We work relaxing on country beds with a box-machine

rest with workThere are many inventions in the world that help simplify certain processes. We are always looking for ways to create and implement technologies that make it easy to turn complex tasks into a fun game.

Such innovations are often used in the cottage business. More recently, several Australian engineers have created a mechanism that combines rest with work in the literal sense of the word.

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The mechanism is called Wunda Weeder. This is a kind of cart on wheels for garden work. It consists of a metal case, a wheel mechanism and solar batteries that power the engine of this wonderful transport. The batteries are located in the roof of the box bed. The lower part of it is equipped with a sunbed and a stand under the head, because a person can not strain his neck during work. At the level of the hands in the box-machine is an area that allows you to freely move your hands, carrying out tillage, planting or harvest. All parts of the machine bed are mobile, and are able to be adjusted for a specific person.

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Not every domestic summer resident can afford to purchase such a novelty. It costs about 9,000 Australian dollars. But if the idea of ​​applying the invention interested you, you can make such a mechanism even with your own hands.

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Using the miracle machine in the country - video

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