Error codes Panasonic washing machine


Panasonic Washer shows the error codes on the display - which means each one of them and how to fix them, we will discuss in this article. Thanks to the self-diagnostic SMA, you can quickly find the problem and solve the problem without calling the wizard.

Let's find out what the troubles are inherent in a Panasonic typewriter.

Panasonic CMA Fault Codes: meaning, causes, remedies

Error codes Meaning Causes of How to fix the problem
U11 What does the U11 code mean: the washing process cannot complete. If the CM gives error Y11, it means:
  • The washing machine is not connected properly.
  • There was a blockage in the drain system( pipe, pump).
  • The heating element( TEN) has failed.
How to troubleshoot:
  1. Check that the CMA is connected correctly. Incorrectly connected parts can cause self-draining. As a result, the machine does not complete the wash.
  2. Clean the drain connection, inspect the pump.
  3. Replace TEN.




Error or program crash. When these error codes are on the display, the control module is faulty. What to do to reset the error:
  • test the main module;
  • in case of breakage repair or replace.
U14 The voltage in the network is not correct. Disturbance in the mains. It is better to consult a specialist.
U18 Sensor signal error. . The code U18 was highlighted on the screen - a malfunction of the control unit occurred. To remove the error, you need to repair or replace the main unit.




Management board failure. The main board is faulty. Installing a new board.



Some sensors do not work correctly. Sensor failure. Change of faulty sensors.
H21 Error mode operation. The processor is out of order. Need to reflash the processor.



CM does not start washing. If the Panasonic washing machine does not start, there may be such problems:
  • The door is not tightly closed.
  • No water enters the tank.
  • Clogged in the filler system.
  • Engine Failure.
How to solve the problem:
  1. Inspect and clean the inlet hose and filter from clogging.
  2. Press down the door.
  3. Check and replace the motor.



Defective control board and sensors in the washer. Blown board contacts, or its elements are broken. Installing serviceable parts. Repair electronic circuit board.





Critical situation. You must contact the service center.
H52 Failure of the electronic controller. Replacing the controller with a working one.

After reviewing the codes and their solutions in the error table, you can fix the problem yourself. In case of critical faults, it is better to contact the service.

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