Glue thermogun for needlework and other needs: how to choose, use and repair

Among the permanent connections, the most common in our daily life is gluing. This procedure probably at least once performed by each person. The need to glue all sorts of things at home arises quite often, and causes additional hassle associated with finding the most suitable glue. The universal tool in this regard is the glue thermogun, which allows to facilitate and automate the gluing procedure. This is a small device working from the electrical network, will help in many situations when you need to glue a variety of materials.

  • 1 Content Design and function of the adhesive Melt
  • 2 How to choose the device for needlework and other needs
  • 3 glue sticks for Melt,
  • 4 selection criteria How to configure thermobonding gun
    • 4.1 Extension cord and installation of the switch
      • 4.1.1 Setting the switch on the Melt( video)
    • 4.2 How to increase the power of the thermogun
      • 4.2.1 Replacing the ceramic thermocouple with a spiral to increase the power of the glue gun( video)
  • 5 Characteristic breakdowns and recommendations for repairing the glue gun
    • 5.1 Repair of the pusher plate in the hinge mechanism of the glue gun( video)
    • 5.2 Restoration of the burned contacts of the thermoelement( video)
  • 6 Device care

of the rest of the drawers on the thermoelement( video)
  • 6 , presented in the modern construction market, stands out for its originality glue thermogun. With a fairly simple and uncomplicated design, it helps to cope with the gluing of a wide variety of materials, using an adhesive composition melted to a liquid state.

    In appearance, the hot melt gun resembles its prototype - a handgun, from the similarity with which it received such a name. It consists of the following main elements:

    The main structural elements of the hot-melt gun are the
    • body made of heat-resistant plastic with a pistol grip and viewing window;
    • thermoelement used for heating the adhesive composition;
    • thermal chamber, which includes an adhesive cartridge, and its melting occurs;
    • nozzle that serves for the dosed supply of molten glue;
    • guide clutch;
    • hinged rod feed mechanism with trigger and pusher;
    • stand, to install the tool in a vertical plane during technological breaks or for cooling.

    Some current models of glue guns can be additionally equipped with a switch and a work indicator, a built-in light and a temperature controller. They can be powered both from a household electrical network of 220 V through a power cord, and from batteries.

    Such a glue gun model is convenient for work in places where it is not possible to connect to the

    electrical grid. Naturally, battery models will cost much more.

    The principle of the operation of the thermogun is also quite simple:

    1. A hot-melt polymer adhesive stick is inserted into the hole on the back of the glue gun, passing through the pusher and the guide sleeve into the heating chamber.

    2. When applying electricity from the mains or battery, the thermoelement is heated and the rod melts. In different models of glue guns, this will take 5 to 8 minutes;

    3. When you pull the trigger, the pusher presses on the rod and delivers the adhesive melt to the nozzle, which simply needs to be directed to the surfaces to be glued. They should be pre-cleaned of dirt and degreased, as is always done when gluing.

    How to choose a device for needlework and other needs

    Thermal glue gun may be needed for bonding a variety of materials. To select the most appropriate model of such a device, you need to know what operating parameters and other characteristics you should pay attention to when buying a heating pistol. The main criteria for choosing this tool are:

