maintained.

    Basic Multicooker Modes

    The main function of the multicooker is cooking. To make the dish fragrant and tasty, use appropriate recipe modes. The main difference is in the pressure, temperature and cooking time. Popular features:

    1. Quenching. This function is intended for the preparation of cereals, vegetable stews, cabbage rolls and other complex dishes. The average extinguishing temperature is 100 ° C.In this mode, the bowl contents are rapidly heated to the boiling point. Then a certain temperature is maintained.
    2. Frying. Cooking in this mode is possible with the lid open or closed. Suitable in cases where you need something to fry or brown. The bowl is heated more intensively. After that, a certain temperature is maintained.
    3. Yogurt. In this case, the heating is carried out slowly and the temperature index does not exceed more than 40 ° C.Designed function for making yogurt.
    4. Warming up. This feature allows you to quickly heat up the dish. The temperature in this mode is from 50 to 60 ° C.
    5. Heat Maintenance. The function is available only on modern models. After cooking, the device maintains heat so that the food does not cool.

    The number of modes in the multicooker can be more. This is only basic.

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    In conclusion, the

    Multicooker allows you to quickly and effortlessly prepare a tasty dish. In a slow cooker, you can cook porridge, meat, soup, bake a cake, casserole, pizza and even bread. However, when operating such devices should observe safety. Multicooker can last more than ten years, if properly care for it. As for the bowl, experts recommend changing it once a year. This applies not only to Teflon tanks, but also with a ceramic coating. If the food began to stick and stick to the bottom, then you should think about replacing the bowl.

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