The refrigerator does not work after defrosting

After turning off the refrigerator for 2-3 hours to defrost (minimum day for No Frost models), did you notice that it is not cold or turned on at all? At the same time, there may not be a cold in one chamber - refrigerating, freezing - or in both. Also, an alarm can be emitted and the Alarm, "!" Lights flashing. The signals indicate that the chambers are not cold enough.

We will find out what these symptoms are saying and whether they are warning about a breakdown.

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  • 1The refrigerator does not work after defrosting: what is the reason
    • 1.1How to turn off the sound
  • 2Why there was a malfunction
  • 3Correct defrosting
    • 3.1What can not be done

The refrigerator does not work after defrosting: what is the reason

In 95% of cases, the fact that the refrigerator stopped working after defrosting is not a breakdown. Do not panic and postpone the phone number of the master, - first observe the technique. She is working to catch up with the required temperature: if you decide to fill the shelves to the top immediately, such a situation can not be avoided. What to do? Give the refrigerator time - up to 24 hours, so that it enters the working rhythm.

If after a lapse of days the technician notifies about the high temperature inside the case, and the motor-compressor works for a long time, then the probability of breakage is high.

How to turn off the sound

If you decide to wait until the temperature returns to the preset mode, the manufacturer's sound signal may spoil your nerves. Therefore, in many models, the signal is turned off. The disconnect button is located on the user panel, or you need to select a function on the electronic scoreboard.

If you did not find how to disable, check the technical documentation or the user's manual.

Why there was a malfunction

If the technician is in emergency mode for more than a day, it takes a temperature or does not turn on, there was a problem. To make it easier for the user to find the cause, we collected all the characteristics in one table.

Breaking How to fix Symptoms
Freon leak from the cooling circuit. It is necessary to localize the leakage spot and eliminate it. It is necessary to replace the filter-drier and subsequent refueling of the system. For models with one compressor:
  • After defrosting the refrigerator did not start, there is light inside;
  • the refrigerator turned on, the compressor is running on wear, the chambers are not cold enough;
  • defrosting the refrigerator, you fixed its work for a short time, after which it turned off and did not start; the light in the camera is on.

For models with two compressors, the causes are the same, but refer only to one of the cameras.

Breakage can be accompanied by a signal sound, the lights on the control panel may flash, indicating a high temperature inside the cameras. Refrigerant leakage is typical for the places where the pipeline is welded (lorring connections). Also, the leakage occurs in a warm circuit, which is located in the evaporator or in the chambers along their entire perimeter.

Compressor failure. Diagnosis and replacement of the motor is required. Element is not subject to repair. Single-compressor:
  • does not start at all, there is light in the camera;
  • the motor shuts down after starting, clicks, both cameras in idle mode, the light in the main compartment lights up;
  • XO (refrigeration equipment) is buzzing, the motor is running, there is no frost.


  • one compartment refuses to work, lighting is OK;
  • audible clicks, there is no frost in one of the compartments, the light bulb is working;
  • XO does not turn off, the motor works without interruption, the chambers do not have cold or frost.

In all cases, the breakdown is accompanied by a flashing of indicators or a control panel; they tell the user that the temperature in the cameras is too high.

Compressors usually break down when the operational period (production, loss of productivity) expires. After defrosting, it is difficult for them to enter the operating mode, especially if the user immediately loads all the compartments with non-cooled products.

The failure of the motherboard. Need an insertion or replacement module.

If the main unit breaks down after defrosting, the refrigerator can behave as you like, including not start. The temperature in the chambers can also vary, because of which the compartments can not cope with freezing.

XO can be started and shut down after a couple of seconds. It is possible that the failure will be accompanied by sounds blinking light bulbs.

Models equipped with LED or LCD display will give a characteristic error code (the combination depends on the manufacturer).

The main reason that the refrigerator "buggy" - moisture, which when defrosting is formed on the electronic module and disables it.

Correct defrosting

To avoid breakage, it is worth observing the rules when defrosting the equipment:

  1. Take all the products from the shelves, without exception. Some models need a day to completely defrost, leaving the food may be spoiled.
  2. Find suitable containers or containers for collecting melt water - place them under the base of the technique. On the floor spread a rag to avoid a flood in the kitchen. If the refrigerator has not defrosted for a long time, there will be a lot of water.
  3. Organize cleaning. Use a damp cloth or sponge to clean the cameras. You can use professional non-abrasive detergents for washing refrigerators or a normal soap solution.
  4. Dry the chambers, leaving the doors in the open position.
  5. Start the device and do not load it with products - let it idle for several hours. When dividing, divide the products into 2-3 batches to avoid loading the motor.

What can not be done

  • Do not put jars and pots with warm water on the shelves.
  • Do not break the ice and snow with a knife or other sharp objects, otherwise you risk punching the freezer evaporator and causing a refrigerant leak;
  • Do not use hair dryers or fan heaters to speed up the process.

In conclusion, we say that a malfunction of the equipment may not be associated with defrosting, but the fact that the motor did not work is a coincidence. The list of possible failures is significantly expanded, but this is already a topic for a separate article.

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