The reasons why the dishwasher washes badly

When there is a dishwasher in the house, washing dishes, cups, glasses is greatly simplified. But no model, unfortunately, can not work forever. From time to time something always breaks. And then you have to look for reasons why the dishwasher began to wash poorly.

All faults can be conditionally divided into two groups: those that are caused by a violation of the rules for using equipment, or those that result from the active work of the machine during a long period of operation.

And if in the first case, everything is solved quickly and quite simply - with your own hands, then, if serious problems are detected, you still have to contact professional repairmen. AspBreakdown of the heating element -

  • 4.2 water heater Failure of the circulating pump
  • 4.3 Malfunctions of the sprinkler impeller
  • 4.4 Breakage thermal sensor
  • 4.5 Problems with the software module
  • 4.6 Failure of the sensor that measures the water turbidity( for expensive models)
  • 5 How to repair a dishwasher( video)
  • Breakdowns due to violation of the rules for using

    One of the most frequent causes of a piece of a dishwasher has a problem.that the dishwasher was badly washed, is that not all the leftover food is removed from the dishes. But each manufacturer warns of such problems. No need to ignore the instruction manual! So clear the plates from the food before washing will definitely have.

    If you use the dishwasher correctly, failures can be avoided

    Often the reason that the dishwasher washes poorly becomes the wrong definition of the mode of operation. For example, choosing an economical, or short, program with heavy pollution. But the fat plates will be washed qualitatively only if you set a long wash cycle, and it is better to turn on the maximum water temperature.

    If you see that the dishwasher does not wash well, check if you are overloading it. Perhaps the problem lies precisely in a large number of items for washing. To find out for sure, next time put in fewer plates and look at the result.

    Dishwasher washes poorly even when detergents that are not recommended by the manufacturer are used. Take a look at your instructions! Choosing for washing solutions with unsuitable characteristics or consuming too much volume for one cycle of the appliance operation will not lead to a good result. Try changing the rinse aid brand or at least reduce its use.

    Breakdowns associated with the active operation of

    Unfortunately, it is not always possible to recognize the fault immediately, and the dishwasher continues to wash poorly even after all your efforts. In this case, you will have to look in a literal sense deeper - perhaps the reason lies inside the home appliance.

    Formation of scale by

    The reason for the appearance of scale is hard water, which from the inside settles on the metal parts, destroying them. The bad thing in this case is that when the negative processes get to the water dispensers, it will not be enough for high-quality dishwashing.

    For self-remedying the problem at home, instead of using detergent, try using citric acid. Select a mode that will last a long time at the same high temperature. When the dishwasher washes poorly due to the formation of scale, the steps described above will almost certainly solve the problem.

    Mechanical blockage with foreign objects

    Most often they are caused by leftover food on plates, pieces of napkins and similar garbage that easily falls into the middle of a household appliance. In this regard, the main damage is applied to cleaning filters and sprinklers.

    Leftovers, napkins and other debris easily clog up the filters of the

    machine. Therefore, when the dishwasher doesn’t wash properly after 3–5 months of work, you need to check the condition of these parts. Most manufacturers recommend cleaning the filters and sprinklers after each wash cycle.

    Dishes that do not need to be washed in an

    dishwasher. Occasionally, problems arise due to the fact that items not intended for this are put in the dishwasher.

    The main categories of dishes that are best washed by hand:

    • metal pans, pots, etc., because the rust formed during operation can be a real danger to other items when they are washed at the same time;
    • thin and fragile varieties of porcelain sometimes break, damaging the dishwasher;
    • for products coated with varnish or anodized aluminum may change color due to high temperatures;
    • on porcelain, on which hand-painted, applied drawing can be washed off;
    • objects made of wood, natural bone and other similar fragile materials may damage or change the appearance.

    Breakdowns that cannot be eliminated with their own hands.

    Sometimes, really serious malfunctions cause the poor quality of washing. In this case, only qualified specialists with special devices and spare parts will be able to help.

    Breakdown of the heating element -

    water heater. Since the heating element is constantly in water, it is highly susceptible to the formation of scale on its parts. And if you do not clean it for a long time, then the dishwasher can break.

    In most cases when a dishwasher fails, the heating element is broken. After all, since it does not heat water, it is not possible to wash the fat on the plates and glasses in cold water. Well, since it is impossible to repair the heating element, you will have to buy a new one.

    There are a number of breakdowns, the repair of which should be entrusted to an

    specialist. Failure of the circulating pump

    . Naturally, every dishwasher has a water pump that pumps water inside. If it breaks down, it will not flow, and therefore the washing process will not begin. There is also only one option - to change the circulation pump.

    Malfunctions of the sprinkler impeller

    In simple words, thanks to the impeller, the mechanism rotates with the rocker on which the sprinklers are mounted. When the impeller fails, naturally, the sprinklers will not rotate, which means there is no question of any kind of washing up. The only solution is to replace the broken part.

    The breakdown of the

    thermal sensor The thermal sensor, or thermal switch, is responsible for measuring the water temperature and transmitting this information further to its intended purpose - to the program module. The latter, in turn, gives the command directly to the heating element, helping it to turn on at the right time.

    So without the command of the thermal sensor, the water will remain cold, and the greasy dishes will not be washed. The only way out in this case is the replacement of a damaged thermal sensor.

    Problems with the software module

    As is clear from the name of the part, the main task of the program module is to give accurate and timely orders to other dishwasher systems during its operation, such as heating, draining and water. It is clear that without such an important detail, the household appliance starts to work incorrectly or refuses to respond to your commands at all.

    Repair software module with flashing or full replacement - depending on the complexity of the fault.

    Failure of the sensor that measures the turbidity of water( for expensive models)

    A sensor that monitors the turbidity is needed so that the software module knows exactly when to complete the wash cycle. After all, if the dishes have not yet washed off and dirty, then the water will be muddy.

    If a sensor breaks down, the software module will not be able to understand what water is now, and the dishwasher will continue the washing cycle until it is turned off. The output in this case is to change the turbidity sensor.

    How to repair a dishwasher( video)

    Whatever malfunction you have to face, remember that you can repair your own hands only when you clearly know what to do in a particular situation. Otherwise, you still have to call professional repairmen, but not the fact that the final cost after your actions will remain the same.

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