6 balcony glazing options

  1. Cooling Glazing balcony glazing , because glazed balcony - it is comfortable, beautiful and practical. If the balcony is landscaped, then can increase the usable space by an order of , as well as eliminate the possibility of cold air entering the room. The case of remains only for the choice of a specific version of the glazing of the balcony, which will fully satisfy all your requirements. Glazing can be divided into several types:

    Depending on the design:

    • Cold mode ;
    • Warm method.

    Depending on the material used:

    • Aluminum ;
    • Wooden ;
    • Plastic.

    Cold glazing

    Frequent use of the cold method manifests itself in balconies, which are located in public places and act as a source of fresh air. Due to its reliability and durability, this method is often used in the improvement of ordinary residential apartments.

    Cold glazing will be an excellent option for those who have a question about the safety of heat is not in the foreground .

    Aluminum profiles reliably prevent precipitation in the room and tightly close the balcony opening. Using them in residential and other surrounding areas will provide a comfortable microclimate. In addition, aluminum is enough lightweight metal that is sufficiently resistant to damage, is fireproof, and the installation of such structures is carried out as soon as possible.

    Warm glazing

    This kind of glazing will suit for people who prefer to convert their balcony into a full-fledged, warm living space or simply to use the space as a winter garden or workplace.

    In this glazing method, plastic and aluminum( with thermal inserts) windows are fully sealed, which gives the opportunity to forget about such unpleasant moments as precipitation and drafts. These systems have a pleasant appearance, which makes them compatible with any interior room. Therefore, examples of such glazing are always pleased with their practicality and beauty.

    still has an important point to note: despite the fact that price policy of the above glazing types is quite high, their cost is fully paid for their service life( about 30 years).For example, the use of wood for glazing requires certain care, and for modern aluminum and PVC windows there is no need. In the care, they are quite simple - you only need to wipe them occasionally with a damp soft cloth using non-abrasive detergent . Another is one small tip of the : when choosing a suitable glazing for a balcony space, determine the presence of a micro-ventilation system - this will help to forget about the problem associated with condensation on the window structures.

    If you have already decided to glaze your balcony, but you have no idea why should start , then this article will give you and m useful information, so to speak, the basics by which you can definitely determine the glazing you need. If their needs you only have protection from wind and dust, then a cold glazing is an excellent solution.

    If your dreams are connected with warm and a cozy place to relax, then you should definitely choose warm type of glazing. In addition, both of these options can be made using different materials, which differ from each other and have their pros and cons.

    Pros and cons of each type of glazing

    In order to make a choice, it is necessary to weigh all the advantages and disadvantages of each type:

    Cold glazing:


    • The space is perfectly protected from dirt and precipitation;
    • Installation takes place as soon as possible;
    • Does not require huge material investments.


    • There is no way to fully use the space;
    • Low noise insulation;
    • Not very comfortable temperature.

    Warm glazing:


    • You get additional useful space in the apartment;
    • Optimum temperature;
    • You can translate interesting design ideas;
    • Good insulation.


    • Requires high material costs;
    • It is necessary to take into account the boundary load of the concrete slab and in any case not to exceed it;
    • If the balcony is located on the top floor, then you will need to install and insulate the roof;
    • Requires special care, otherwise the glazing will lose its presentable appearance after a while;
    • Repair work takes more time.

    Plastic frames

    Plastic frames are wonderfully suitable for warm glazing, as they have excellent thermal insulation properties.

    Warm way of glazing balcony space gives the ability to keep warm air in any weather, even on frosty days. Of course, in order to obtain high-quality heat preservation, one installation of plastic windows is not enough, because here you need and to take into account other factors, such as the quality of installation and the thermal conductivity of the walls.

    In addition, plastic windows can be equipped with mosquito nets, which will protect from small pests: flies, bugs and mosquitoes. The choice of PVC profile and glazing depends on the specific goals and how you are going to equip the balcony.

