Convenient and practical wavy knife from China

wavy knife for beautiful cuttingNo one likes the routine. This also applies to nutrition. If a person eats a single dish every day, it becomes boring over time. However, if you decorate it somehow differently, even to cut the main ingredients differently, then this same dish will again cause an unprecedented appetite.

But an ordinary knife is difficult to cut out any patterns. Therefore, a special wavy knife comes to the rescue. He is able to cut into a wave of any vegetables. Thus, the most common salad or even fried potatoes will become a real work of art.

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The advantages of the wavy knife:

  1. Simplicity. Wavy knife can also wield, as usual.
  2. Speed. In minutes, the device is able to cut a kilogram of vegetables in an unusual wave.
  3. Versatility. The knife can be used for cutting any vegetables and fruits.
  4. Saving. Since the knife is made in the shape of a wave, you don’t have to play the trick to achieve an unusual shape. Due to this, no slice of the product will not fly into the trash can, because there will be no curved pieces.
  5. Quality With a wavy knife, you can simply and quickly cut both thin and thick pieces.
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unusual cutting of vegetablesThe main question remains: how much does such an unusual device cost? In the online stores of Ukraine and Russia, you can buy a wavy knife for only 90 rubles. The price is really good.wavy knife in the online store

But on the site Aliexpress the same knife will cost 68 rubles. Only 22 rubles less.wavy knife on Aliexpress

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Characteristics of a wavy knife:

  • blade material - stainless steel;
  • handle material - plastic;
  • blade length - 9.5 cm;
  • blade width - 5.5 cm;
  • the color of the handle is red.

cut potatoes beautifullySince the difference in price is small, you can safely order both in Chinese and in the domestic online store. In addition, product features are no different.

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