A set of screwdrivers from China to give

set itemsA set of screwdrivers of different types - the first thing in the country. You can purchase a set of screwdrivers in any online store of building materials or equipment. If you want to buy a good product for a small price, look at the lots on Aliexpress.

case with screwdriversThis kit is one of the most popular on the site. Its cost ranges from 700 rubles to 1,974 rubles. Price depends on the configuration of the goods. nozzle markingIt is as follows:

  • on 53 elements;
  • by 64 items.
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set for aliexpressThe difference in cost can be found in different sellers. The same kit can cost you 700 rubles, 1090, and 1210.set for giving

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The kit contains a large number of different gauge weights. With their help, you can, for example, easily disassemble the technique - small electronics.comfortable pens

In domestic online stores a similar type of screwdriver set (in which there are only 10 weights) will cost you 1,000 rubles. In the Ukrainian online store Rosette screwdriver with nozzles is 280 hryvnia, which is approximately equal to just over 700 rubles.universal screwdriver in the socket

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