In harmony with nature - wooden housing

Wooden housesApril 3, 2014 in Moscow will open a four-day exhibition Holzhaus (wooden housing). Modern materials and finished structures will be presented.

April 3, 2014 The 20th international "wooden" exhibition of house-building Holzhaus will begin its work in Moscow. Within four days, visitors to the event will be able to familiarize themselves with various innovations of domestic and foreign manufacturers. The main companies that plan to participate in the exhibition are: “Vyatskiy Dom”, “GlavDaTrest”, “Russian West”, “Steelinvest”, “Izba de Lux”.

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Those interested will be able to get expert advice (engineers, architects, builders) on designing houses as well as acquiring various modern materials to translate new ideas into reality. The leading house-building companies will present and put up for sale ready-made prefabricated structures made of logs, frame-panel materials, timber.

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In addition to the houses, the exposition is diversified by baths, stoves, chimneys, engineering systems and much more. It will be possible not only to purchase a cozy “nest” made “on a turn-key basis”, but also to design and order the carrying out of any work. The main idea of ​​the exhibition is the choice of eco-friendly and comfortable solutions for country life. It is becoming fashionable to be closer to nature not only due to a change in the place of residence, but also through the use of appropriate natural materials in the construction and decoration of the decor.

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