    1. Power consumption. This parameter is decisive, despite the fact that different cycles of the workflow require different power consumption. For example, its maximum value is needed to quickly heat the rod, and in the future it can be much smaller. There are models with glue guns with a capacity of 10 to 300 watts. If you are planning a large amount of construction work, you need to buy a glue gun with a capacity of 250 watts. For practicing needlework or the occasional use of a thermogun it will be quite enough and unprofessional low-power models up to 160 W, especially since such an instrument of high power and cost will be much more expensive.
    2. Heating temperature. This parameter of the instrument is related to its power and can reach up to 400 - 500 degrees in some models, which is absolutely not indicative of the choice. Most of the existing glue sticks melt already at 105 degrees, and there is no need for more temperature. Especially since some materials can not withstand the high temperature. It is best to choose a glue gun with switchable temperature modes.
    3. Glue feed rate, or device performance. This parameter indicates how many grams of melted glue a heat gun can produce per minute. For domestic purposes, it is enough to have a device with a capacity of 5 -10 grams per minute. For professional use, and gluing materials or filling voids when performing construction work, you can purchase a more efficient heat gun - up to 30 grams per minute.
    4. The diameter of the rods used. You need to choose a tool designed to use glue sticks of standard diameter 7 or 11 mm. At the same time in pistols with a higher glue feed rate and the diameter of the rod should be larger.
    5. Power supply type. According to this parameter, glue guns are divided into network and battery. The device with the connection to the household network through the power cord has smaller dimensions, weight and cost. Cordless models they lose in mobility. If this indicator is important for you, and you often have to perform bonding far from the power supply connectors, choose a battery heat gun. In other cases, the network device will be enough.
    6. Type of feed mechanism. It can be with a carousel or slider trigger. In the first case, the trigger moves around the axis, and in the second - along the trunk. Carousel or rotary hammers are more convenient to use because they allow for more accurate glue feeding.
      More comfortable are pistols with a carousel trigger

    . Besides the main ones, there are a number of additional criteria that can influence the choice of a suitable model of glue gun. Among these parameters include:

    • availability of a mechanism for smooth adjustment of the heating temperature, which allows for fine tuning of this parameter, which makes it possible to glue almost any materials;
      Adjusting the operating temperature of the glue gun is usually located in the handle of the tool.
    • automatic power control, although it increases the cost of the tool, but prevents it from overheating and thus prolongs the service life of the device;
    • the presence of the built-in illumination of the working area will not be superfluous if you intend to perform the gluing of parts in hard-to-reach places in conditions of poor illumination;
    • the presence in the complete set of the thermogun of replaceable nozzles allows changing the device performance by adjusting the thickness of the applied glue;
      The presence of interchangeable nozzles( nozzles) allows you to adjust the performance of the glue gun
    • an important part of the glue gun is the stand, it is desirable to choose a device with a more solid plastic stand that has a groove for receiving dripping glue;
      When the glue leaks, it remains in the chute of the stand, and the gun itself keeps in it more steadily.
    • The presence of an indicator that signals the heating of the thermal chamber to the operating temperature, allows you to accurately determine the moment when you can start work.

    A variety of models of hot melt glue guns can be found on sale, from inexpensive Chinese-made devices of the simplest design to fancy devices made by well-known electric tool makers like Metabo, Steinel or Bosch. According to customer reviews, the rating of glue-based thermal guns can be represented by the following models.

    Bosch PKP 18 E

    It has a long and narrow nozzle with control from adhesive leakage

    Power 100 W and performance 20 g / min. Equipped with a thin and long nozzle and a valve against glue leakage. Ideal for bonding any materials and sealing voids.

    Personally, I have been acquainted with it for almost 4 years, but the very thermogun itself has been about 7 years old. .. since it is a worker and, accordingly, was acquired before my appearance in this company. The grip and feed glue rod is organized very firmly and securely. There are no backlashes or meetings. The main thing is to develop the old rod completely, before you “charge” the new one. .. The gun has a sufficiently strong support-support fixed in two positions, which provides a fairly good stability. I think in its history this glue gun has already worked more than one hundred glue sticks/ minDesigned to work with rods with a diameter of 11 mm, can be used for construction and repair work, as well as for applied art.

    The daughter is engaged in an artwork and is no longer without him in her applied work( pastes rhinestones on the fabric, etc.).I resort to his help when it is necessary to glue the joints of linoleum, glue the falling off tile( quickly and reliably), glue the hole in a metal or plastic dish, glue the broken ceramic vase, etc., etc. In general, the scope ofthis tool is very wide, it is possible to enumerate a long time. ..


    http: // review_4559773.html

    Metabo KE 3000

    ideal tool for construction and repair works and crafts

    has heated up to 200 degrees temperature and the glue feed rate 18 g / min, calculatedon pThe use of rods with a diameter of 11 mm. Such a heat gun is ideal for the production of small home repairs that require gluing various materials, as well as for practicing handicrafts.

