Error codes washing machine Daewoo( Daewoo)

Daewoo washing machines( Daewoo) as well as other modern machines are equipped with a self-diagnostic function. Therefore, if you notice that the CM shows the error code on the display, do not worry.

The table below lists all error codes and their meanings. You will learn what to do when they appear.

Table of errors and faults CMA Daewoo

Error code What does mean Causes of occurrence How to fix
breakdown OE OE code means problems with water discharge.
  1. Incorrect connection of the drain hose.
  2. Clogged drainage duct( pipe, filter, hose, pump).
  3. Faulty pump or wiring.
  1. Check the connection and location of the drain hose. It should not be twisted or clamped.
  2. Clean the drain hose, filter, and fitting from clogging.
  3. Replace the pump, repair the wiring.
IE Water is badly poured. Why does the IE code on the display board CM:
  1. The water tap is turned off.
  2. Insufficient water pressure.
  3. Clogged intake system( filter, hose, valve).
  4. Outlet valve out of service.
  5. The pressure switch does not work.
How to fix the situation:
  1. Turn off the stop valve.
  2. Check and clean the filler hose, strainer, valve.
  3. Replace inlet valve.
  4. Install a new pressure switch in case of malfunction.
UE What does the UE code mean? There is an imbalance. Causes:
  1. Incorrect installation of a Daewoo washing machine.
  2. Incorrect distribution of laundry in the tank.
To reset the error:
  1. Check that the CMA is installed correctly. The legs must stand firmly on the surface.
  2. Open the door, manually distribute the laundry in the drum.
LE Faulty door lock. The door is not tightly closed. Why the washing machine gives an error LU:
  1. The door is not firmly fixed.
  2. The door is twisted.
  3. Faulty mechanical lock handle.
  4. The electronic lock( UBL) is broken.
To solve the problem, do this:
  1. Press the door harder.
  2. Tighten the side hinges.
  3. Examine and change the pull-tab or door handle.
  4. Install a valid UBL.
E8 The boot sensor is faulty. Code E8 flashed because the load sensor failed. What to do? Replace the defective item.
E9 What does an E9 error mean? Problems with the pressostat. Causes:
  1. Unsealed fastening of the pressure switch tube, or its clogging.
  2. Pressure switch malfunction.
To clear the error, you need:
  1. Check the connection of the sensor tube.
  2. Clear it from blockage under the pressure of water.
  3. Change pressure switch.
H6 Failure of the heater. Due to a short circuit, the heater circuit has been damaged or broken. Your actions:
  1. Inspection of the heater and its chain.
  2. Installing a new heater.
  3. Repair circuit.

Following the recommendations, each user will be able to fix the damage with their own hands. Therefore, before contacting the service center, conduct an independent inspection and diagnosis of damage.

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