The second hand of the hostess is TM Braun blender from China

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Being a professional in the kitchen can not only show hosts or chefs from restaurants with Michelin stars. Every housewife, too, is sick of this title. It is the submerged blender Braun MQ775 Patisserie that will help to realize all the culinary fantasies of a caring wife and mother. This unit performs several functions at once.

Blender Features

Many things become possible with this food processor. Unique sharp nozzles allow the host to cook several dishes at once:

  • dessert (knead the dough, whip the cream and grind the nuts);
  • the main course (to cut vegetables, grind meat / fish);
  • to prepare a cocktail;
  • independently make mayonnaise or some kind of sauce;
  • sliced ​​fruit.
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All this is feasible due to the power of the unit, which is 750 watts. The volume of the container is equal, l. This makes it possible to prepare not one but several servings simultaneously. Many owners like the "Smart Speed" feature, which means smart speed. This means that the number of revolutions varies from the degree of pressing the button. The stronger, the faster. The optimum shaft speed is 1, 00 rpm. As a result, a few minutes and mincemeat is ready.


It is impossible to perform all these works without a set of unique baits. The metal parts are made of stainless steel, so they will last longer and will not rust. Also, the blades are sharpened very thinly. They are sharp enough for crushing ice or kernels of nuts.The kit for the Braun MQ775 Patisserie blender includes the following:

  • a nozzle in the form of a hemisphere with a zigzag blade;
  • a 600 ml glass (measuring cup);
  • container (, l) with two knives;
  • a few tetra (for shredding, slicing and other forms);
  • whisk for whipping cream / protein;
  • hook for kneading dough.
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Parts can be removed easily and easily. This will allow them to clean them thoroughly. The combine also operates in turbo mode, which speeds up the cooking process. For the convenience of working with technology, a rubber grip was developed. Its shape mimics the human hand. During vibration the unit "does not jump out".

The cost of the blender. Where it is better to buy?

Still, this technique in a regular online store is decent. In one case, the buyer will have to pay for the blender Braun MQ775 Patisserie about 11 thousand. rub. The official site of this brand put the food processor at a cost of 1, 90 rubles. In Internet shops in Ukraine the cost of a blender is almost 3000 hryvnia.

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However, on AliExpress the quality of the product remains the same, and the cost is an order of magnitude lower (, 90 rubles). Moreover, when there are discounts, the price falls by 50-60%. As a result, it is , 96 rubles.In this case, the customer receives the goods with a guarantee of up to 2 years. So the conclusion is obvious: why pay more for the same product.

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