Error codes washing machine Hoover

Error codes ( shown on the display) A series of flashes of the indicator( the number of flashes is determined after a pause) Error value Causes of the codeProblems with blocking. The door lock or the locking device( UBL) failed. Faulty control module.
  1. In case of an error E 01, the door handle is checked, the tongue-lock is replaced, or the handle is replaced.
  2. Examines the electronic lock( UBL).Replacing UBL.
  3. Checking the contacts of the control unit. Replacing wiring.
E 02 2 Problems with water intake.

If the code E 02 is on the board, there is probably a blockage in the filler system.

The control unit may be out of order.

To reset the error:
  1. Unscrew the water tap.
  2. Clean the inlet strainer filter. Check valve, replace if broken.
  3. Clean the pressostat tube. Inspect the pressure switch. In case of malfunction, install a new part.
  4. Repair of the electronic module.
E 03 3 When the E 03 is on, the CMA does not drain.
  • There is a blockage in the drain system.
  • Breakdown of the pump( drain pump).
  • Trouble with pressure switch.
  • Distributed wiring from the module to the pump or pressure switch.
  1. Check and replace drain pump.
  2. Cleaning the discharge pipe from the tank to the pump.
  3. Installing a new pressostat.
  4. Inspection of the wiring loop, isolation of damaged areas, replacement of wires.
E 04 4 The Hoover washing machine has a problem with the water intake valve. Failure of the filling valve. To clear the error E 04, you need to check the filling valve. In the event of a fault, a new valve is installed.
E 05 5 E 05 says that there is no water heating.
  • The heating element or temperature sensor has failed.
  • Control board problems.
  1. Ping TENA multimeter. Replacing the heating element.
  2. Installation of a serviceable temperature sensor.
  3. Diagnostics and control board change.
E 06 6 E 06 - electronic unit error( EEPROM).Or the balance is disturbed during washing( imbalance).
  • Due to a short circuit or exposure to moisture, the electronic module is faulty.
  • Underwear in the drum is unevenly distributed.
  1. Replacement control module.
  2. You need to open the door and manually distribute the laundry in the drum.

E 07

E 08

7-8 Codes E 07 and E 08, depending on the model, say: the door of the hatch has jammed, or the CMA engine is faulty.
  • Drum dramatically changes the speed and speed.
  • Engine tachometer fault.
  1. Inspect and repair door lock.
  2. Inspection and replacement of the tachometer, which is responsible for the speed of rotation of the motor.
E 09 9 Waste motor error. The engine does not work, the impeller does not rotate. On the scoreboard gives the error code E 09, testing does not stop. Breakdown of a triac or control board requires their replacement.

E 11

E 12

11-12 Open circuit. The wiring circuit between the electronic board and the drying heater has been broken. When the signals are E 11 and E 12, the connecting circuit is inspected, defective elements change.

E 13

E 14

13-14 E 13 and E 14 - electronic module error. Machine washes in cold water, no heating. Malfunction of the heating element( temperature sensor) or control unit. The heating element and the temperature sensor are checked. In case of breakage of parts, new ones are installed.
E 15 15 If the E 15 lights up on the display, the electronic module is out of order. The memory of the control board is damaged. Electronic Board Replacement.
E 17 17 The tachometer is broken. The board does not receive a signal from the tachogenerator and issues code E 17. Inspection of the tachometer. Installing a new device.
E 18 18 In the electronic unit there was a failure. Module malfunction. When the E 18 appears, the electronic control unit must be replaced.

When a fault occurs, the Hoover washing machine displays an error code on the display board. Electromechanical models CM Hoover without a screen report a malfunction by flashing indicators.

Looking at the table below, you will understand what the error code means, what to do and how to remedy the situation without invoking the wizard.

Error table of Hoover washing machines: causes and solution of

problem You learned what each error code in the Hoover washing machine means. Being grounded in the field of self-repair, you will no longer be lost if an error is displayed on the panel.

Always unplug the machine before checking.

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