What is the difference between an induction hob and an electric

? On an electric heating panel, you can heat any dishes and any object. At the same time, the induction panel heats only dishes with a magnetic bottom. Despite this, induction heaters are especially loved and popular. What is the reason?


  • 1 Differences in Heating
  • 2 Properties of the Induction Device
  • 3 Advantages of the Electric Stove

Heating Differences

The induction panel consumes significantly less electricity and this is better for its electrical counterpart. And the whole thing in the basic principles of heating.

Want to better understand this topic? Read our article on the principle of the induction cooker.

In any, even the most advanced, electric stove, the burner is heated by the action of electric current. The current passes through the heating element, heats it up, after which the element itself( the burner) gives off heat to the dishes and all the surrounding objects. Whatever you put on the electrical panel, everything will warm up.

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Induction hob works fundamentally differently. The stove itself is not heated. The coil through which alternating current passes is built in it. As a result, according to the laws of physics, a magnetic field is generated. If there are dishes with a magnetic bottom on top, currents begin to be developed( induced) in it, which heat the material.

It turns out that energy is consumed only for heating one pot or a frying pan, and all other objects around are not subject to heating. It follows from the calculations that an induction hob consumes an average of one and a half times less electricity than an electric one, and by this it is undeniably better.

Type of plate

Advantages of Disadvantages of
On induction, heats quickly( a liter of water boils for 3 minutes);
low power consumption;
is safe;
has a large number of modes of operation.
requires special dishes;

produces a slight noise.

On electricity( heating element) is convenient to use;
wide selection.
gets very hot so you can get burned;
high power consumption

Induction device properties

If you think that the stove, which works from induction, will require large expenditures on the purchase of special cooking containers, this is not quite so. Many dishes, which is in every home, suitable for heating on it. This may be all enamelware and some steel pots. Of course, you will have to buy a special griddle or an extra saucepan with a spiral icon at the bottom.

Induction Cooker is safer than any other. It will not start working until you close the burner by at least 70%.Thus, if a spoon or fork gets on the panel, it will not heat them. Even in the process of working up to the tile, you can touch the hand and not burn yourself. And if you set a special mode, the milk will never run away, and zazharka for borscht will not burn.

Heating rate also for indukzinkoy. While the electric hob is only warming up, the induction is already heating the food.

It is a mistaken opinion that the induction panel affects the operation of electrical devices that surround it.

Firstly, not a single such case was recorded, and secondly, the magnetic field is almost completely concentrated inside the hob and only slightly leaves it, so it has extremely little effect on the surrounding objects. With regard to harm to humans, then to minimize it is necessary: ​​

  • ensure that dishes with a ferrimagnetic bottom completely cover the zone that heats up;
  • Do not press the body against the tile when it is turned on;
  • do not use metal objects for mixing.

The main drawbacks of an induction cooker, perhaps, are the noise it makes. This noise is related to the operation of the cooling fan. The stove must be constantly cooled because it is simply turned off due to overheating.

Advantages of an electric stove

Although it is believed that an induction hob is better than an electric cooker in many ways, the latter also has its advantages.

  1. Price. On average, electrical panels are cheaper than induction. A simple single burner hob will always cost less than an induction counterpart.
  2. Noiselessness. The infrared or electric stove is silent. When it is on, you do not hear any annoying monotonous sounds.
  3. Large selection. During its existence, the electric stove has undergone many changes. You can find a wide variety of models on the market, and choose the right tile for your house by configuration, color, number of burners and price.

Electric stove more inertial. Even the most advanced model warms up longer, but then it cools down longer and you can still cook something on it when the electricity is already off.

To date, it is unambiguous to say that some kind of tile is better is not worth it. For some, it’s more familiar to use the good old electric stove, while others choose innovative devices.

However, there is another alternative - to purchase a tile, on which several burners are arranged according to the principle of operation. All this device is connected to the mains, and then in the process of work you decide for yourself what and when it is more convenient for you to use.

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