    An indispensable thing! Parquet falls out, the sandals on the sandals come off, the handle of the favorite cup has broken off, the water coupling is leaking - a gun to help you. Tightly sealed, you can not tear off your teeth. It costs about 1000 rubles, "cartridges"( plastic rods) - 200 rubles. .. By the way, when you buy, pay attention to the shape of the nose - it can be elongated, but it can be short.


    http: // review_232529.html

    Dremel Glue Gun 910

    It has two working temperature modes

    The ideal tool for simple crafts, designed for rods with a diameter of 7 mm and a heating temperature of up to 165 degrees, has two working temperature modes, control from the sweepstakes, designed for rods with 7 mm rods and a heating temperature of up to 165 degrees, has two working temperature modes, control from sweepstakes, suitable for tees, with temperature marks up to 165 degrees, has two working temperature modes, control from sweepstakes, designed for rods with a diameter of 7 mm and heating up to 165 degrees, has two working temperature modes, control from sweepstakes.removable cord, which is convenient when you need to glue something away from an electrical outlet.

    Glue "melt" does not spontaneously flow out. The supply of glue is made by pressing the trigger and produces as much as necessary. The glue hardens very quickly, which makes it possible to continue work and not wait a few hours to continue. Glued with a pistol glass, wood. ..

    Gennady p

    http: // review_2997390.html

    Bison 06850-60-12 ZO1

    ideal tool for crafts and creativity

    Melt with an operating temperature of 195 degrees and 60 W is a good helper at needlework. Uses glue sticks with a diameter of 11 mm.

    I liked everything in this device: easy, comfortable to hold, small, stands steadily, heats up and cools quickly. Heats up 5 minutes to a temperature of 193 degrees. I dealt with him immediately, and immediately started using it. I can say that it is safe. Even if it falls from the handle on which it stands, it will not leave any burn on the surface, since the nose is higher and does not touch the working surface.


    http: // review_3170645.html

    Glue sticks for a thermogun,

    selection criteria A special thermoplastic glue is used to work with the glue gun, which is available in the form of rods( sticks) of different colors. As a rule, the composition of such glue includes polymeric materials that are able to repeatedly go from a liquid to a solid state, and vice versa. The basis of most adhesive sticks is a substance such as ethylene vinyl acetate. Hardening in 40 - 120 seconds, this glue provides almost instantaneous adhesion of the bonded surfaces to each other. It can glue a variety of materials, except for plaster, concrete, PVC and some fabrics.

    The main selection criteria for glue sticks for a thermogun are:

    1. Bar diameter. Most of the glue guns produced today are designed for the use of sticks with a diameter of 7 and 11 mm, but there are models of this tool and under, slightly different in size, rods - 8 and 12 mm. Choose glue cartridges, the diameter of which is designed for your gun;
    2. Stick length. It can be from 4 to 20 cm, and does not really matter when choosing. The main thing is that it should not be less than the minimum length that is recommended by the manufacturer of the glue gun.
    3. Melting point. This is one of the important parameters that you need to pay attention to first. The composition of the glue stick can be different, and it can melt at a higher or lower temperature. You should choose such rods, the melting temperature of which is not higher than the operating temperature of your glue gun.
    4. Color glue sticks. This parameter is not strictly regulated, but some pattern of dependence of the color of the rod on the type of materials for which it is intended to be glued, still exists.

