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In the modern world, not only women but also men turn to hairdressers. If representatives of the weaker sex do standard procedures( dyeing, cutting, styling, perm, etc.), then the representatives of the stronger sex will cut their hair bald, remove the length or shave their beards and mustaches. Oddly enough, but men also tend to have a well-groomed look. For these purposes, hairdressers use various devices, among which there is a trimmer and a clipper. For ordinary people, the principle of their work is not clear, and how specialists select these devices. What is the difference between trimmer and hair clippers in this article.

What is each of the devices

Trimmer is a device that can remove hair from any part of the body. This device allows you to cut, trim, brit and trim. With the help of the latest generation trimmers, you can take care of the beard, mustache, sideburns and raised haircuts. But they are not able to "overcome" hard hair, so they will be an excellent option when modeling hair. This unit can be used both independently and as an addition to an electric razor or clipper.

Clipper is a device for creating haircuts. It is mainly used to shorten the hair to the required length. Modern models can also shorten the beard and mustache. This unit can be used at home. The machine will perform all the important elements in the process of creating hair.

In order to create a male haircut, it is necessary to use a hair clipper, the use of which does not require special skills in the art of hairdressing. Before you buy this device, you need to know that it is rotary, battery and vibration.
The work of the rotary machines is carried out by the built-in motor. Such units are distinguished by quality and high price; in addition, they can cope with heavy loads.

Vibrating machines are cheaper and are often used at home. The principle of its work is based on a special vibration coil. Therefore, their work is accompanied by noise. Blades in such machines are non-removable, so care for it is complicated. Battery models work quietly, they are light and compact. The advantage of these models is that they can work from the network.

Comparison of the main characteristics of

In order to understand the main similarity and difference between a trimmer and a hair clipper, let's compare their characteristics:

  1. Weight and size - the trimmer is much easier and more compact, you can easily put it in your bag and take it with you on trips. The size of the machine is much larger - it is twice the trimmer, so it will be difficult to place it in your purse.
  2. Functional - the machine has much more functions due to the presence of a large number of nozzles and blades, which allows using them to make different types of hairstyles at different lengths. The trimmer is better to use for delicate haircuts - the device can easily cut the hair in the nose, in the ears, make an intimate haircut, can cut both dry and wet hair. Trimmer features available and cars, and razors, can be equipped with a backlight.
  3. Easy care - easier maintenance of the trimmer, because its attachments can be simply rinsed in water, but the machine's blades require constant lubrication with oil. If this is not done, it will begin to pull out the hairs, which is accompanied by discomfort and pain.
  4. Noise - a trimmer, unlike a typewriter, is much quieter.
  5. Charge consumption - the trimmer is more economical because the charge lasts longer.
  6. Cost - a clipper costs less than trimmers, because the latter have non-standard equipment.

It is better to choose

. It’s not a trimmer or clipper, because the purchase of these two units would be an ideal option. But if you need to make a choice in favor of one of these devices, then you need to clearly understand why it is purchased. If the purpose of such a purchase is to frequently trim thick and fast-growing hair, then the best option would be a clipper.

People who strive to look stylish and well-groomed fit the trimmer better. Basically, this unit is suitable for men who pay tribute to fashion and wear a beard. And special tips will help girls keep track of their intimate places.

From all of the above, we can conclude that to create the best image, it is better to purchase both a trimmer and a clipper. Alternatively, you can purchase kits that are available "2 in 1".

We tried to tell you about the trimmer and typewriter, their differences, appointments and rules of care. We hope that this review will help you make the right choice and better understand this issue.

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