Choosing an electric grill: what to look for when buying

Choosing an electric grill: what to look for when buying


It turns out that a shish kebab is not only a summer treat. If you think in advance about how to choose an electric grill, then appetizing juicy meat and roasted vegetables will be available to you all year round. Of course, products cooked with an electric grill will be slightly different from delicious from the fire (oh, this unique smell of haze!), however, they will be much tastier than simple fried foods.


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  • 2Types of electric grills
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Advantages of electrogrills

First, the electrogreen can work at home, if it is chosen correctly. That is, every time you want a fried fish and fragrant meat with a crispy crust, you do not have to gather in the nature. Secondly, grilled meat is much more useful than simple meat in a frying pan: the excess fat dissolves and flows down, making the dishes dietary. Finally, thirdly, at your fingertips there will be your personal wand, a rescue, which will help you save a picnic at the cottage, if the weather suddenly does not want to adapt to your plans.

You can use an electric grill at home or in any other place where there is an outlet. True, the choice of home electric grill requires a special approach, because not all models are suitable for a standard kitchen. Let's begin our review with the types of electrogrills.

Types of electric grills

There are two types of electrogrills:

  • stationary;
  • portable.

The first are used in some cafes, since they require a voltage of 380 watts and a three-phase power supply. If you have a lot of free space in the country, you can choose this option, but it's better to stop at the portable device. Since stationary grills are not suitable for home, we will not include them in your review. Let's take a closer look at portable models.

Portable electric grills in turn are divided into:

  • non-contact;
  • contact.

A non-contact electrogroil is a device consisting of a grill on which products are roasted and an open spiral. From below is a pallet, into which juice is collected from meat or vegetables. On the one hand, this device allows you to get the same shish kebab "with a smoke which is so popular with many. On the other hand, a non-contact electrograil is not suitable for home, since it emits excessive smoke.

If you still decide to choose a device with an open spiral, take care of a good hood or cook in the yard (in a private house).


Such a device must have a removable tray, otherwise the bottom will have to be closed. Also note that cleaning the heating element is not very simple.


Another thing - contact electric grills. They are divided into two types:

  • one-sided;
  • two-sided (grills-presses).

The first fry products only on one side, so meat or fish must be turned all the time. It is desirable that the surface of such electrogrills be divided into two zones: flat (for pancakes and vegetables) and corrugated (for meat and fish). It is also better to choose a model with adjustable legs: this will allow you to tilt the electric grill slightly during cooking so that excess fat drains from it.

Two-way electric grills fry foods twice as fast. If you decide to choose one of these models for your home, please note that the device must be adjusted to the distance between the presses. This will allow to put in there and wide hot sandwiches, and narrow strips of vegetables. Sometimes such an electric grill decomposes, turning into a one-sided flat surface.

Technical nuances

When choosing electric grills, you need to consider several points:

  1. The power of such devices ranges from 1200 to 2500 watts. Powerful models will cook faster and cope with any kinds of dishes.
  2. The surface of good instruments can be glass-ceramic or non-stick. The first is easier to take care of, but it requires more careful handling. The non-stick surface is easy to clean and protects the products from burning. As for other coatings (enamel, stainless steel, etc.), we do not specifically include them in the review, as they quickly deteriorate, and therefore do not pay attention.
  3. The body of the electric grill can be plastic or metal. The second model is more expensive, but good plastic is also great for such devices.
  4. If you plan to often carry an electric grill with you, you should choose a model in the form of a small suitcase with a handle.
  5. Do not expect from such devices of any special technical refinements. The maximum that manufacturers can offer is automatic shutdown, timer, power adjustment and residual heat indicator.

That's all the secrets of choosing electric grills. Buy with pleasure, and let all your dishes on the brand new grill be juicy and fragrant!

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