Have you tried to grow tomatoes upside down?

planted tomatoesAny summer cottage does not appear without a row of tomatoes. This is a very useful and well-loved vegetable. But growing it is a laborious process. After all, you first need to prepare the ground. After the appearance of the first shoots, tomatoes need tying and constant care.

Today, American researchers offer a new way of growing tomatoes. Its essence lies in planting tomatoes upside down. The technology is simple. It is necessary to prepare containers with a capacity of at least 20 liters. It can be plastic buckets, barrels. They need to be fixed at a height of about 1.5 m. In the bottom of the container you need to make a small hole with a diameter of 5-10 cm. and fill it with earth. In the hole made, upside down, it is necessary to plant seedlings of tomatoes, leaving a stalk, 5 cm long, on the street. Then the planted tomatoes must be watered abundantly so that the water begins to leak out near the sprout.

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It is easy to care for such tomatoes: watering and attention. American researchers have shown that planted tomatoes in this way, give a significantly better crop. They do not need tying and additional support. The weed problem is completely solved. Such tomatoes are almost not available to caterpillars and slugs. In addition, this method of growing tomatoes will be relevant for those who want to save space for planting. It is known that lush bushes of tomatoes occupy a lot of space in the garden.

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This technique should interest landscape designers or creative owners. After all, neatly decorated containers with tomatoes have a very attractive appearance. For better effect, you can plant low-growing flowers or fragrant herbs above. Growing up tomatoes on the balcony in this way, you can not only always have fresh vegetables on hand, but also decorate the balcony in an original way.

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