How to choose a lock for the front door: types, security, manufacturers


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    1. security systems.and protection without a corresponding lock. A sturdy steel and shaky wooden door becomes equally vulnerable to attackers if they have a weak lock installed. So, what kind of lock do you need to choose for your own apartment, so that it is under reliable protection, which mechanism is preferred, and which manufacturers are considered leaders in this field?

      Lock mechanisms

      Cylinder locks

      Cylinder lock - a common and popular option, but still it is not the best solution for the front door, because often hacking or breaking this mechanism more or less experienced thief will not be difficult. The principle of operation of this type of lock is that the small cylinders inside the mechanism line up at a certain height. That is why it is considered that it is difficult to open such locks with the help of master keys, because if at least one element does not match, then the mechanism will completely jam. But there is another way to open such a lock, and the attackers know it very well: a few strong blows to the “larva” of the lock will allow it to be knocked inside the room. Preventing a similar course of events, you need to choose

      cylinder lock with additional protection .This can be armored lining or the balls inside the mechanism. Lining will not allow to knock out the lock, and the balls will become a reliable barrier if the thieves decide to simply drill it out.

      Cylinder locks are easy to use , and their replacement also does not cause trouble. Even if the keys were lost, you will not have to completely change the whole lock, which is problematic. It is enough just to replace the core, and the lock will still reliably protect the apartment. From the combination of the distinctive properties of this type of locks, we can conclude that this is a good option for the entrance doors of the apartment , only attention needs to be paid to mechanisms with additional protection.

      Bolt locks

      Bolt locks - are the simplest mechanisms with the minimum level of protection , which makes them not very suitable for the front door. The keys to such locks are familiar to many of us: they are flat, and on both sides there are grooves that exactly match the grooves on the lock bolt. To open or close the lock, the key moves the bolt. Such mechanisms, in addition, are often equipped with a handle that is designed to unlock from the inside, but such additional convenience may not turn out well for an apartment owner. It is thanks to such handles that hackers, using only a fishing line and a hollow tube, can open the lock.

      The key to such locks is not very convenient: not only is it heavy, it is also very easy to copy. Bolt lock - is very unreliable protection for the entrance door of the , and will not be able to provide sufficient security to the owners and their property. Such a lock can not be used as a separate element, but paired with a lock of another type still has a right to exist.

      Level Locks

      The level lock was invented at the beginning of the 19th century, but it is still very popular, and for the front door will be almost the best option .The keys are shaped like a round long rod, at the end of which on one or both sides there are plates with a certain configuration and size of grooves. When a key hits a lock, it is these notches that bring the levers or the lock plates into action. Such suvald can be a different number, but reliable protection is provided, if there are at least six. Even if only one of the plates did not take the desired position, the lock can no longer be opened, so is very difficult to pick up the master key .

      A lock of this type is difficult to break with the help of physical strength, since they have the best anti-vandal properties among all other mechanisms. In addition, the level locks can also be equipped with armor plates, which further increase the level of security, ensuring reliable protection of the entrance door. True, if the keys are forgotten in the apartment or lost at all, then opening the doors with such a lock is not an easy process, but this can hardly be considered a minus, because this fact is just another proof of the reliability of the lock. Another inconvenience that you have to put up with is the need to close the door on both sides only with a key, and this is not always and not convenient for everyone.

      Electronic locks

      Electronic locks - not the worst option for the front door, and in some cases even very attractive and reliable. Such mechanisms appeared on the market relatively recently, and are still very expensive , so not everyone can afford such protection. They are not very common and do not often occur, and therefore most intruders simply do not know how to open such an lock: having seen such a mechanism, many thieves will simply abandon the attempts of illegal entry into the apartment, which is what we need to achieve.

      There are no keys to the electronic lock in the traditional sense of the word. It can be opened using a code, remote control, card, or even a fingerprint. By the way, the latter option is the least preferred, since in this case it is very easy to open the lock if you simply attach a photo of the owner’s finger to the photocell, where all the papillary lines are clearly visible.

      In addition, many electronic locks can be controlled by using applications on a smartphone or computer, and this is a unique feature that is not available to other types of mechanisms. All this makes the electronic lock a very good option for the front door.

      Combined locks

      Combined locks - this is the best option for the entrance door , since it will be very difficult to open it. In this case, there are two mechanisms in one lock: there are two-shaft, two-cylinder and lever-cylinder locks. In this case, both mechanisms can operate independently of each other, and can be supplemented, which is much better. In this case, when you try to open the first mechanism, the second one will be blocked, and the thief will not be able to get inside the room. Hacking such a lock is in any case very difficult, because each system will need its own “approach”.

      An excellent alternative to combined locks is to use two different types of locks on the front door, and it is better if it is cylinder and lever, and with protective plates. In this case, the home also receives an excellent degree of protection.

      Locks according to the installation method

      According to the installation method the locks on the entrance doors can be of the following types:

      • mortise;
      • invoices;
      • mounted.

      Mortise locks for the front door - the best option. The name itself gives the fact that the mechanism is embedded inside the door leaf, so the appearance of the door does not suffer. In operation, these locks are simple, but the repair work is often complicated, as they will require the help of professionals. Too powerful mortise locks can slightly weaken the strength of the door leaf, which is not true for supplementary .This type of mortise mechanisms, but in this case, the lock is installed in a specially prepared steel door pocket. The result is that the strength characteristics practically do not decrease; for intruders, the lock becomes even more difficult to break into, and in terms of repair, the insertion mechanisms are simpler.

