Growing strawberries using Dutch technology

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Some time ago, it was possible to dream about strawberries during cold seasons. This exquisite berry appeared on the tables only among the rich and powerful people of the world. But now, strawberries can not only be eaten at any time, but also grown at home, in the garden using special methods. One of the most effective is growing strawberries using Dutch technology. Thus, a large number of people have become owners of a large crop and strawberries are enough not only for personal consumption, but as a tasty gift to relatives and friends. Culture began to sell, and at any time of the year, even in winter.

Everyone can study the Dutch method of growing strawberries and personally cultivate sweet and well-sold products.

Dutch Strawberries

Holland is the largest global supplier of strawberries to international markets. Their technology has interested everyone who wants to get a high yield, for this they need Dutch varieties of strawberries. Remarkably, the technology involves the cultivation of strawberries in closed ground. This means that the crop is planted in closed greenhouses, equipped with special and high-quality equipment. This method can not leave indifferent any gardener and everyone who read about it, will certainly take up the calculations and grow strawberries with high yields. This will help the very special equipment that will maintain the optimum level of humidity, lighting, temperature mode. Plants will not hurt, rot and in time to create inflorescences, bear fruit.

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In general, all conditions will be created for crop yields, under which success will necessarily be a gardener. You need to work a little and have the desire, and the strawberries will delight you with their exquisite unique taste, incredible aroma and beautiful view.

Experienced amateur gardeners recommend beginners to start with a small amount of seedlings or seeds, and here's why:

  • Save money on the case of a poor harvest;
  • Gaining valuable experience and skills;
  • Knowledge of all the subtleties of growing strawberries using Dutch technology.

The essence of the Dutch technology

According to the Dutch method, strawberries are produced all year round. How does this happen? Technology implies "distillation".That is, young seedlings are constantly planted at intervals of 1-1.5 months. While one seedling is growing up, the second is already blooming, the third is bearing fruit.

What is important, the seedlings are thrown away after receiving the harvest, and the new one is bought at agrofirms. And Dutch varieties of strawberries: “Honey”, “Pandora”, “Marmalade”, etc. The most popular variety "Frigo", the seedlings of which are stored up to 9 months, and literally a month after planting, bear fruit.

The Maria, Tristar, Polka, Darkness brands, etc. will fit the strawberry planting at the dacha. The plot on which the seedlings will be planted should be prepared from the beginning of autumn. It is necessary to cultivate the soil, dig, and "feed" fertilizer. On 1 hundred parts of the site requires 20 pounds of lime, 3 pounds of potassium chloride, 5 buckets of manure and superphosphate. Seedlings should be located at a distance of 30-40 cm on the ridges 1 meter wide. Already after the first year, each bush will release 20 antennae. By the fall they should be dug out, cleaned from the ground and dry leaves, but in no case wash.

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Mandatory rules for planting strawberries on the Dutch technology

According to the standard, seedlings are divided into three subspecies:

  • A - root system thickness 12 mm;
  • A + - thickness up to 20 mm;
  • A + extra - more than 20 mm.

Accordingly, the yield of A is 15 grams from a bush, A + is up to 200 grams, A + extra is up to 500 grams of berries. Some grieve that there is little seedling with a large diameter. However, small bushes are hardier and endure the temperature drops, give a small but stable crop.

The received sockets should be stored at a temperature of 0- + 2 degrees, best in the refrigerator. The day before disembarking, they are thawed indoors and planted in all kinds of containers, ranging from pots to plastic bags.

How to grow strawberries?

In order not to delve into any disputes, you should immediately dot the question - how to plant strawberries - vertically or horizontally. It all depends on the room in which the culture will be grown.

Large greenhouses, equipped with artificial light and equipment, allow gardeners to grow crops vertically. We decided to build a greenhouse in a small room, in a garage or a shed, it is better to buy plastic bags and install the optimal lighting. In addition, most Dutch farmers are gradually abandoning the vertical location of the crop and resorting to the horizontal method of cultivation. In plastic bags you can easily install drip irrigation, the temperature of the soil without failures and the constant humidity is constantly maintained.

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Important conditions for growing strawberries

On the Internet, supporters of growing strawberries using Dutch technology provide videos on almost every gardener's website. Phased work on equipping greenhouses, planting methods, intended for the culture of fertilizers are fully reflected through the filming of both professional and amateur for the cultivation of sweet berries.

Growing strawberries using Dutch technology provides for adhering to the basic principles:

  • As much natural light as possible, use artificial light only in extreme cases;
  • When drip irrigation water should not fall on the flowers, only on the ground;
  • Every 1-1,5 months to plant new seedlings grown in agrofirms;
  • Dispose of old bushes after harvest:
  • Use specially designed fertilizers;
  • Time to pollinate plants using a brush;
  • Contains neutral acidity in soil;
  • Equalize the content of carbon dioxide in the air with a candle, which should be ignited for a few minutes 1-2 times a week;
  • When the crop is vertical, seedlings should be made at a distance of 7-8 cm, and planted in a staggered manner at a distance of 20-30 cm.

As you can see, growing strawberries, even in our mild climate, is notespecially labor. The main thing is to follow the advice of experienced gardeners, who have been getting a big harvest for years.

Video about how to grow strawberries

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