How to sign up for Xbox Live

How to sign up for Xbox Live


Xbox Live is an online service from Microsoft. Knowing how to register in it, the owners of the consoles get access to additional features. The community significantly expands the game functionality and keeps statistics of all user battles.


  • 1What is Xbox Live?
  • 2Description of the registration process
  • 3Possible problems

What is Xbox Live?

Xbox Live is integrated into the Xbox One and Xbox 360 console. You can take advantage of its capabilities on the site, if the computer from which you are accessing the Internet is running Windows.

Among its advantages:

  • communication during the game with other participants in online battles;
  • viewing videos;
  • listening to audio tracks;
  • detailed statistics on all game battles;
  • Participation in network battles with a total of up to 128 players;
  • access to additional services: radio stations, news, TV shows, games library, YouTube, etc.

Description of the registration process

The main thing in the registration process is not to deviate from the instructions of the system

The algorithm of the registration procedure is intuitively understandable if you follow the instructions of the system:

  1. Having opened in the browser the official site of the Xbox Live platform and clicking on the "Login" link in the upper right corner, activate the "Create it!" Option. "
  2. In the opened window of the registration form the following information is consistently entered:
    • name and surname of the user;
    • valid e-mail address;
    • a password of 8 characters in length;
    • country of residence;
    • date of birth;
    • floor;
    • contact phone number.
  3. Pass the check through the captcha - enter the proposed characters and activate the option "Create an account."
  4. Confirm the e-mail address by clicking on the "Confirm" message in the received message, and in the opened tab - on the button "OK!"

Now you can go to the settings of a personal profile - select an avatar, adjust the security level, etc.

Possible problems

One of the possible causes of registration problems is technical work on the platform

In some cases, instead of congratulating you on the successful completion of The service message "Registering to Xbox Live or loading the account at the moment are not available. Please try again later. "

The main reasons for this are the following:

  • technical work on the platform - to wait for notification about the resumption of the service;
  • no connection to Xbox Live services - check the status of the network connection, and if necessary, restart the router and reset the console settings to the factory settings.

Thus, to register on the Xbox Live service, you will need an email address, and the procedure consists of filling in the necessary form fields and confirming the e-mail.

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