    Very often, a certain type of work corresponds to a glue rod of its own color. This does not mean that other materials cannot be glued together with sticks of this key. Simply, the best quality and strength of setting of parts will be, if they are glued together with sticks of the corresponding color. The most common are glue sticks of the following colors:

    • white transparent sticks are universal, they can glue a variety of materials - glass and porcelain, ceramic tile and metal, leather and plastic, fabrics, rubber and other materials in any combination with each other;
      Designed for gluing any materials
    • white opaque rods can be universal purpose, as well as designed for bonding white parts or glass and metal;
      The main purpose - bonding glass and metal. Color rods of an opaque structure, other than black and gray, can be simply universal for white parts.
    • most often also contain a universal hot melt adhesive that is used to glue parts of the corresponding color or create handicrafts( glitter can be added to the glue);
      Refers to the universal adhesive
    • . Opaque rods of black and gray color are used to fill voids, seal joints and electrical insulation of conductive elements, they are used for electrical, construction and plumbing works;
      Used as a sealant and for insulation
    • yellow transparent hot melt adhesive is used for bonding wood, paper and cardboard.

    Among the large variety of adhesive lines, the most popular are products of such brands as Matrix, Master Hand, Fit or Best Price. Of course, it is best to use cartridges of the same brand as the thermogun. But it is not always possible and time to look for sticks on sale. Hot-melt glue of the listed brands, in the opinion of consumers, is not inferior to branded cartridges.

    Naturally, when buying a pistol, immediately began looking for suitable rods on the shelves. Bought rods glue Matrix. In the package of 12 pieces, diameter 11 mm. Just what we needed. They themselves are quite long - 20 cm. You can glue together a lot of things - fabric, wood, plastic, glass, leather, paper, and probably what else you can think of yourself. My daughter stuck coffee beans and cotton pads to the cardboard. Everything is fine.


    http: // review_2731189.html

    These rods quickly begin to melt, stick well, and therefore economically consumed. I recommend to buy a set of glue rods Master Hand and put a solid top five, never let down.


    http: // review_4316420.html

    How to set up an

    hot melt gun Usually, more sophisticated models of glue guns already have a switch that allows you to turn off the power supply to the heating element after the glue gun is fully heated after the glue gun is turned off, after the glue gun is fully heated, after the glue gun is fully heated, after the glue gun is turned off, after the glue gun is fully heated, after the glue gun has been heated, after the glue gun has been turned off, the glue gun can be turned off after the warming glue gun is turned off.when the thermal chamber overheats above a certain temperature. No such excesses you will not find in the most simple and cheap models.

    It is quite possible to customize some functions and operating parameters of an inexpensive model of a glue gun with our own hands by somewhat modifying the design of this power tool, especially since it has enough free space inside.

    Extension of the power cord and installation of the switch

    Most often, cheap models of glue guns come with a short cord( about 80 cm) and do not have a switch. This creates inconvenience in the work, and often leads to overheating of the tool. To correct this manufacturer’s flaw you need:

    1. Disassemble the heat gun by unscrewing a few screws.
    2. Cut the wires of the power cord and strip them.
    3. Take a new cord of the required length, which you can make yourself by buying a cable of the desired diameter and plug in the market, or use a cord from another non-working electrical device.
    4. Solder one of the wires in a heat gun with one core of a new power cord. The remaining free ends of the wires must be connected through a switch. First you need to choose a compact and convenient switch that could easily fit in the handle of the thermogun.
    5. Drill a neat hole in the handle of the tool for withdrawing the switch, and install it on the glue. You can use for this glue rods thermogun.
    6. Assemble the glue gun by setting the trigger and pusher in the desired position and, twisting, both of its parts with screws.

    Installing a switch on a thermogun( video)

    How to increase the power of a thermogun

    It often happens in inexpensive and simplest design of glue guns, especially unknown manufacturers, that the stated power of the tool does not correspond to reality. As a result, the heating of the rod takes a long time, and a lot of extra time is spent preparing for work. Correct the situation by increasing the power of the gun.

    In hot glue guns, a ceramic heating element( 3) is used to heat the heat chamber, similar to that used in modern soldering irons. The ceramic plate is between two conductive plates( 1 and 2), to which electricity is supplied. All this construction is wrapped with a heat-resistant film( 5) and with the help of a clip is held under the heat chamber.

