7 secrets of growing melons and gourds

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Everyone knows that today it is risky to buy vegetables on the market for unknown people for many reasons.

But there is a way out: to grow vegetables in your area. However, in the middle belt, where summer is short for the ripening of watermelons and melons, it is rather difficult to do this. But probably!

Do you want an early harvest? Seedlings on the window!

Not everyone knows that melons, which are generally accepted in the middle zone of Russia planted with seeds in the soil in early June, it is quite possible to start growing in March-month on your window.

Why do people use this method a little? Yes, just transplanting cucumber seedlings, melons, watermelons is very difficult - their roots are gentle and quite sensitive to various kinds of injuries.
It is for this that the seedlings of melons are cooked in special peat pots, which are then planted directly in them.

And if there are none, then you can make a container... out of plain paper!
On a bottle, for example, a deodorant 3-4 cm in diameter, a strip of sheet 9-10 cm wide is wound around so that the edge remains free about 4 cm. This will be the bottom of the tank. It needs to be crushed in such a way as to make a glass. Then the container is carefully removed from the template and filled with earth. There and plant a seed.

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Care of seedlings is common: sunlight, regular watering. It is important only not to pour a glass of water so that it does not get wet right on the window.

In late May - early June, seedlings can be planted in the soil just as directly in the cup. During watering, it will get wet in the ground, and the roots will freely penetrate deep. This is especially useful because the paper (or peat cup) protects the roots for a while from the cold. A need for penetration through the walls of the tank - some "charging" for them. So they will become stronger and stronger.


Rostock will cover the matryoshka-greenhouse - let it not be afraid of frost!

You can plant seeds and immediately into the ground. Do this also at the end of May. And that our shoots are not frozen, they are covered with plastic bottles. And here there is one trick.
Cut from below a liter eggplant cover a seed or shoots, lightly utaplivaya its edge in the ground. You can dip its edge with sand. The lid is best removed - it will interfere with watering.

On top of the second shelter will be a larger plastic capacity of 3 or 5 liters. It is also cut off from below and placed over a small one. The lid is left twirled. And watering can be done through the neck of the bottles. Of course, during this procedure, the lid is removed.
When shoots no longer fit under the bottom bottle, it is removed, leaving only the top. It can be kept over seedlings until the middle of June.

Here's a little tip: watermelons need sunlight!

Gourds are very sensitive to heat and light - it's not a secret. Therefore, they should be planted only in an open space where there are no shading.

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Although there are some difficulties: in a strong heat plants can burn. Therefore, on such days it is better to cover the melons from the rays with burdock leaves, newspapers. If there is a possibility, then you can even pull over the tent to create a tie.

My watermelon curls, it will taste sweet!

That the melons of melons do not fill the ground around, do not interfere with weeding and watering, they should do the best - let them crawl up, clinging to their antennae! It is both aesthetically pleasing, and convenient, and protects shoots from decay.

Watering water, but do not rot all the crops!

Another problem for gardeners in the middle zone of Russia - sometimes rotting rotten fruits lying on the ground, just trouble! Especially with the onset of cool and rainy days.
And in order to prevent this incident, experienced melon cucumbers pile a heap of sand near the root neck of the plant - a hill of 2-3 cm. You can use hay or straw.

And many lay under the fruits of the plaque. Some even put on them grids and hang them to the supports - and the bushes are not difficult to hold them, and they do not touch the ground, and worms and slugs do not get to the fruits.

And there are those who care about the convenience of storing the harvest of melons. After all, round fruits have the ability to ride, which creates some inconvenience. And if the ovary immediately put in a transparent container with a flat bottom, for example, in a five-liter plastic eggplant, the fruit will gradually fill it and take the form of a rectangle. Here at once two hares can be killed with one shot: and protect the vegetable from rotting, and give it the original form.

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Bakhchu in the side watered - with a plentiful harvest!

In the northern regions, groundwaters often lie quite close to the surface. And the roots of melons grow heavily in the depths. But, reaching the aquifer, they begin to rot.
Sly gardener invented how to deceive nature. If you plant the plant not at the roots, but somewhat on the side, you can avoid this trouble. In this case, the roots will expand in breadth, feeling the moisture.

Just do a groove along the furrow - there and pour water during irrigation. But do not forget the next day to loosen and mulch the groove to avoid the formation of an earth crust. And watering after the formation of the ovaries should be reduced. It is necessary only in the heat.

Scourge superfluous cut - harvest does not bother!

To get the most delicious fruits in August, you need to take care of this in advance. To do this, it is necessary to trim unnecessary lashes - the plant spends its energy on them, and it will not be able to ripen absolutely all the fruit that has been fastened in the mid-zone conditions, this is a proven fact.

Therefore, watermelons need to cut out all the side whips, leaving only the main one - on it women's flowers are formed. Leave on one bush no more than 6 ovaries.
At melons it is necessary to remove the main whip above 6 sheets. Just do not let the plant "feed" more than 5-6 fruits.

Taking advantage of useful advice shared by experienced experts, even a beginner gardener will be able to pamper his family with melons, grown with his own hands.

Video about growing watermelons 20-35 kg.

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