Error Codes washing machine General Electric

Washing machine General Electric is equipped with a wide functionality, the manufacturer has provided a self-diagnostic function. This system allows the washer to determine the damage itself, after which it displays an error code on the display.

When the user understands what the code means, they can quickly fix the problem and try to solve the problem on their own.

General Electric AGR Error Table: meaning, causes, elimination

Fault code What means Causes How to fix the
IE Pressure switch is faulty. The system may signal overflow or underfilling of water. How to fix the situation:
  1. Check the pressure switch hose for clogs.
  2. Flush the hose with water.
  3. Check the pressure switch by blowing into the tube. In case of malfunction, install a new item.
7E There were problems in the water intake system. Why does the General Electric washing machine give an error 7Е:
  • A blockage in the filler system( hose, strainer, valve) occurred.
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  • Input valve defective.
  • Incorrect connection.
How to clear the error yourself:
  1. Check the connection.
  2. Inspect the intake hose and valve filter for clogging. Rinse under running water.
  3. Replace inlet valve.
E Fault code E lights up on the CMA board if there are problems with draining the water. . Why the error was highlighted:
  • . The blockage of the drain path( pipe, hose, filter).
  • Drain pump malfunction.
  • Electronic problems.
To solve the problem:
  1. Inspect and clean the pump filter, the pipe from the tank to the pump, the hose.
  2. Check and replace the drain pump if it breaks.
  3. Test the main module. Replace if necessary.
dE The hatch door is not tightly closed.
  • A foreign object has fallen into the lock hole.
  • Door hinges twisted.
  • Worn tongue latch.
  • Fault electronic lock( UBL).
To remove the error, do this:
  1. Examine the lock for the presence of debris, clean it.
  2. Check side loops. If they are twisted - pull up.
  3. Install a new lock UBL.
UE Imbalance in CM. Imbalance occurs due to excessive load of laundry. Things go astray on one side, causing the drum to debalance. What to do in this case:
  1. Open the hatch and evenly distribute the laundry by hand.
  2. Pull half the items out of the drum.
OE Too much water in the tank.
  • Incoming valve defective.
  • The pressure switch is broken.
To reset the error you need:
  1. Replacing the filling valve.
  2. Installation of a working pressostat.

Based on the listed codes and their meanings, you can start troubleshooting.

Always disconnect the appliance from the power supply before you start repairing a General Electric washing machine.

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