I20 error in the Electrolux dishwasher

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Your dishwasher washed appliances, but at the stage of draining the water stopped? Is the error 20 on the display of the Electrolux dishwasher? In the DIP without the scoreboard, the END indicator may flash twice with interruptions of a few seconds. Find out what the causes of the problem, will help decipher the code on the screen. You can see the value in the instructions, as well as in our article.

How to troubleshoot

First, let's look at why the Electrolux dishwasher issues an I20 error code. Modern models are equipped with a self-diagnostic system. It works in case of breakdown, highlighting the icons on the scoreboard. So the user can quickly identify and fix the problem.

PMM of the Electrolux brand can show an error in such cases:

  1. Within one minute there is no discharge of waste water.
  2. Drainage filter clogged.
    Disconnecting the drain valve inside the Electrolux dishwasher
  3. Malfunction drain pump.
  4. Plugged or twisted drain pipe hose.
  5. The pressure switch broke.

The drain filter is often clogged with food debris, small debris, glass fragments. Therefore, it is important to clean twice a month.

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What to do and how to fix the situation? Eliminate system failure by resetting the error:

  • remove the plug from the outlet for 10-15 minutes;
  • plug in again and look at the screen.

Are the icons highlighted again? Then take decisive action:

  • inspect the drain hose - it should be located exactly, without kinking;

Proper connection of the drain to the Electrolux dishwasher

  • shut off the water supply and disconnect the hose from the sewer (siphon);
  • remove the blockage.

Also, the cause of failure may be in the pressure switch or drain pump. Then you need to completely disconnect the machine from communications, turn it over and put it on the back wall, opening access to the bottom. Next, remove the cover (if any) and gain access to the pump and the water level sensor. You can inspect and check the parts, as well as replace them if they break.

Electrolux dishwasher safety check

Adhere to the rules of operation, carry out timely cleaning of the MMP to avoid problems with blockages. On other errors dishwashers "Electrolux" read a separate article.

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