10 best overlock, cover band and rasposhivalny machines

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coverlets Sew for yourself or this hobby brings you extra income - in any case, you cannot do without high-quality equipment. A convenient and practical sewing machine is half the necessary equipment for productive and easy work “for pleasure”.Which overlock is better to buy for the house in the 2017-2018 year, as well as the secrets of choosing the coverlocks and embroidery machines - in our review. Read carefully and buy consciously!

What is an overlock for?

Overlock is an auxiliary device for accurate work with fabric sections, overcasting the edge of the product and creating elastic seams, especially relevant when working with stretching fabrics( knitwear, stretch, synthetics).With proper use, a good overlock will help you create almost a factory product at home. But what is a good overlock? Let's turn to our rating of the most talked about models in 2018.

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The three most successful models of overlocks

Brother 4234D

According to the hostess - an excellent and affordable wallet model, successfully combining a thoughtful design and efficient high-quality work. Technically, performs 15 different operations, works with 4 threads. Sews quietly, and does not hit a hole in the canvas. Of the benefits - bright lights, a container for scrap and garbage, detailed and written in the "human" language instruction. However, sometimes the holder of threads falls down and it will be necessary to adjust to changing the needles.

Bernina 1300MDC

The most economical, easy-to-manage and productive overlock for home or small atelier. Quite versatile - works with any type of fabric, sews with different threads( up to 5 pcs.).The seamstress can manually control the degree of tension of the threads, and the overlock, in turn, automatically refills the looper. It can withstand intense loads without fail, gently lay lines on the most delicate fabrics, it easily and easily interacts with different needles. Reviews almost unanimously repeat - a high-quality device, and flaws - not identified.

Juki MO-654DE

Convenient and reliable overlock for home use. In the settings and work it is easy to understand even the beginning seamstress, but even the most demanding needlewoman will not be able to find fault with the quality of the lines. Overlock pleasantly differs in silent work, stability, high speed of making seams - up to 1500 stitches per minute. However, it requires periodic cleaning from dust and some kind of additional device for collecting scraps and residues. If you follow the guidelines for use, this overlock will serve you faithfully for many years and will sew a lot of beautiful knitwear. Well, what kind of overlock is better for you - choose depending on the frequency and nature of sewing.

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What operations does the filling machine do?

Sewing machine works easily and effortlessly with stretching fabrics - it grinds, sews gum, stitches neat decorative seams. In contrast to the overlock, the spreader twists the main thread( from a needle) and the lower thread( from the looper) not only along the edge of the fabric, but in any necessary place.

Thought about what type of machine to prefer? Our top-three top-of-the-range top-selling machines in 2018 will be able to answer your question.

List of the most efficient dressing machines

Merrylock Cover Stitch Auto

Practical, efficient and reliable assistant to work with knitwear. Refers to 4-thread models, independently threading the thread in the looper and controlling the tension force, has 5 modes of operation included. Sometimes "naughty", if the hostess installs different in full coil with threads. It is easy to operate and adjust, it pleases with even stitches and correctly selected technical characteristics. It does not tear and does not confuse threads, does not trample on the fabric, and easily cope with both thick fabric and thin, smooth cloths.

Janome CoverPro 1000CP( CoverPro II)

A stylish and reliable spreader with a large working area. The advantages are the ease of threading and the ability to work with any type of fabric - from thick and hard to thin and slippery. The machine is assembled carefully, but the design could also be modified - changing the needles is not quite “from hand”, and there is not enough accessory compartment. Some skilled workers noticed that fastidiousness to needles is characteristic of this sewing machine - you need to select the best and sew only with them. Sometimes makes skips on seals and at the beginning of the line.

Elna 444

Convenient, high-quality and productive machine of Taiwanese origin. The most multi-tasking of this rating of the best sewing machines. Able to perform 14 different operations and please 7 types of lines. Stitches make even, neat, up to 4 mm, does not skip, does not beat the needle and does not confuse the thread. The foot rises very high, so it is possible to sew the thickest linen or fabric in several layers. The machine does not make noise and does not break, it is easy to set it up, and working is a pleasure. At least, so says the majority of the owners of this model.

Is it worth buying a carpetlock?

Coverlocks are often deprived of the supportive attention of the skilled workers because of the need for frequent reconfiguration of the device. For different operations, even while working on a single product, the seamstress will have to change the mode of operation several times and reconnect certain tools - knives, needles, etc. But then the household carpetlock will save you money and space, because buying one device - in fact, you get two at once - an overlock and a spreader. Such a device can sweep and grind the edges of the fabric.

Which model is worth staying at, if there is something to choose from - let's see together!

Rating of the best

BabyLock Evolution BLE8W-2

koverlok In general, high-quality, reliable and unpretentious unit for home use. All the necessary manipulations are described in great detail in the extensive instructions, plus to the whole, this model independently fills the threads in the needles and looper, and also independently adjusts the tension force. The manufacturer provides the ability to perform up to 50 sewing operations with 5 threads and at a speed of up to 1500 stitches. Craftswomen in vain praise even and filled with lines, even when refueling threads of different thickness. Fears of the complexity and painstaking transition from regime to regime are absolutely not justified - everything is simple, easy and fast. If you buy for their needs different legs - transparent, small, beaded, etc.- the device becomes even more versatile and practical.

Juki MO-735

The next position in the ranking of the best coverlocks is a functional and affordable, high-quality model of a 4-thread device. Sews quickly and neatly. To spoil the line is almost unreal. The overlock adapts to any fabric, thread or needle, the settings are very simple, but the instructions have pumped up. Quiet, steady, powerful. Novice seamstress will have to get used to a sharp and confident start of the carpetlock. But after a few years, this device will continue to sew surprisingly the same, even stitches. The best set of really necessary options for a modest budget on the basis of sales in 2017.

Merrylock 007

A great option for beginners. Although the buyers in 2018, complaints about the model increased slightly. First of all, about the pleasant - this model is easy to configure. Neither a change of needles or threads, nor a different type of fabric will add to your headache.2 or 3 stitches are just perfect. But with 4 and 5-thread sutures often have problems. But performing such operations requires considerable skill, so the experienced owners of Merrylock 007 do not consider this a disadvantage, but write off negative reviews of the model to the inexperience of other seamstresses.

Pfaff CoverLock 4.0

Our top rated would be incomplete without this coverball. The unit is accurate, highly professional and super-productive. It has a display with a complete list of settings and parameters of the mode of operation, an extremely extensive work surface, a convenient design and a thoughtful package. For inexperienced seamstresses it may seem too complicated in the settings, but those owners who coped with the initial settings will always be pleased with neat workshop seams and stitches, high speed and unpretentiousness to various textures of fabrics and threads. Proper use of the device will ensure you sewing in pleasure and excellent results.

So we figured out with such modern sewing machines as overlock, cover band and rasposhivalka. Sure, now you, dear seamstresses, will not be frightened either by the choice of this equipment or by the work on it. Which overlock is better to buy for the house in 2017-2018, what the sewing machine sews and whether it makes sense to buy such an expensive carpetlock - now you yourself can give the answers to these questions. Good luck in all your endeavors!

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