Conducting a landscape conference at the Siberian exhibition fairs

Landscape ConferenceAt the end of March 2014 The 4th practical landscape conference will be held in Krasnoyarsk. It will be held as part of the Siberian Dacha fair-exhibition of gardeners.

On the eve of the spring-summer period of 2014, the Union of Gardeners and Gardeners of the Krasnoyarsk Territory holds the next annual exhibition company, Siberian Dacha. The fair will be held from 27 to 30 March.

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One of the main components of the event is the 4th landscape conference. It will be attended by: Union of Architects of the Region, Enterprise of the City “Green Building Management”, Station for Young Naturalists, companies “Gardens of Semiramida” and “Krasnoyarsk Fair”.

It is planned to discuss two main issues in the field of gardening and territorial improvement.

  1. The first is the preparation for the World Student Games, which will be held in the winter of 2019. The participants will consider all possible transformations of the landscape environment with the creation of comfortable and comfortable recreation areas and taking into account the northern climate.
  2. The second question of the conference will touch on the state of yard areas, as well as adjacent to children's educational institutions (schools, kindergartens). It is very important that the younger generation surround an interesting and comfortable landscape from an early age.

Do not remain without attention and problems of country architecture. Owners of country houses will learn about new landscaping, design and breeding. Any of the conference attendees will find the necessary and important information.

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