How a dishwasher works( basic principles)

  • Design of the dishwasher
  • The basic processes of the dishwasher
  • Conclusion

Despite its usefulness, the dishwasher is not very common in the CIS countries. Many believe that this device will not be able to wash the dishes better than the person who does it with his hands. In this article we will tell you about how the dishwasher works, and how it works.

The design of the dishwasher

The principle of the dishwasher itself is quite simple, below we describe the main elements that are included in its design:

  • circular pump or engine - this element pumps water into the machine, and circulates it in a circle, maintaining a constant temperature of the liquid;
  • heating element - mainly located inside the above element, designed to maintain the desired water temperature. Its maximum value does not exceed 70 degrees;
  • rocker arms or water supply system - through them water, pure or mixed with powder, flows into the working chamber, where the dishwashing process takes place, it all depends on what cycle the dishwasher is working on. In different machines they are located differently, mainly from the bottom, but sometimes the top location of the system;
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  • basket for dishes - everything is clear from the name, the dishes fall into it, under the element, or above it is the above element, which washes the contents of the basket;
  • filtration system - it is designed for water purification, installed in front of the circular pump;
  • drain pump( pump) - it is designed to pump out used water from the dishwasher.

In some models of dishwashers, the design includes a variety of system sensors that measure the degree of water pollution, the weight of dishes, and other various parameters. Because of this, the device and the principle of operation are complicated, but this adds a considerable part of the process automation for the dishwasher.

The basic processes of the dishwasher

There are several basic steps to washing dishes:

  • preparatory stage - the first thing you need to load into the machine is the dishes that you want to wash, and after pouring all the necessary detergents. It remains only to set the desired program;
  • the main stage of washing dishes - then the whole thing for a dishwasher. When you press the start button, in some models there is a preliminary soaking of dishes. After that, the system begins to inject water, and heat it to the desired temperature, after the liquid has heated up, detergents are added to it. Only after this will begin the main process of washing, the water enters the rocker, and it releases it under pressure, forming streams of water. Water jets knock all the dirt from the dishes, after which the dirty substance is lowered to the bottom of the unit, then it is sucked into the circulating system and filtered, the process repeats throughout the washing process;
  • first rinsing dishes from detergents - the system conducts the initial cleaning of dishes from detergent, and the remaining dirt. Cleanup passes with the use of cold water. The fluid, as before, passes through filtration and enters the system;
  • final rinsing - in this case rinsing is already hot water. This fluid passes the last stages of filtration after the end of the washing process, it is drained through the pump;
  • the process of drying dishes - as is clear from the name of your washed dishes going through the drying stage, which removes water from it. Basically, there are two main types of drying:
  • Condensation process - it's all about ordinary physics, the program after the final rinsing, raises the temperature in the chamber, because of which water turns into steam, which settles on the walls of the chamber and flows to the bottom. Even those drops of water that remain on the dishes themselves flow down. This process is bad because it takes too much time.
  • Turbo Dryer - this system differs from the above in that it conducts the drying process by supplying hot air that swells through the dishwashing chamber using a ventilation system. The name speaks for itself, this type of drying is the fastest.

After finishing work, the dishwasher will alert you with a characteristic beep.


We told you about how the dishwasher works, and about its device. To date, these units have a reasonable price, and knowing how it works, you can safely choose it for your kitchen and get such a useful thing.

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