Peat tablets for seedlings of vegetables and flowers

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Growing seedlings has always been a peat tablet for growing seedlings

Cultivation of seedlings has always been a peat tablets for growing seedlings

Peat tablets for seedlings, reviews of which are mostly positive, are a good help for gardeners and gardeners.

Peat seedlings - an ideal substrate.

Peat has always been used as a fertile substrate for growing seedlings of various crops. It is moisture and breathable, and is also rich in essential nutrients. Recently, special peat tablets, in which seeds are sown and receive strong and well-developed seedlings, are very popular.

What are peat tablets?
Actually it is peat pressed in the shape of a washer. It is tightened into the thinnest mesh of natural fibers, which eventually just break up. The basis of the tablet is light and fertile peat, and its auxiliary part is mineral fertilizers and growth stimulants, ensuring the rapid development of plants.

At the top of the tablet there is a special groove in which the seed is placed. On sale you can find "washers" of various sizes. Their diameter ranges from 24-90 mm. For growing seedlings most often use tablets, 8-70 mm high. At the same time, the choice of their size directly depends on the size of the future plant. Peat tablets can be stored for a long time in a dry and cool place without losing their properties.

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Pros and cons of peat tablets

Peat tablets have many advantages compared to the usual method of growing seedlings. These include:

  • ease and speed of planting seeds;
  • reducing the likelihood of seed infection by various fungi;
  • lack of need for picks, which guarantees a high percentage of survival of seedlings and their uninterrupted growth;
  • the presence in the pill of growth stimulants and essential trace elements that accelerate the development of the plant;
  • the absence of damage to the root system of a young plant when landing in the ground at a permanent place;
  • , the ability of even the most delicate root system to freely penetrate through the mesh openings;
  • no need to work with the ground;
  • space saving, which is especially important in a city apartment;
  • the ability to grow even very small seeds;
  • no need for additional fertilizing with growth stimulants and fertilizers;
  • the ability to control the moisture content of the substrate;
  • excellent peat breathability, which makes plants more durable;
  • lower labor costs compared with the usual method of growing seedlings.
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Despite all its advantages, peat tablets have some disadvantages. These include:

  • the need to constantly monitor their humidity, because peat dries very quickly;
  • the need to use pallets, pots or cups;
  • is quite a high price of tablets, which results in a significant amount when buying a large amount of them.

Using peat tablets

Many novice gardeners and gardeners are wondering how to use peat tablets?
Before sowing seeds, it is necessary to choose a suitable high pot in which these "washers" will be placed. You can also arrange them in pots or plastic cups filled with soil. Thus, it is possible to prevent the peat tablet swollen from moisture from falling and deformation. When laying them, the seed holes should be located on top.

Before planting the seeds, “washers” are watered with warm water. They swell in minutes. Their height increases several times. Thanks to the natural mesh, these "washers" practically do not increase in diameter. Excess moisture is drained from the pallet 15-20 minutes after watering.

Moist peat is an ideal seed germination medium. They are placed in special grooves and gently covered with a layer of peat 1-2 mm.

To speed up the germination of seeds, a container with peat tablets is covered with polyethylene or glass. Crops must be periodically aired.

Pour over peat tablets with a spray bottle. After emergence of shoots polyethylene or glass is removed. A seedling grown in this way does not need a dive.

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Peat seedling tablets are often used for grafting plants. Due to the presence of growth promoters and a large number of micronutrients in their composition, rooting of cuttings occurs much faster.

Growing seedlings on peat tablets allows you to quickly get strong young plants that begin to bloom and bear fruit much earlier than those grown in the usual way. That is why reviews of peat tablets are almost always positive.

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