Making cups for seedlings with your own hands

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I plan to grow quite a lot of seedlings next spring. Familiar told that you can save on cups. Tell me how to make cups for seedlings with your own hands?

All gardeners know that the summer season requires financial investments. Here it is necessary to buy seeds, and seedlings. Suppose you can grow seedlings yourself. But, again, the question arises - what to grow? Buying special cups for seedlings is also expensive, especially when it is planned to grow on a large scale. So, at this stage, you can save a lot - make cups for seedlings with your own hands. And there is no need to buy material - at home there will always be old newspapers, cans, bottles, packaging, film. Yes, and in the winter will be what to do.

Material for cups for seedlings

Both ready-made containers and available tools can be used as raw materials, namely:

  1. Cardboard boxes from under juices or milk, both small( for one seedling) and large( cut alongand planted seedlings in groups).
  2. Large plastic cups from dairy products( in small cups from yogurt there will not be enough space for a seedling).
  3. Disposable tableware( glasses).
  4. Used water bottles or bottles( they are treated the same as with cardboard boxes).
  5. Tin cans in which there was canning or beer.
  6. Boxes made of cardboard( for example, shoe) serve both for growing and as a pallet.
  7. Cylinder from a roll of toilet paper( can be left round or for convenience to make square).
  8. Paper cups( newspaper or toilet).
  9. Film cups.
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Since the finished container can already be used, we’ll dwell on the last two points that require human intervention.

Paper cups for seedlings

In order to make paper cups, you will need paper( newspapers, magazines) and the blank( base) of a glass. As a blank, use:

  • cut plastic bottle with an eyelet on the bottom( in order to make it easier to pull the blank from the glass made);
  • canned jar cut from above.
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From paper cut strips up to 40 cm in length and 20 cm in width. Wrap the base for the glass with them so that the paper protrudes over the edge of centimeters by 5. Then turn up the protruding edge and make the bottom of the glass. Now you can gently pull out the base, and fasten the glass for strength with paper clips or glue it with glue. Done! It remains only to pour the prepared soil and seedlings can be planted. If you use toilet paper, then it is pre-moistened with plenty of moisture, and then dried well.

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The advantage of paper cups is that they can be planted in the ground with a seedling, the paper will decompose in the process of growth, and will not interfere with the growth of the root system.

Cellophane cups

Such cups are made using the same technology as paper cups, but with careful use they will serve more than once. To do this, twist the strips of film into a cylinder and fix the bottom and walls with a stapler.

You can do even easier and purchase bulk cellophane packaging bags. Immediately fill them with earth and put them in a box for stability. Such bags are pre-pierced from the bottom, so as not to stagnate moisture.

For more information on how to make cups for seedlings with your own hands, watch the video:

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