      The padlocks are very easy to install, they are mounted on the inside of the entrance door, and a hole is made in the door leaf to accommodate the secrecy mechanism and the key passage. Such locks are easy to repair and change, they do not weaken the door leaf, but in terms of strength they are inferior to mortise, so they can only be used in combination with them.

      padlocks are not suitable for entrance doors to an apartment, but can be used as an auxiliary element when locks of other types are installed. For their operation, it is necessary to install on the door leaf and the hinge box, into which the lock handle will be inserted. Padlocks can be automatic if they are locked without a key, or non-automatic. This option can often be found on the doors of cellars, basements, sheds, gates or gates.

      Security classes of locks

      All locks are divided into security classes depending on how easy they are to break. Naturally, for entrance doors it is better to select mechanisms of the highest class possible.

      In terms of security class, the locks can be as follows:

      • 1 class .These are the most common serial locks, often with a locking mechanism. They will not be a reliable barrier for burglars, and it is better not to install them on the front door, because even a novice thief will open such a lock in 5 minutes;
      • 2 class .This lock is already more powerful and strong than the previous one, but nevertheless it is not entirely reliable resistance, since an experienced thief will spend about 10 minutes on opening it, but a beginner can hardly open such a lock;
      • 3 class .Such locks will become a good protection of the entrance door and the dwelling, and it will take at least 20 minutes for them to break into a professional, and this is a decent period during which it is almost impossible to remain unnoticed.
      • 4 class .The most reliable and powerful locks, which are very difficult to open. Even specialists in this business will need at least 30 minutes, and that is with all the necessary tools.

      The security class must be indicated on the lock passport. And if the first class locks are not subject to mandatory certification, then for the rest of the products there should be an certificate of conformity , where such main characteristics of the mechanism as reliability, resistance to cracking and strength are indicated. In addition to all the necessary documents, it is important to pay attention to the lock itself, since defects on it or rust stains do not speak of its high quality.

      When choosing a lock, you also need the to build on the design of the door, more precisely on how thick the steel sheets of the door frame are. So, if their thickness is less than 4 mm, then a massive lock will not be the best option in this case, because it will deform the door. If the door is not very thick and powerful, then massive locks, which are moved apart in two or even four sides, are also not an option, because with constant circulation the door leaf will wear out a lot.

      Top lock manufacturers

      The name of the manufacturer can say a lot about the product and its quality. Locks for entrance doors are not an exception, and in this market there are companies that have proven themselves to be the high quality of their products, reliability and durability. Which ones should pay attention when choosing a castle?

      1. Cisa( Chiza) is a company founded about 90 years ago in Italy. Today it is the European and world leader in the production of locks and control systems. At the moment, the company's products are represented in more than 70 countries, the range includes more than 30,000 items, all products are subject to mandatory certification and meet all European quality standards. Among other things, the manufacturer offers a huge selection of various locks for all types of doors, as well as electronic locks, which are still not in the range of everyone, even a large manufacturer. Moreover, the company developed and was the first in the world to use locks with smart cards, presenting a new level of security to users. All locks are protected from strong shocks, with the help of which the door can be opened without breaking. The manufacturer offers a huge selection of various locks for entrance doors, and the range is constantly increasing, as our own research center is working on improving technologies. I am glad that the company's products are widely represented in the domestic market, and you can choose an option for any budget.
      2. Mottura is another Italian company that has existed for over 50 years. She specializes in the manufacture of locks and various accessories to them. The range includes locks of varying complexity and varying degrees of security, so everyone can choose the product that best meets their requirements, especially since the products are widely represented in Russia. The manufacturer carries out quality control at each stage of production, which allowed ISO to pass the certification. The company also offers double locks, manufactured using our own technology. In addition, the technology used is My Key, which makes it impossible to copy keys. Also in the range there are modern electronic locks, so it will be to choose from what.
      3. Abus is a German company that specializes in the manufacture of locks, incl.for entrance doors. Products have been on the market since 1924, capturing many countries of the world thanks to their innovations and high quality products. Great attention is paid to research and development, and the famous U-shaped lock was invented precisely within the walls of this company. For entrance doors, the company offers powerful modern mortise locks and armored covers.
      4. Mul-t-lock is an Israeli lock that is known worldwide for its reliability and high quality. They are considered among the best, so they gained wide popularity. The company exists since 1973, and has always pursued the main goal - to make the most secure locks that can not be cracked. The assortment contains cylinder locks, lever and lever anti-vandal locks, and the manufacturer uses its own research to create the most reliable mechanisms.
      5. Kale - Turkish-made locks, which are well known to domestic buyers due to their high quality and affordable price. The manufacturer’s assortment includes all the most popular types of locks, incl.lever cylinder and combined, as well as padlocks, locks for different types of doors and accessories for them.
      6. Titan is a Slovenian lock manufacturing company that offers quality and low-cost mechanisms. Locks for entrance doors, which are represented by different types of mechanisms, with or without additional protection, form a huge part of the company's range. The company's products are widely represented in the Russian market.

      In conclusion,

      Choosing a lock for the front door is a very important matter, and there is no place to save, because even a powerful steel door will not protect against burglary if, for example, a simple bolt lock is installed. Before buying, it is better to decide which mechanism is best for you, get acquainted with the pricing policy, and ask the seller all the necessary documentation, and then the house will be safe.

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