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In every house where there are small children, its main task during the decoration of the Christmas tree is safety. These little scamps not only strive to remove all the shiny things from the branches, they also taste them, especially if they are teething. And here, to help parents, undeservedly forgotten retro decorations, in particular, Christmas tree decorations, can come to their aid. They do not fight, which eliminates the possibility of injury with sharp fragments, and even if the child accidentally gnaws such a toy, it will not be able to bite through it and swallow the particles.

The shape and appearance of wooden products can be very diverse: from simple snowflakes from twigs to figures of animals and birds. Everything depends only on the imagination and patience of adults who will be engaged in the creation of masterpieces, although older children can also be involved in making simple models. While dad will be engaged in cutting and assembly, mom with a daughter or son will paint blanks.

So, what kind of Christmas tree decorations can you make with your own hands to decorate your Christmas tree and give it an original look? We offer a brief selection of such jewelry.

We make delicate delicate balls of wicker

with the mother. In the New Year's workshop there is enough for everyone. Mothers of needlewomen will easily cope with the simplest preparation of balls and weave them from willow twigs. Such toys do not even need to be further painted; the air structure of the balls will only emphasize their weightlessness, but if there is a desire, the toys can be gilded or painted in different colors. To hang a wooden Christmas ball, it is enough to tie a small thread or satin ribbon to one of the sides.

The ball will be more accurate, and the vine will be easier to bend if you first boil the willow branches for 30 minutes before weaving and remove the bark from them.

Balloons from wooden rods

Another easy way to make Christmas toys-balls made of wood is useful in case there is no place to take a vine. It is quite possible to replace it with ordinary thin rods, cut or collected from any tree or shrub in the city or private garden. The toy is made this way:

  1. At first, a regular balloon is inflated.
  2. Then twigs are glued around it so that they touch each other.
  3. After the glue dries, the ball is punched.

If the twigs got thick - it does not matter, they are easy to cut into two parts.

Wooden balls from hemisphere blanks

Very beautiful Christmas tree decorations made of wood can be obtained by asking dad to make blanks in the form of two halves of a ball. They are put in one piece and painted to your taste. However, it should be borne in mind that such balls will have a much greater weight than openwork, and the branches under them can sag.

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“Lit” Wooden Stars on the Tree

Not less beautiful are obtained from thin branches and vines, wooden Christmas-tree decorations in the form of stars. To do this:

  • select five flat twigs;
  • trim them to the same length;
  • folded as a star, fixing the tips at the points of contact with a thin wire;
  • wrap a wicker vine inside a star.

If desired, the stars can be painted or varnished.

Charming toys-kruglyashi from sawn

For lovers of painting, the option of making Christmas tree decorations from wood cuts will do. They can be found after harvesting firewood for the dacha, or you can do it yourself by cutting unwanted branches of trees of various thicknesses.

It is enough that the roundness thickness was up to 1.5 cm.

Paint the surface of the cut into your own taste:

  • painting it with a marker or gel pen;
  • burning a drawing with a soldering iron;
  • creating whole pictures on a circle.

In order for such a Christmas tree toy to serve for more than one year, it is better to open its surface with two layers of varnish. This will not only prolong the life of the decoration, but also make it more attractive.

Charming wooden animals, birds and other figures

Not bad, if the house has a special machine, with which you can give any form to wooden saws. So, from the usual bar grind Christmas trees, squirrels, horses, birds and even snowflakes.

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They are well polished so that the surface becomes perfectly smooth and then burn or draw a picture on them. Although without it, such a toy is very beautiful and looks as natural as possible.

Handcrafted at all times, including today, is highly valued. A set of handmade wooden Christmas-tree toys and beautifully packaged will be a wonderful gift for the New Year holidays.

How to hang wooden toys on the Christmas tree?

The blanks are made, the paint is dry, the toys are ready, and then the question arises - how to fix them on the New Year's beauty? Options for holders for Christmas toys can be several. We suggest using the most common ones:

  1. . If there is a hole in the toy, the easiest way is to pass a satin ribbon into it.
  2. As an option, you can use a simple twine.
  3. We complicate the task and thread the ribbon into a bead, fixing it on the toy with a rosette for the beads using glue.
  4. Beautiful holders can be made of thin soft wire, strung beads on it and turned into any shape.

If there are no holes on the tree Christmas tree toy, they are drilled or for mounting the holder into the figure, first screw an additional small ring.

As you can see, it is quite easy to make Christmas tree decorations out of wood with your own hands, and some models can even be made by children without the help of parents. Such decorations are not only environmentally friendly, but also contain a fraction of the soul invested by their creators, because when working with a tree, the master gives him a piece of himself, as if breathing life into a tree. Our ancestors believed in it, we will believe also. Let your tree come to life with fantastic characters, wooden in appearance, but with a living soul, and will attract only happiness to the house. Happy New Year holidays!

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