    The metal-plastic profile allows both standard-sized windows and bay windows , arched and others to be installed on the balcony, which allows you to organize a unique design of the balcony space.

    It is not advisable to insulate and glaze the balcony with plastic windows with your own hand, entrust this matter to qualified specialists, they will glaze you with high-quality glass and insulate the PVC balcony with windows regarding your capabilities and requests.

    Wooden frames

    Among all types of building materials, wood occupies one of the leading positions and enjoys constant popularity. If you choose a glazed balcony with a tree, you can to create a cozy interior . Reliability designs and high-quality wood processing makes windows not only safe, but also durable and functional.

    Wooden glazed balconies are not just protection from bad weather. Built-in wardrobes, interior window and window sills will make your balcony space a unique design, as well as make it more functional.

    Pricing for wooden frames is very different and depends on the specific choice of wood. Some wood species ( pine and larch) are quite affordable, while others ( such as oak, beech and ash) are considered more expensive wood. At the same time, any wooden windows look rich, harmonious and noble in any interior. The advantage is also that the repair of t t these windows can always be done with your own hands, without the involvement of specialists.

    Aluminum Glazing

    Glazing with aluminum balconies, like any other, there are two types: cold and warm .Often, an aluminum profile is used for cold glazing. In order to create heat on the balcony, they use additional thermal elements, , but this type of window systems is more expensive.

    Aluminum profile is very practical and is reliable , it is excellent for compartment windows, hinged windows, as well as windows that have a tilt-and-turn opening system. The solid construction and low weight of aluminum windows make it possible to expand the space to 50 centimeters( external glazing type).

    Frameless balcony glazing

    Such a balcony glazing system is very popular today and is used quite often - is creative, elegant and fashionable. Externally, this window system looks like a glass wall without a frame, it is invisible when closed and visually increases the space of the balcony. The balcony will open fully if you move the glass sections of the window. For example, if the windows are located on the sunny side, then you can make them mirror. Frameless glazing will reduce the noise level and provide exposure to large static and wind loads. Also this type of glazing is preferred by the owners of the terraces and verandas.

    The advantages of frameless glazing:

    • This method does not have the limitation of in: form, service life, balcony type. Also, such a system does not violate the appearance of the facade, because it is transparent ;
    • In such systems, unusual glass is used, and is tempered , which makes it resistant to various shocks, that is, safe ;
    • This balcony perfectly protects from rain, dust and noise. It is easy to wash the glass inside and out, since their movement is not difficult.

    With frameless glazing there are some drawbacks, among which is the fact that with such a system there is no possibility to warm the balcony. Another one negative point is the transparency of the design. If the dwelling is located on the upper floors, then this nuance will not make a significant impact, but the lower floors of will have to be adapted to curious views.

    The disadvantages should also include the lack of complete tightness. Plastic windows can protect against moisture and noise, but the data - no. Although, this design was invented not for insulation, but for aesthetic decoration.

    The cost of glazing a balcony

    The cost of glazing a balcony depends on several factors: delivery, dismantling of old windows and installation. This should take into account the area of ​​the balcony and your wishes. So, if you have a desire to glaze a balcony and you yourself are not strong enough, then turn to professionals. This will save you both time and effort.

    Qualified people will carry out a full calculation of the balcony glazing price and will conduct a fast, high-quality reliable installation. As a result, warm , a cozy and comfortable corner, will appear in your home.

    Glazing of a balcony, of course, is a costly measure, but it, unequivocally, will bring to your apartment or house with warmth and comfort.

    In this article we tried to give useful information regarding the types of glazing of balconies, talked about the advantages and disadvantages of each of them. I am sure that you will gather a lot of necessary information and knowing this, you will definitely be able to decide on the right choice. After all, everyone knows that the pledge of a successful result in any business requires good knowledge and preparation of moral and physical strength. May you be lucky in this interesting business - arranging the balcony space!

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