Symptoms and treatment of coccidiosis in broilers

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Diseases associated with the pathogenic activity of bacteria and protozoa, in chickens - a very common phenomenon. One of the serious problems in poultry houses is coccidiosis in broilers, symptoms and treatment of this disease must be known to all poultry farmers. The causative agent of coccidiosis is the genus of the simplest organisms of Eimeria that enter the body of a bird with contaminated water or food.

For the beginning of coccidiosis, broilers have quite a few active pathogens. At the same time, several varieties of microorganisms can settle in the intestine of a bird at once.

All of them, in the process of vital activity, destroy the epithelial membrane of the digestive organs, resulting in:

  • to loss of blood;
  • to necrosis of tissue sites;
  • to intoxication;
  • to the risk of spreading secondary infections.

Particularly large damage to the disease is caused by young animals. Due to digestive disorders, chickens suffer from exhaustion. If you do not take into account the symptoms of the disease, without treatment, broiler chickens can die.

Symptoms of coccidiosis in broilers

A dangerous feature of this disease in birds is that at the initial stage, even knowing all the signs of coccidiosis, it is practically impossible to recognize it. The disease proceeds without any visible symptoms:

  1. However, if you carefully watch the chickens, it turns out that they have reduced appetite, the feathers get disheveled and disheveled.
  2. At the next stage the poultry breeder discovers a change in the species of the litter. It becomes liquid with an admixture of blood and an unpleasantly smelling foam.
  3. The goiter in the bird is bloated, unusual thirst is observed.
  4. Young broilers stop in growth, their weight does not increase.
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After identifying the characteristic symptoms, as in the photo, of the disease, broilers are immediately treated. The poultryman has about four days to take urgent measures, otherwise the young chickens will die on the fifth day.

In cases when misfortune still happened, the dead chickens are opened. To establish itself in the diagnosis of coccidiosis in broilers allows:

  • cyanotic appearance of plucked carcass;
  • a swollen bowel, often filled with fetid liquid stools;
  • red dots in the litter preserved in the carcass;
  • enlarged liver with unusual stains all over the surface.

Treatment of coccidiosis in broilers

At the first symptoms of the disease of broilers for the treatment of chickens use specialized drugs active against coccidiosis pathogens.

Today, at the disposal of poultry farmers a number of means that when added to the feed of birds quickly stop the reproduction of coccidia. When prescribing therapy adhere to the fact that the drug chosen for treatment, prevention and prevention of broiler death:

  • should not accumulate in the body of birds;
  • can not be toxic to birds and humans;
  • does not have a negative impact on the development and growth of young animals;
  • does not cause addiction in the bird;
  • can be given with food, while it does not change its taste qualities and does not lose its effect.
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Broilers in coccidiosis prescribe koktsiprodin, destroying the structure of the causative agent and stopping the development of coccidia. This preparation is diluted in water according to the dosage indicated in the annotation. Therapeutic drink to the birds is given for two days, and in especially difficult situations, after five days the broilers are again propaed with water with cocciprodine.

To the death of pathogens leads to the consumption of Avatek drug 15% SS by birds. The chemical composition is not absorbed into the intestine and is excreted from the body, acting only on malicious protozoa. Therefore Avatek is given practically from the first days up to 4 months of age. When confirming the symptoms of coccidiosis for the treatment of broilers, the drug is mixed with food at a rate of 5 grams per 10 kg of feed mixture.

One of the most popular means of fighting coccidiosis and its prevention is Baykox. This remedy is also given with drinking water, adding 1 ml per liter of liquid, and the patient broilers are soldered for two days. The course is repeated in case of severe disease.

To the food add and effective against coccidiosis in broilers medicines like Koktsidiovit and Madikoks. Amprolium 30% is more versatile and can be injected into both water and poultry feed.


In some cases, broad-based drugs are used to treat this formidable disease. An example is metronidazole added to feed, its dosage for broiler chickens should be prescribed by a veterinarian, especially at an early age, the thoughtless use of the drug may cause harm to the bird. A similar, broad action is possessed by trichopolum, which is more conveniently introduced into drinking.

Unfortunately, with repeated use of funds in coccidia, immunity to active substances is produced. To overcome this problem, drugs alternate in a special way.

Prevention of coccidiosis in broiler chickens

In order not to face the symptoms of coccidiosis in broilers and their treatment from a dangerous, sometimes fatal disease, it is important to carry out targeted continuous preventive work.

The usual disinfection measures and low temperatures can not kill the causative agents of the disease, so when processing the chicken coops all the inventory, walls, roosts and cells are burned with a blowtorch.

Particularly attentive poultry should be in rainy warm weather, contributing to the rapid reproduction and maturation of causative agents of coccidiosis. In case of high humidity, it is useful to change litter more often and start preventive use of medicines.

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A significant role in the resistance of infection is played by the state of bird immunity. That the chicks steadily grow quickly, they are offered vitamins for broilers, and also take care of a balanced diet, quality of food and water.

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