E24 error in the Siemens dishwasher

Did you start the program in the dishwasher, but did the machine stop at the draining stage? The control panel does not react to pressing, water does not drain from the hopper. In this case, the error in the Siemens dishwasher is E24. The decoding of the problem sounds like this: a water drain failure.

We'll figure out what the cause of the malfunction is and how to fix it yourself.

Content of the material:

  • 1Why the breakdown occurs in the PMM "Siemens"
  • 2How to fix the problem

Why the breakdown occurs in the PMM "Siemens"

In case of a malfunction in the system, the system immediately displays an error code on the display. Depending on the type of failure, the code value can be different.

The decoding of the E 24 described in the instruction sounds quite extensive. How to understand where to look for a problem? The reason is a bent drain hose or a blockage system? If the connection to the communications is correct, and the hose is not touched, then the case may be in:

  • faulty level sensor;
  • breakdown of the drain pump;

  • error or failure of the electronic board.

We need to check everything in turn, so we proceed to repair.

How to fix the problem

Immediately eliminate the failure in the system. To do this, try resetting the error by rebooting:

  • unplug the PMM from the network;
  • wait 10-15 minutes;
  • please try restarting.

The machine can again show the E24 code on the screen, if it's not a malfunction, but a failure. Then, clean up the drainage system:

  1. Open the tank door.
  2. Remove the basket for the dishes.
  3. Unscrew the drain filter, rinse under the pressure of water.
  4. Behind the filter there is a pump impeller. If it is blocked by garbage, then there will not be a drain.
  5. Unscrew the screws and pull the pump cover toward you.
  6. Wear gloves and clean the impeller.
  7. Then unplug the drain hose and clean with a brush.
  8. Check the sewer and hose joint. You can remove blockage by special means.

Such cleaning should be done at least once a month.

Next, the pump is inspected. What to do:

  1. Unscrew the screws and remove the side and top panels.
  2. Disconnect the lower bar under the dishwasher door.
  3. Turn the machine "on its back" or upside down.
  4. Remove the bottom cover of the bottom. To do this, unfasten the latches, or unscrew the screws.
  5. A drain pump is attached to the circulation unit side by side.
  6. Disconnect the wiring from it.
  7. Grab the part with your hand and rotate it counter-clockwise.
  8. Check all pump openings for obstruction. At the same time inspect the drainage pipe.

The reason for the appearance of the E24 icon on the display can be not only in a blockage. Sometimes the impeller ceases to rotate due to poor rotor performance. In the event of water ingress, the grease is washed out of the bushings. Check and grease the parts.

Users on forums are advised to open and close the door of the car while working. So the code will stop burning on the scoreboard and you can continue washing. But even if the error and reset, it does not solve the problem. Subsequently, expensive repairs are needed.

Stick to our recommendations, and you will be able to fix the malfunction yourself without the help of a master. How to deal with other mistakes Siemens dishwashers, read in a separate article.

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