Pure vegetable beds - a planter for growing vegetables from China

Planters are unique and at the same time simple devices for growing vegetables and fruits. The product can be installed in the garden, on the lawn or even on the balcony.

To learn more about the process of planting crops in garden bags from China, watch the video:

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On Aliexpress you can purchase a lot of three different planters for just 685 rubles. The kit includes:

  • horizontal bag for growing potatoes and flowers;
  • two horizontal planters that are perfect for growing tomatoes and other crops.
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Planters from China to AliexpressIn the domestic market, the choice of planters is quite scarce. Mainly online stores are vertical planters for planting flowers and tomatoes. The cost of one bag is about 500 rubles.

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Planter in the online storeThis product is more profitable to purchase from Chinese sellers, because they provide several types of planters at once for an inexpensive price. In addition, delivery is free.

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