Paper boards? Nonsense! Or is it possible?

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About how it is possible to build the walls of a house in a suburban area with minimal financial investments, there have already been several articles. For example, experts suggest using eco-bricks from plastic bottles, earth and adobe in construction. And this article will be devoted to the production of material replacing the tree.

Board of paper - cheap and angry!

Wooden boards are needed for much. Of these, floors and ceilings are laid in houses, doors, jambs and frames are made, furniture is made. But there is such a building material expensive.

It turns out that papier-mâché or, in French, "chewed paper is a good substitute for a tree. It's amazing! And can paperboards compare in strength with natural wood?

In fact, the building material of papier-mâché:

  • has less weight;
  • does not crack when fastening boards with nails or self-tapping screws;
  • Do not warp from the sun and water;
  • resists chipping;
  • paint and varnish coatings are used more economically;
  • Do not creak.

Papier-mache layer by layer

Most people are familiar with the way of gluing paper scraps in layers. In this way, you can make not only small items, but also door jambs or seats for stools. But still, this method is quite laborious to use it to produce the necessary building materials for the construction of housing in full.

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Although a very beautiful and durable floor is obtained when gluing together pieces of kraft paper with PVA glue. This way you can update the old floor.


If the housing is built from scratch, then there is an option. Really get a strong and beautiful floor, if the first layer of kraft paper is put on a metal mesh laid flat on the ground.

On top of such a floor is covered with stain and lacquer. Though it is possible to use a paint or to cover it only with a varnish.

Building material from pulp

This method is based on the casting of parts from gruel prepared on the basis of paper. Previously, this mass was made solely from the base. The paper was soaked, ground, and the product was pressed from the resulting gruel.

Today, the masters suggest adding to the papier-mâché composition, apart from the adhesive component, gypsum, chalk powder, cement, sifted wood ash. These ingredients increase the strength of the parts.

When mixing paper pulp with substances that counteract the effect of water, or coating them with ready-made items, it is possible to make waterproof articles from papier-mache.

If necessary, create a fireproof material using clerical glue, which has the second name - "liquid glass".

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Papier-mache on Vincer

This method appeared a very long time ago. But only recently it was "discovered" anew. You can use any paper for making papier-mache boards: newspapers, cardboard, egg trays, notebooks and the like.

All this is ground and poured with water.

Periodic stirring and heating of the mass speeds up the process of soaking up the waste paper.

Then the mass is squeezed and well rubbed in a mortar - so it is written in the recipe. But today the masters prefer to use a meat grinder or blender at this stage to reduce labor costs.

Having squeezed the mass well through linen cloth, the lumps are dried in the open air or in the oven.

Then they are recommended to be crushed again, rubbed on a kitchen grinder. Flakes should be reminiscent of cotton.

Now in a mass add a small portion of the adhesive base, for example, flour paste, and knead the "dough".

Having spread this mass on the table with a bagel, in the middle pour the sifted ash of hardwoods. And the filler should be taken three times more than the result of the paper mixture. The ashes are dampened with water, and all these are again thoroughly mixed with hands.

Winzer advises once again to grind the mass in a mortar, and then immediately start using papier-mache. In some cases, you can save the material by folding it into glass jars with tightly fitting lids. The dishes with the mass are stored in a cool place, where the sun's rays do not penetrate.

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Papier-mache boards

It is most convenient to make building materials using castings in molds. For better seizure, the bottom and walls of the form are lined with dry newspapers or polyethylene. After filling the mold, it is necessary to press the top well on top, so that there are no air voids inside. The excess fluid that has protruded is removed. Then the workpiece is removed and left to dry. This process resembles the production of sand kulichiki.

Do not dry the papier-mache boards by heating, as this can contribute to the formation of cracks in the workpiece. If this happens, the cracks are again covered with a mass and dried again.

Unevenness after drying is easily removed by emery or a file. The board is easily drilled, sawed, nailed. Any type of paintwork is kept on it perfectly.

When making a floor from this mass, you can immediately put it on a metal mesh covered with cardboard. This will speed up the process. But on top of the still moist mass, it needs to be carefully leveled by pressing something smooth. Remove the press before the mass dries.

Stone walls of papier-mache - video

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