The freezer in the refrigerator does not work

Causes of failure
Difficulty of repair

A freezer is used less often than the main one. Therefore, its breakdowns are usually found not immediately after the appearance. The fact that the freezer is out of order usually becomes known already when a puddle appears on the floor or a strong noise is heard from the office.

From the correct diagnosis depends the further repair and its cost. Therefore, if you do not know what to do, when the freezer has stopped working, our review will help you.

We will consider the possible causes of breakage of the freezer, signs of failure of refrigeration equipment and the best ways to solve the problem.

Content of the material:

  • 1Why does not the freezer work in the two-chamber refrigerator
  • 2The most likely causes of failure of the freezer

Why does not the freezer work in the two-chamber refrigerator

If you have a two-chamber refrigerator called Indesit, Ariston or Atlant, the freezer in it can not work not only for objective reasons, but because of negligent use. Check up such moments before to sound alarm and to cause the expert:

  • Thermostat. It is worthwhile to install the selector wheel between 3-4 or 2-3 marks so that there is no excessive load on the compressor. When the mark is higher, the motor does not have time to cool both chambers, so the freezer and ceases to work.

  • Seal density of sealing rubber. If the door is not closed tightly, snow or ice builds up in the freezer compartment due to the constant receipt of uncooled air flows from outside. At the "rest" of the engine the ice melts, and the melted water flows to the floor. In this case, you need to defrost the refrigerator and carry out minor repairs of the seal in the places where it leaves.

If in your refrigerator LG (Lji), Stinol, Ariston or in any other there is no "fur coat" and the value of the thermostat is correct, but the freezer still does not freeze, then there is a breakdown.

The most likely causes of failure of the freezer

There are breakages related directly to the fact that the freezer compartment is off. Knowing their symptoms and signs, you can easily diagnose a failure and save on the primary diagnosis.

All possible causes of failure of freezers in refrigerators Bosch (Bosch), Samsung, Whirlpool, Liebherr (Liebher), "Minsk" and others are collected in the table below.

How does the refrigerator behave? What's broken What to repair
In the two-compressor model, the freezer motor "starts" and after a few seconds "stalls".

The compressor responsible for the operation of the freezer compartment broke.

Causes: natural deformation during work or increased load. For example, setting the temperature controller to maximum in hot summer weather.

Need to diagnose and replace the motor.
The compressor operates, but often and permanently turns off (in electronic models).

The air sensor of the freezer broke.

If the sensor fails to reach the control card, the temperature rise signal in the camera does not reach, so the motor does not start.

It is necessary to replace the sensor with a similar part.
The compressor is OK, but frequent and long pauses appear in its operation (for refrigerators with electromechanics).

The thermostat of the freezer compartment broke.

A broken thermostat does not report the temperature level to the control center, so in single-engine models the compressor does not switch to cooling the freezer. In models with two motors, the second compressor does not turn on at all.

The temperature regulator needs to be replaced.
Weak operation of the freezer compartment.

In models equipped with a single compressor, a No Frost system and a "crying" type evaporator, the switching valve may break.

If the part "sticks" on the main camera, the capacity for the freezer no longer remains.

The valve must be dismantled and a new one installed.
You found a rust in the area of ​​the freezer compartment, the camera is weak or does not work at all (in the refrigerators with the lower location of the camera).

The leakage of refrigerant in the vicinity of the steel circuit is not excluded.

In models with a bottom freezer and a "crying" type evaporator, this problem is not uncommon. It is provoked by blockages of the drainage hole, because of which water is accumulated in the main chamber and drains into the area of ​​the lower compartment.

Getting on the body of the freezer, water causes rust of the steel circuit, in which freon circulates. When microcracks appear, the gas begins to flow

It is necessary to seal the system (replace the damaged parts of the circuit) and refill the refrigerant.
The camera stopped working after defrosting, if you "helped" it to thaw the hair dryer, fan, sharp objects.

Acting inadvertently in the hope of hastening the refrigerator as soon as possible, you can pierce the camera, which will cause an inevitable leak of refrigerant from the system.

If the Soviet refrigerators such cardinal methods could be safely transferred, then this "strictly" model is strictly contra-indicated.

It is necessary to search for a puncture site, seal and refill freon.
The freezer does not freeze. There are no accompanying symptoms.

Most likely, the control module has broken.

When the board fails, the technician remains visually working, but in fact it may not work anything, right up to the freezer.

It will take the firmware of the unit or its complete replacement.

Do I have to take care of the freezer? Definitely, it is necessary! Even if you bought a modelNoFrost, it also needs to be thawed - not as often as a drip refrigerator, but at least 2-3 times a year. Also it is necessary to wipe the walls and containers from time to time, inspect the camera at the time of freezing, discard excess products. In summer, lower the temperature a little, so that the compressor does not overwork. And most importantly: if you are an amateur frosty for the winter, freeze fruits and vegetables in batches, never load the camera completely.

Now you know why the freezer of your two-compartment refrigerator might not work. If you have a one-chamber model, the freezer compartment can not fail, since the system of these cameras is common.

Using our table, determine what caused the failure to know what repairs to prepare - small or capital. And if the thermostat or the sensor can be replaced by one's own hands, then such works as replacement of a compressor or refilling of freon require special equipment and experience. Therefore, we recommend assigning complex tasks to the master.

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