Goods from China - floating lights

lighting ponds with floating lightsNice to enjoy the garden at night. But at least to see something, you need light. Decorative solar-powered lighting fixtures will do the job perfectly. They do not need to be connected anywhere, they charge themselves all day, and at night they give up their stored energy.

But floating lamps - this is something new. They are made in the shape of a ball of waterproof material. Their use is no different from ordinary decorative lamps on a solar battery. The floating ball creates an unusual illumination and emphasizes the beauty of the pond itself.twinkle floating lights

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A floating lamp is not used to illuminate the entire garden. It gives a soft and dim light. This ball is really decorative.

The floating lamp is easy to use. Do not need sockets and wires. It just needs to be lowered onto the surface of the water. Let the flashlight float all day. He will gain solar energy, and in the evening will light the pond.waterproof floating lamp

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But, unfortunately, many gardeners can not afford such a ball. In Russia, one floating lamp costs 550 rubles. It is really expensive.lamp floating in the online store

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But on the site Aliexpress the lamp will cost 400 rubles. Such a price makes you wonder. In addition, online stores are constantly discounts.floating lights on Aliexpress

Thus, buying a lamp from a Chinese manufacturer, you not only perfectly decorate your garden, but also save a few hundred rubles.

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