Error F08 in the washing machine Indesit

The Indesit washing machine gives an error F08 on the display, does the “Quick wash” light on the electromechanical model and the “Turns” indicator flash? Be careful, this is one of the most dangerous mistakes, which can lead to self-ignition of Indesit CMA.

Before tackling the DTC, unplug the machine.

Material content:

  • 1 Causes of error
  • 2 Problem solving
    • 2.1 Malfunction of the heating element or temperature sensor
    • 2.2 Breakdown of the control module
    • 2.3 Cause of the requestOn the control panel the control element of the heating element is closed, or the tubular electric heater itself is faulty.

      Let us see why Indesit shows on the machine display, shows the error F08:

      1. The TENA relay is flashing.
      2. A temperature sensor or heating element has closed.
      3. The problem lies in the faulty control module.
      4. Only 1% probability that the cause of the engine or damaged wiring.

      Externally, the breakdown is expressed in that the washing machine Indesit does not heat the water, or the washing does not end.

      Problem solving

      What to do and how to fix error 08?First, determine the reason.

      Malfunction of the heating element or temperature sensor

      First of all you need to ring the heating element with a multimeter:

      • Unscrew the back wall of the washer.
      • Disconnect all wires, make sure that the device is completely de-energized.
      • Set the multimeter to 20 ohms and measure the resistance.
      • If the value is more than 20 Ohms - then everything is in order.
      • . If the number 1 is displayed on the screen, then there is a break in the heater inside the heater, and its replacement is required.
      • Check TEN for breakdown. Failure of the dielectric inside the device may cause sparks and a fire. For a test, you also need a tester, a video on the topic will help:

      How to fix the problem and solve the problem:

      • Disconnect the heating element from the wires, unscrew the fasteners.
      • Replace TEN.

      To remove the f08 error on the Indesit washer, check the thermal sensor for signs of rust and corrosion. If they are found, you will need to replace the heating element with the sensor, cleaning is useless.

      Breakdown of the control module

      If the previous checks failed, a failure could occur in the control system. In this regard, the machine does not receive commands for heating.

      Why did it crash? It is a lot of options, the professional will help to determine the true. The board is a complicated and expensive part, so it’s best to trust the master.

      Reason in wiring or engine

      High humidity conditions provoke oxidation of motor contacts, which leads to an error code.

      What to do? You will need to ring the motor, then remove it, inspect the contacts, clean and blow out the brush from dust. Also check the wiring leading to the engine. Perhaps this will help reset the error 8.

      Knowing what the fault code means, you can quickly find out why the failure occurred. But to repair yourself or call the master - you decide.

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