The fridge is heating up too much.

Often we are addressed with such a complaint: the refrigerator gets very hot. Heats up, in fact, not the refrigerator itself, but its side walls or the back side. This happens because in some models of refrigerators the condenser is embedded in the walls, and the process of getting cold is accompanied intense condenser heating. From the heating of the condenser, respectively, the walls of the refrigerator are also heated. Heating may be intermittent - after a periodic shutdown of the compressor, the condenser cools down - it cools down and the walls.

In this situation, it is necessary to establish heat exchange between the refrigerator and the environment. To do this, you need to properly install the refrigerator at a distance of at least five centimeters from the walls of the room, furniture and other household appliances.

If the heating is accompanied by other faults - contact Dr. Cold, and we will definitely help you.

The fan does not work in the refrigerator

The fan does not work in the refrigeratorProblems Of Refrigerators

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