How to properly wear earphones and wear them without harm to health

How to properly wear earphones and wear them without harm to health


Earphones were first used by the inventor of radio A. FROM. Popov for converting from radio signals oscillations of the audio frequency, which in the first radio were listened to through the headphones. Such a device - a phone on the head - later became known as a phone on the ears, and then a completely lightweight option - headphones.

Initially, this device consisted of two cups and a bow, put on the head and completely closed the ear from the penetration of outside noises. The headphones were used for military purposes: in aviation, at strategic targets. But after a while they became widely used in everyday life. Without them simultaneous interpreting at negotiations, studying a foreign language, recording songs in sound recording studios is impossible.

All this became possible thanks to the fact that the headphones were attached, and later built in microphones, to be able to hear not only the sound from the side, but also your own speech.


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  • 2Proper use of headphones
    • 2.1What are the dangers of headphones?
  • 3How to choose headphones?
  • 4How to wear headphones?

Open or closed?

The real revolution after the appearance of traditional closed headphones was the invention of separate, open. Approximately since 2000, there were "kegs" - a model that allows you to insert a separate nozzle into each ear. This invention was associated with the proliferation and widespread use of mobile devices. Such open headphones made it possible to listen to your favorite music or audiobooks in public places, in the metro, in public transport.

But at the same time as the mass distribution of such tiny devices, it became necessary to properly wear them. After all, when there were "droplets vacuum headphones, their frequent use began to lead to hearing impairments or even injuries. The main difference of this device is its tightness: silicone covers completely cover the ear canal, and external noise does not cause interference. Enjoying high-quality sound is possible only by observing certain technologies.

Proper use of headphones


They can be of any shape: droplets, kegs, "gags". The main thing that unites all modern headphones is the principle of overlapping the internal auditory canal. The small size and almost complete fencing from external noise made vacuum headphones an indispensable thing for a modern person. They can be worn on the street without attracting much attention, they can be used even in winter under clothes, you can listen to your favorite music in a noisy environment.

What are the dangers of headphones?

  • Deafness. If the whole day to listen to the sound in such a device, deafness may develop. Since the human ear perceives the sound is already within 85-90 decibels, and the volume of the headphones to the maximum can make from 110 to 130 decibels, then the sensitivity of the tympanic membrane decreases, and the person will be worse hear. Therefore, you can not turn the sound on to the maximum volume.
  • Sulfuric plugs. Vacuum headphones prevent the normal removal of sulfur from the ears. If you often listen to music in these headphones, then eventually in the ears will start to form sulfur fuses.
  • Headache and fatigue. When you listen to music in your ears, different stereo effects are amplified, which can make your head hurt, which in turn leads to fatigue and constant irritability.

To avoid such problems, it is important to choose the right device for yourself. Vacuum headphones are supplied with soft silicone attachments that fit tightly to the auricle without missing extraneous noise, and at the same time do not press on the cartilaginous base of the ear.

How to choose headphones?

  1. Read the instructions and look at the illustrations (if any).
  2. Consider a pair of headphones: some manufacturers share forms for the right and left ear.
  3. If these are vacuum headphones, then try each of the available attachments by selecting the one that does not cause any discomfort. You do not need to poke the cover too deep in the ear, so you do not have to contact the trauma doctor if you can not take it out yourself.
  4. Listen to music in different modes to choose a set in which music sounds perfect.

Read more on this topic in the article How to choose headphones.

How to wear headphones?

  1. Always insert and remove the headphones neatly. If you pull the wire, the nozzle can come off and remain in the ear canal. And a sharp pulling out of the vacuum nozzle can cause pain.
  2. Do not walk on headphones in the street, especially where there is a lot of transport. This is an elementary security requirement: you need to hear the signals of drivers, monitor the road - in short, be careful not to put your life in danger. This rule should be literally "pounded" students who go to "ears" constantly, almost without reacting to external stimuli.
  3. If the wires are not too high quality, then in the cold they will harden, become brittle and can break. Therefore it is better to wear a wire under clothes, attaching special clothespins.

Correctly selected device will allow you to enjoy your favorite music, without disturbing anyone around. It is best to listen to music when you go to the subway or bus, when you are in the gym or sports hall, in moments of rest at home.

When communicating with other people, it is considered a rule of bad taste not only to continue listening to the audio recording, but also to keep in your ears "gags as they are simply called. Therefore, it is better to dress them at a time when you know for sure that no one is "threatening" with anyone in the near future.

And headphones can become a part of the image, especially for modern teenagers. For fans of jogging, ski walks, warm headphones are designed, the purpose of which is to cover the ears from the sharp and cold wind. Bright, colorful fur on the ears will make every girl a little nicer, recalling the image of a cute little girl from childhood. And how funny they look in them younger girls, especially if the "ear" depicts funny cartoon characters! The main thing is not to forget that even such warm details will not cover the entire head from cold and wind.

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