    The main elements of the heating gun heater: 1 and 2 - conductive plates, 3 - ceramic heater, 4 - 4 and 6 - aluminum plates, which are a radiator, 5 - heat-resistant film

    You can increase the power of the heat pistol in two ways - by replacing the ceramic heat element with a new onepower, or by installing instead of a ceramic heater, nichrome spiral. In the first case, everything is solved quite simply. It only needs:

    1. Disassemble the gun, and remove the fuser by disconnecting the clamp.
      Clamp holding the thermoelement construction in the seat
    2. Unwind the heat-resistant film, and remove the ceramic heating plate;
      By unfolding the heat-resistant tape, you can remove the
    3. ceramic heating plate. Replace the ceramic with a similar heater of greater power.
    4. Reassemble the gun in reverse order.

    To replace the ceramic thermoelectric element with a spiral of nichrome, you need:

    1. Remove the gun cover by unscrewing the screws.
    2. Disconnect the ceramic heater with the current-carrying plates;
    3. File a seat for a ceramic heater with a file so that only the tube of the heat chamber remains;
    4. Wrap the tube with a heat-resistant film from the baking sleeve, and wind the nichrome spiral around it. It can be taken from the old soldering iron or buy.
    5. Attach one end of the supply wire to one end of the nichrome thread, and the other end, sequentially soldering a 1 μf capacitor in the circuit, designed for a voltage of at least 250 volts. The condenser will protect the coil and the heat gun from overheating.
    6. After placing the condenser in the gun body, assemble the entire device in reverse order.

    Replacing a ceramic thermoelement with a spiral to increase the power of the glue gun( video)

    Characteristic breakdowns and repair recommendations for the glue gun

    The glue gun has a fairly simple design and a minimum number of parts, which makes it a fairly reliable device. And yet, as a tool operating in the high temperature zone, it is subject to some characteristic breakdowns. The main ones are as follows:

    • blown lead wires;
    • failure of the mechanism feeding the glue stick;
    • burning of thermoelement contacts.

    The weakest part of this tool is the pusher plate in the hinge mechanism for feeding the glue stick. It is located between the trigger and the pusher itself, and transmits the force from the first to the second. To eliminate such a malfunction, it is not necessary to go to the workshop, because, as a rule, such a breakdown is inherent in cheap models of pistols, and it will be much more profitable to buy a new tool like to give money for its repair. But repair their own such a breakdown will be free. For this you need:

    1. Disassemble the heat gun, unwinding all the screws on it.
    2. Disconnect the broken plate from the hinge mechanism.
    3. There are two options to restore the operability of the feeder sticks - to make a similar item from durable material, or to glue a broken plate with glue.
    4. . Putting the plate in place, you need to assemble a heat gun.

    Repair of the pusher plate in the hinge mechanism of the glue gun( video)

    In the case of a wire burnout and the burning of the thermoelement contacts, it will be necessary to restore the integrity of the network by stripping contacts and soldering.

    Restoration of burnt thermoelement contacts( video)

    Device care

    A gun for using hot melt glue is a very necessary and useful tool for home use. For him to work without failures, he needs some care, which is as follows. When working you need to ensure that the body of the gun does not overheat. It is ideal for this purpose to install a switch if it is not provided by the design.

    It is necessary to perform bonding in accordance with the instructions attached to the gun, maintaining the recommended temperature conditions. After work, the tool must be allowed to cool and wipe it with a dry cloth. If there are frozen drops of glue on the body of the thermogun, you need to gently remove them by heating the soldering iron through the foil. Cleaning the nozzle from the frozen glue is not recommended. With a new warm-up, it will melt and will flow out.

    Today, an increasing number of people come to understand the need to have a glue gun at home. Such a device will not be superfluous in the household, where there is a constant need for repair, which requires something to glue. With the help of a thermogun, any bonding is easy and comes out neatly. This tool is useful for both men and women who love to do needlework.

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