E22 error of Bosch dishwasher

In this article, we'll look at what to do if the Bosch dishwasher produces an E22 error. She says that there is water in the pan, the plum does not work because of blockage. This is the type of breakdown to which even the most reliable dishwashers are exposed. "Bosch" helps you determine it using a self-diagnosis system.

How to fix the problem and accurately decode the code, read on.

Content of the material:

  • 1What are the reasons for the code
  • 2What does the DTC mean?
  • 3How to fix the problem

What are the reasons for the code

Most often the E 22 icon is displayed before the end of the cycle. The machine has washed, but before draining the water, the technique hangs and gives out a malfunction.

Less often, the error code is shown at the beginning or middle of the program. The user decides that this is a system failure, so it tries to restart the program. Once it can work:

  • remove the PMM plug from the socket;
  • wait 10-15 minutes;
  • start the technique again.

But if the problem really exists and some detail in the dishwasher is damaged, then it will not be possible to reset the code - it will appear again.

We do not recommend restarting the Bosch dishwasher several times in a row. This may damage the electronic board. Found an error? Then proceed to its decoding and elimination.

If you frequently reboot the machine, you can see on the displaynew characters that indicate an error - E24.

What does the DTC mean?

Error code E 22 means that there was water in the pallet, there were blockages in the drainage system. Here's what could be causing the breakdown:

  1. Drain strainer. Pieces of food from utensils, small debris, glass shards - everything is washed off and retained by a filter mesh. It is clear that the waste water can not go into the drain, so the system gives an error.
  2. Drain hose. If you notice that the code E22 alternates with E24, and after checking it turned out that the filter is clean, then it's worth to inspect the hose. How to do it - we will describe below.
  3. Problems with the sprinkler. It happens that food enters the bushing between the impeller and the pump. The operation of the sprinkler is blocked.

If the error codes alternate between each other, then the pump impeller does not rotate. The cause may be a thread or pieces of food that are wrapped around the base and block the work.

How to fix the problem

The first thing to do is to inspect the dishwasher. Open the door, pull out all the baskets from the bunker. Remove the filter that is located at the bottom of the hopper. Clean it from dirt, rinse the mesh under the pressure of water. You can use a brush for cleaning.

Check the location of the drain hose. If it is somewhere bent or passed, then it is not surprising that the water does not go away and an error appears. See if the impeller rotates normally. If not, then remove it and clean the bushing from the debris.

All the manipulations did not work? Is the fault code still displayed? Then you need to look deeper. I'll have to sort out the dishwasher a little.

What do we have to do:

  1. Disconnect the machine from the mains.
  2. Disconnect all communications.
  3. Put an old blanket and a rag to turn the PMM "on its back."
  4. Unscrew the bolts around the perimeter of the bottom cover.
  5. Remove the leakage sensor bolt.
  6. Remove and set the lid aside.
  7. You will have access to the inside of the equipment.
  8. Disconnect the end of the drain hose from the pump. To do this, use pliers.
  9. Inspect the hose for obstructions, rinse under pressure from the tap. If the hose is damaged or worn, install a new one.

When choosing replacement parts, be careful. Choose only the components for your brand and model of PMM "Bosch otherwise the purchased item may not be suitable.

Now you need to remove the drain pump, check its impeller:

  • disconnect the wiring leading to the pump;
  • unscrew the two screws from one side and the other;
  • turn the pump and remove from the seat;
  • inspect the impeller, free the base of threads and other debris;
  • then check the snail of the pump to make sure that nothing blocks its operation.

Reinstall in the reverse order. After the work is done, the error E 22 should disappear. Be careful when loading the dishwasher, clean the dishes well of food debris to avoid contamination and blockages.

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